A/N: I hated the end of Les Miserables, which Victor Hugo owns, not I. Javert should not have died. So, I decided that I am going to write my own ending. So there. Here is the new ending for Javert. The narrator will be named in the chapter name, but it should not be too hard to follow, since it switches between Javert and Sofie every chapter. Who is Sofie, you might ask? You'll find out soon enough.

This was it. I, Inspector Javert, the law itself, was about to jump over the bridge into the Seine River. I just couldn't bear to live with that battle between my conscience and the law. As much as I hated to admit it, I did not regret letting 24601 go free. He saved my life. I owed him my life. My life. It's all I had. My life was the law, and all I had was the law. I owed everything to a convict. An ex-convict, but a convict. And not just any convict. 24601. The most dangerous convict I've had to deal with. I was softly crying, which was extremely uncharacteristic of myself, the cold hearted Inspector. I took off my hat, placed it on the parapet, and prepared myself to jump. I leapt off, and was surprised when a hand grabbed my wrist.