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Ma Ke Kahakai-'ino

There were a few times in his life when Steve McGarrett slept so soundly that nothing could rouse him, usually after a mission that meant going days without sleep, or after surgery when the anesthetic clung to him and kept him from rousing completely. He hated the idea of being so totally out of it, but there were times when his mind and body could not take any more and sleep was the only logical outcome.

Then came the second thing he hated, waking up in unfamiliar surroundings, jerking awake and sitting up as he stretched out for a weapon. It took a few seconds for his mind to clear and he remembered where he was...Danny's guest bedroom. He calmed his breathing down and looked around the darkened room in search of his clothes. They were hanging over the chair beside the bed and he grabbed the cargo pants, and managed to get them on, but decided not to bother with the shirt.

Steve listened for movement outside his door, but there was nothing and he glanced at the clock beside the bed, surprised to see that he'd slept nearly five hours. He opened the door and heard muffled voices from the kitchen and realized he'd left his cane beside the bed. He could hear Danny's voice in his head and knew it would be much easier if he just went back for it.

Steve leaned heavily on the cane as he made his way to the kitchen and wasn't surprised to find Danny, Chin, and Kono talking conspiratorially. He moved to the empty chair and sat down.

"Hey, Boss, how are you feeling?" Kono asked.

"Better," McGarrett answered.

"You know there's a comb on the night table in your room," Williams said of McGarrett's disheveled hair.

"Coffee?" Chin asked.

"Sounds good...are we ordering dinner?" McGarrett asked.

"It's on the way. Kamekona is bringing chicken from that little place on the beach," Chin answered.

"Fries?" McGarrett asked.

"Of course...he's asking for your special order," Kono answered.

"Don't tell me pineapple," Williams made a sound that told them all he wasn't going to stand by for pineapple n fries.

"No, Danny, it's called Poutine...fries, cheese, and gravy," McGarrett answered.

"Oh, great, you really are a neanderthal...can't you just eat like normal people?" Williams asked.

"That would be pretty boring," the head of Five-O said with a grin as the doorbell rang and Kono went to answer it.

Kamekona came into the kitchen with two large bags and set them on the table. "We got chicken...extra spicy and regular...we got fries and we got Poutine and hey, Brah, I must say it's good to see you out of the hospital."

"Thanks, Kamekona," McGarrett said.

Kono and Chin took the cartons out of the bag while Danny took out plates and forks and passed them around.

"Pammy said to tell you she made the Poutine extra cheesy just for you, Brah," Kamekona said as he handed McGarrett the separate container.

"Make sure you tell her I said thanks," McGarrett said of the feisty woman who ran the chicken stand. The woman was in her late 60s and flirted with him every time he stopped by. She made no bones about the fact that if she was 30 years younger and unmarried she'd have Steve in her bed and never let him out.

"You know, Steve, right now she's probably just your speed," Williams teased.

"Let me tell you something, Danny, that woman could probably outlast us all," the head of Five-O told them.

"You know she's had four husbands and they all divorced her because they couldn't keep up with pun intended," Kamekona offered.

"I know she goes for a run every morning," McGarrett said.

"Don't tell me she does the same course you do?" Williams asked.

"Not quite, but she takes the lower part of the course and I've seen other people half her age having trouble keeping pace with her," McGarrett said and reached for a piece of spicy chicken. They settled down to eat the rest of the meal, and enjoyed the laughter and jokes, but Steve's mind was racing with thoughts of Wo Fat and when the man would make his next move. No matter what happened, he would be ready and he'd make damn sure the man could not hurt his Ohana.


Pat Jameson reached for her phone and keyed in the long distance number that would give her a direct connection to Wo Fat. It was time to give him and ultimatum, because there was no way in hell she would allow him to kill Steve McGarrett or any member of Five-O. The team was her baby, and although it had been started as a way to keep and eye on McGarrett, she knew the team went far beyond that. They'd brought down several members of key crime families and made damn sure the evidence was unflappable. The phone was picked up, but no one spoke.

"It's Jameson..."

*"I know who it is. What can I do for you, Governor?"*

"I want your word that you'll lay off McGarrett and his team."

*"You dare to give me an order."*

"In this case...yes, I do. I can keep McGarrett off your trail, but if you go after him I will see that he finds out exactly what you've been doing. I'll see that you'll never be able to set foot in Hawaii again without being brought in to face some serious charges."

*"Do I need to remind you that you would be signing your own death warrant?"*

"I think I'm way past that, Wo Fat, but you have a lot more to lose than I do. Should I speak with the heads of The Yakuza here in my country?"

*"You are overstepping your bounds, Governor. I could have you killed with one simple phone call."*

"You could, but there are thing I have done that would make your life hell if you do that," Jameson warned. She knew Wo Fat was a deadly enemy and if he decided to make her disappear he would do just that. Most of what she had on him wouldn't get him thrown in jail, let alone kicked out of the country, but if Steve was as much like his father as she believed, he would move Heaven and Earth just to bring Wo Fat down.

*"You have nothing that would damage my place in The Yakuza...empty threats are just that...empty."*

"Do you really believe that?"

*"I am a careful man, Governor, and I know where my family skeletons are hidden. You would be well advised to keep your threats for someone who fears you. I am late for a meeting. Tell Steve McGarrett I will be watching him."*

The phone went dead in her hand and she dropped it onto the desk. The threat was easy to read and she knew Wo Fat didn't fear her or what little evidence she might have. She had often wondered what it was about the McGarrett family, particularly the male McGarrett's that had garnered the attention of the crime lord. She looked at her journal and made several entries about her call to Wo Fat before placing it in the desk.


The days dragged for Steve McGarrett, and he knew it was time to go home or he'd wind up shooting Danny or using that roll of duct tape he saw in the trunk of Danny's car. His appointment with Onakea had gone well and the surgeon had cleared him to go back to work, light duties only and no running. God he missed his morning run, but until his leg was completely healed his surgeon had warned him not to over do it.

McGarrett smiled when Danny looked at him, and knew Williams had been truthful when he said he could stay as long as he wanted. He reached for his keys and wallet and slipped them into his pocket. It had been a week without any envelopes, but Steve knew this wasn't over, there were still too many things missing from his father's champ box.

"You know I'll change the sheets if that's the problem?" Williams offered.

"No, Danny, the sheets were fine...actually everything was fine, but it's time I went home."

"You do realize you can't do the marathon you usually start your mornings with and you're not supposed to put any pressure on your arm. Oh, and don't even think about showing your face at the office..."

"Onakea cleared me for light duties."

"No, Onakea cleared you to be a desk jockey and not a very good one at that. How the hell are you going to get any files done with one hand?"

"That's what I have you for," McGarrett said and pointed to his two light bags. "Pick 'em up, Danno..."

"Oh, really we're going with that now. First it's book 'em, Danno and now we have pick 'em up, Danno..."

"Oh, I'm sure I can come up with something," McGarrett said. Some how it felt right to hear Danny rant because it made it seem like all was right with the world. It wasn't...not by a long shot, but as soon as he was back to full form, Steve planned to make damn sure Wo Fat understood what it meant to go up against his team. When that happened it would be the biggest storm the Yakuza had ever seen.

The End-For Now