Suntalon: Woohoo the next story… here is a briefing of what has happened so far…

Dovepaw is Dovewing

Ivypaw is Ivypool

Cinderheart has Lionblaze's kits, Hawkpaw, Amberpaw, and Heatherpaw

Firestar has 2 lives

Hollyleaf found Jayfeather

A new prophecy: or two: Jayfeather says to Hawkfrost: "The truth shall come and when it does dark and light shall meet for battle. Without truth no peace will come and Fire and Tiger shall meet again this time with no end."

The first prophecy: darkness will arise and the poisonous ivy will strangle the blazing lion, but the flying jay will fall on a leaf filled holly branch, and peace will come on a dove's firey wing

The battle is soon to come; Briarlight is Jayfeather's 'apprentice'

Leafpool has died and will soon come for her chance to shine.