Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights to the tv series No Ordinary Family and all recognizable characters, concepts, and the like, which belong solely to ABC and all associated entities and persons. This is my simple, meager way of showing my appreciation for the series.

A Brief Note: Contains spoilers, albeit a bit vague, for the No Ordinary season (series?) finale, "No Ordinary Beginning".

Take This Love

She looks into Katie Andrews' bright-eyed gaze and burns underneath her own calm fa├žade. Anger, that is all. How that woman managed to gain everything she had lost without even trying is lost upon her, she insists in the bleak plane of her mind. She just can't see it.

(It really isn't so hard to see, actually, but denial was always the human reaction, and for all her extraordinary power and extended longevity Victoria is very much human.)

When Katie finally stands up to her (for the first time), she realizes that this pretty mother-to-be is more than an ordinary woman. She is defiant, fierce and she will not move from the middle, where she stands between Victoria and Joshua.

(If she did budge, just a bit, could Victoria ever move forward and take that spot, the square closest to the man they love, and take a little courage like Katie's?)

All it takes is one ridiculously small word, to tear down her already broken defenses, and she leaves the house seeing only a feverish haze, wondering how she managed to stay so composed until she reached the safety of her car.

(Never, huh? It's so ugly in her ears, echoing in Joshua's hard voice, pounding in her heart.)

Victoria takes a small consolation that she can accept the truth, finally. Her fingertips brush lightly against her lips, feeling the ghost of Katie's kiss, and she smiles bitterly. Without knowing it, that woman gave her the answer that Joshua was always too much of a coward to say.

So, this is why he loves her. I see.

End Note: This drabble was written for the purpose of filling the April 12 theme "the middle lion" at the LiveJournal community 31 days. Whether or not the story fits the prompt mentioned is debatable, but I feel it has served its purpose.