Title: One Hundred
Author: Ultra-Geek
Rating: T, overall, will be specific to chapter
Summary: 100 drabbles, 1000 words. Drabble one – "It was the coldest winter to hit Camelot in years."
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
AN – Over in the Sherlock Holmes fandom, an author called KCS does a lot of these little drabble series, and Kitty O started up a series of her own. It made my masochistic side feel inspired. So – one hundred drabbles, one thousand total words. Should be interesting, eh? Also, this is my 42nd story, which, as all y'all Hitchhiker fans know, is a fairly big deal. So stick your thumb to the skies, throw yourself to the ground and miss, and grab your towel, because we're off!

It was the coldest winter to hit Camelot in years. And, of course, it was now that Merlin was dragged along with Arthur to hunt down the newest magical threat. In the woods. Outside. He didn't think that he even had toes anymore. Likewise, he didn't think it was possible for him to be any colder.

"Merlin!" Arthur called, already across the frozen river, "Keep up."

He stepped carefully onto the ice. It wailed and groaned beneath his feet. Then, it cracked, and he plunged into the icy water. Merlin had been wrong.

He could definitely be colder than before.