Title: One Hundred
Author: Ultra-Geek
Rating: T, overall, will be specific to chapter
Summary: 100 drabbles, 10000 words. Complete! A collection of unrelated drabbles and plot bunnies. Home of the original Cupboard!Merlin.
WARNINGS: Vague spoilers for 'Lady of the Lake'
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
AN – One hundred! Thank you so much, all of you, for all of the wonderful reviews. This has been a blast. :)

Freya's waiting for him when he arrives at the lake. She looks as fresh and young as the day she died. By contrast, Merlin knows that every one of his years can be read in his wrinkles, in his slumped shoulders, in his limping walk.

"Ready?" Freya asks, and holds out her hand.

He nods, and takes her pale fingers in his gnarled and wrinkled ones. Everything melts into white light and quiet. Merlin feels new as the day he first came to Camelot.

"You're late," says a snotty, fond voice from the air, "As usual, Merlin."

And Merlin laughs.