Hi everyone,

Unfortunately this is not an update, but hopefully those will come soon as well.

I realise that I haven't updated anything in more than a year. Sometimes life catches up with you and you have to make hard decisions. I am honestly and truly sorry for that. So, I thank everyone who has stuck with this story and given me encouragement to continue. Truthfully, I forgot I even wrote this story… oops. But thanks to certain people, I got emails encouraging me to continue. So I have some bad news.

Since, I haven't written anything in so long, I'm going to have reread and possibly rewrite the chapters. This will probably take time and I am very busy. So I hope to finish that as soon as possible so I can continue this story. This message will probably be up (as well as the story) until I delete the story to post a newly reviewed version of it.

Thanks for being so patient,


Ps If you have any questions/commentaries feel free to PM me… also you can follow me on twitter (daniixodigi)