He rushed into the room, and was horrified at what he saw.

"Damn it, Claire! How could you do something like that?"

The library paid him a pretty hefty salary, even with the routine deductions Charlene took pride in making. It was enough for him to afford his own personal library. It had all of his favorite books, some he read just because he wanted to, some he read because he needed to do research, some he read for lack of anything else to read, and some that were… all over the carpeted floor.

"It's your fault, Carsen. You left them in a precarious position! And look what that useless medical dictionary did to my arm."

She pointed to a very thick leather-bound book that was laying on the floor. Its pages were bent and it looked broken. He knelt down beside it and cradled it in his arms.

"It's not useless." He said softly, rocking the book gently as if it were his baby. "It's reference"

"It is too." She protested, holding her left arm and wincing whenever she moved. "It may be reference, but it's from 1988. It's outdated."

"Look at this." He said, showing her a page that had been torn in the process of falling. "What on earth compelled you to do this?"

"I was under the imperius curse." She said sarcastically. He glared at her before she gave the true cause of her suffering. "I was looking through your library, which as much as I hate to say it is quite impressive, and you're books were stacked precariously. I ran my finger over the spines and they collapsed."

Flynn shook his head in disbelief. He treated his books like children, and he'd never put them in danger. She was a liar, and that was that. After seeing that she was o.k., more as a civilized courtesy than out of actually caring, he quickly grabbed his duffle bag, slung his trusty carry-on messenger bag over his shoulder, and went to load his car. It was time to go to the airport.

Claire was sick and tired of this. They were on a ten-year-or-so long layover in Fairbanks and she was bored. Flynn was too busy reading to talk to her and he didn't trust her enough to handle any of the hundreds of books he'd brought with him, so she had nothing to read. One of Judson's rules (of which he had many) was that while on adventures, they had to use disposable go-phones. The sad thing about the aforementioned go-phones was that the aforementioned go-phones had nothing fun on them. Her admittedly lame iPod Nano was out of charge. So yes, it was perfectly justifiable that she was bored.

"Flynn." she said, hoping to break him from his literary trance.

"Huh?" He replied absentmindedly.

"I'm bored"

"O.k." He answered.

"Are you even listening to me?"


"Do have any ideas as to what I could do?"

"Not really."

"That's a great idea, Flynn. I'm sure that will occupy my mind!" She said with sarcastic enthusiasm.

"Good for you."

"How much longer?"

"You sound like a three year old."

"A bit irritated, are we?"

I don't like small planes, so yes, I am a bit grumpy."

"Give me a book and I'll shut up." She offered in a sing-song voice, almost taunting him

"You physically harmed an important diagnostic tool. You're coming nowhere near my books." He said. "Now shut up and wait for the plane."

"We need to discuss the mission." She pointed out, literally. The tip of her hot pink self-manicured nails grazed his khaki-colored sweater as she did, and he flinched.

"We'll do that on the plane. And please don't touch me."

"Touching!" She sang as she purposefully poked his arm. He shook it off.

"You really are three years old, aren't you."

"Maturity is overrated." She quipped, and he took in a deep breath, trying to steady his temper. He wasn't an angry person, but this girl could get on his nerves. How she was supposed to hold it together while they saved Russia was beyond him. Why anyone would expect her to was unfathomable, especially when the 'anyone' in question was someone like Charlene.

"Will you please attempt it until we board the plane. I'll talk to you then, when we'll need to discuss our plans. As for right now, I think shutting up would be the most beneficial route for you to take."

"Why do we have to wait 'til we're on the plane?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow, sure she'd gotten one over on him again.

"Because there are people here." He replied, not looking up from his book.

"And the plane will also contain people, and will probably be a lot quieter as well." She said, not letting his valid point slow her down.

"Because so many people are bound to be going from Alaska to Siberia at one in the morning." He said.

She frowned and crossed her arms over her chest as she slumped her shoulders. Hunched over in an airport chair was probably the least comfortable position she could have chosen, but God forbid she move. Her bulldog level tenacity really was going to get her killed one day.

She might as well just take a nap.

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