A/N: This is just a short one-shot I thought of for AlmaxBecket. Enjoy:D

Disclaimer: I don't own F.E.A.R or the company. Only copies of the games.

Mine, and Mine Alone

You are mine and mine alone.

I would kill for you.

I would harm anyone who hurts you, even those you call your team.

I would make the world safe for you and our family. Even if I have to run it.

Those who seek to destroy you, will meet death.

I carry your child out of love.

No one deserves you but me.

I have soldiers at my command. You don't have to fight.

No one but you can control me.

You, Becket, are the one I love.

You belong to me and me alone.

Well there you have it. A short one-shot of my favorite couples on F.E.A.R. And my first story for the game. I can't wait for F.3.A.R to come out. Anyway please review, and tell me what you think.