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Alexis the Surrogate

Chapter 44

The End-Part 3 (Prelude to sequel What Happened on the Cassadine Islands?)

Night was filled with stirring restlessness for all of Helena's "children". Jason crept downstairs in the dark and searched the living room. He found what he was looking for on the table-Sam's cell phone. He took the phone and tried to find a hiding place.

"Jason!" Sam called from upstairs. "I need help with this necklace!"

"I'm coming." Jason opened his desk door and put the phone inside.

"You see my phone downstairs?" Sam said.

Jason grunted. He pulled the phone out of the drawer and ran up the stairs.

Franco laid down on the cold concrete floor of his art studio. The voices of commands fought in his head. He had gone too far to go back. He was passed on to another master. Helena moved on to another son.

Nikolas woke up in his bed from what he thought was a nightmare. He couldn't stop thinking of Sam and the mischievous plans that formed in his dreams. He could hear Helena singing what sounded like a lullaby coming from Mikkos' nursery. He was out of sorts, but he got out of bed and walked the halls of the villa. He stopped by Mikkos' nursery. Helena's voice was clearer and even melodic.


Helena was unyielding with Mikkos. She continued to comfort the agitated little boy.

"When did you get here? Give me Mikkos." Nikolas reached out for him.

Helena complied by slipping the baby into Nikolas' broad arms. "I think I'm in love. And it seems moreso than his own mother. Where is she?"

Nikolas looked down at Mikkos finally resting as if nothing could interrupt his peace. "What happens to Alexis is none of your concern. It's best that you leave. I'll have the guards escort you out."

"Why didn't you make me aware that Stefan was alive? He's my son. I had a right to know."

"How did you know? Correction. I bet you knew and just didn't tell me. You have spies everywhere Grandmother." Nikolas placed Mikkos back in his crib. "He's none of your concern either. I'll give Calista instructions to not allow you in Mikkos' nursery again."

"Where is he?" Helena demanded. "Don't play games with me Nikolas. And no nanny will ever keep me away from my family."

"He's on a business trip handling some affairs. He should be back in the morning. You can stay in a hotel until he returns."

Helena picked up her clutch purse from the night-stand. "Is he in Indonesia? Don't make me tip off Ned Ashton to the whereabouts of $40 million dollars."

Nikolas pulled Helena into the hall. "Don't do this Grandmother. You will be provided for. Just not here. When Alexis returns…and she will, you can't be here."

Helena touched his face. "Nikolas, when will you see that you are Stavros' son?"

Nikolas pulled her hand from his face. "What are you talking about now?"

"You try so hard to be this boring, upstanding young man, but in reality, you're just a hurt little boy like your father."

Nikolas tried to hold back his laughter. "Hurt little boy? He terrorized Alexis and from your description, he did the same to Laura. You even implied that he raped Laura. So don't compare me to my father. I'm nothing like him."

Luke was hoping to shut down for the night. He took his last shot of whiskey and noticed Ethan walk in quietly and pick up a deck of cards.

"Dodge! You can't say hi anymore?" Luke waved at Ethan across the room.

Ethan kicked his feet up on the table and shuffled his cards. "You must be sober to even notice.."

Luke grabbed two glasses and a bottle of whiskey. He pulled up a chair across from Ethan. "What's wrong with you?"

"Kristina was kidnapped."

Luke poured Ethan a drink. "Wow. Do we know who?"

Ethan shrugged his shoulders. "They think Franco." He took a sip of the drink. "I just want to drown in my sorrows if you don't mind."

Alexis tore down the stairs to Luke. "The map! I need it."

Luke stood up and went to the counter. "This is all I got. It's old as hell." He handed Alexis the map.

Robert was close behind her. "Alexis, it's a terrible idea."

"Wyndemere is my home!" Alexis shouted. She was frantic as she laid out the map in front of Ethan.

"At least let me go." Ethan perked up.

"No." Alexis said calmly. "I'm going alone. He wants me. And me is who he'll get."

Sonny showed up outside of Wyndemere with Dante and Lucky directing PCPD cops to their spots. "Anything from Kristina?"

Dante shook his head. "Nothing. Alexis spoke to Franco. We're pinpointing his location, but reception in the tunnels is practically nonexistent."

Sonny wiped the sweat from his face. "Let me in there. I'll get that son of a bitch." He started to go inside, but Dante strong armed him.

"It ain't happening Sonny. You'll compromise the investigation." Dante pushed him out of the way as a team of cops went in and out of Wyndemere.

Luke pressed his finger on a spot on the map. "Underwater. That was always my favorite entrance." He took a puff of his cigar. "You a good swimmer?" He looked Alexis in the eyes.

"Yes." She nodded.

Robert rolled his eyes. "I can't authorize this madness."

"Wyndemere is my home. I can enter my home whenever I please." Alexis repeated.

Luke pulled up the map. "Alright. I'll get your gear and guide you through the tunnels. May the force be with you Natasha."

Anna arrived at the scene at Wyndemere. She walked up to Dante and Lucky still arguing with Sonny. "Can I speak to PCPD only?" She said.

"I have a right to know what's going on with my kid!" Sonny bucked authority and headed inside Wyndemere.

Anna held Dante from going after him. "Let him go. He can get killed for all I care. Franco doesn't have Kristina."

Lucky and Dante looked perplexed.

"Give us the lowdown." Lucky said.

"I've got Lorenzo Alcazar taking a private jet with a female passenger to Van Nuys airport. The jet should be landing in an hour or so."

"It could be any female passenger." Dante said unconvinced.

"Do you have boots on the ground in Los Angeles?" Lucky asked.

"Of course. I got it all covered. We'll have Kristina home in no time." Anna reassured.

Robert grabbed Luke by the collar as Alexis spirited away to Wyndemere. "How dare you encourage her?"

Luke remained cool. "I've always got Natasha's back."

"You're taking advantage of a helpless mother who desperately wants to find her kid."

Luke jerked his collar from Robert's grasp. "If Natasha dies, it won't be the first time I've been falsely accused of murder."

Sam crawled up on the bed and waited for Jason. He held up the phone. "I was trying to hide it." He sat down behind her and tried to unlatch the necklace.

"I think I should go to the lake house." Sam held on to the necklace.

"No. You don't." Jason finally unlatched the necklace. He pulled it from her neck with care and placed it on the night-stand next to his gun. "You need help taking off the dress?"

Sam scoffed. "No. I'm sleeping in the dress. I don't want my fairy-tale to end." She slipped under the covers.

"If you go to the lake house, it will end. Your family is crazy."

Sam came up from under the covers. "When I was little my adopted family was dirt poor."

Jason got under the covers with Sam.

"So when I was about five, my father felt bad and bought me this princess costume for Halloween. And wild dogs could not get this costume off of my body. I ate in it. I slept in it. I tried to bathe in it."

Jason laughed. "I thought you were a tomboy?"

"I became one after someone stole my costume. My mother finally forced me to take it off. I was so upset. I just knew I was a princess."

"You are a princess."

"I sure felt like it. The Goddess Mother and Darth Alcazar showing up to our wedding was all I could hope for."

Jason looked at Sam perplexed. "Who the hell would steal a child's costume? I think your mother burned it. Which gives me an idea for a particular story book. He'd never know once we switched to the Cat in the Hat."

Sam punched Jason in the arm. "You are not burning Spencer's book."

Spencer rushed to Jason and Sam's room. He stopped at the door. "Mother may I come in?"

Jason waved him in. "You're the only polite human being in this city. You may come in."

Spencer climbed in between Sam and Jason and got under the covers.

"There's a man in my room." Spencer said with fright in his voice.

Jason rubbed his eyes. "Spencer, you're just imagining stuff."

"What does he look like?" Sam asked.

Jason threw up his hands.

Spencer was excited that she'd ask. "He looks like a wizard. He has white hair. And he smells like smoke."

"That sounds like a cross between Santa Clause and Uncle Luke. Will you check it out Jason? Maybe Luke thought there was an after-party here? Nothing to worry about." Sam cuddled Spencer in her arms and tried to reassure the scared boy.

Jason sighed. He got up and grabbed his gun from the night-stand. He stumbled out into the hall to Spencer's room. Opening the bedroom door, Jason sniffed the air. He checked the closet and under the bed. He found nothing.

"Uh Spencer..." Jason went back to his bedroom and found Spencer and Sam both passed out. "Sam?" He whispered. He put the gun down on the night-stand and picked up the necklace. "This is an amazing piece of jewelry." Jason carefully laid the necklace back down on the night-stand and quietly got into his crowded bed.

Franco rolled over onto his stomach and propped his chin onto his arm. He was dejected until a voice rang in his ears.

"Did you get me Natasha?" The boisterous male voice vibrated through the room.

Franco sat up. "I assured you she'd come and I assure you she'll come." He crawled to his phone in the middle of the floor.

Alexis found an entrance to the tunnels through the woods uninhabited by the cops. The winds practically blew her away. She leaned on a wall to catch her balance. Her body shivered from the cold. She wrapped a scarp around her neck hoping for some comfort. She secured the earpiece in her ear.

"Can you hear me Luke?"

Luke and Ethan rushed over to his radio in his office. "I got you Natasha. Did you find the entrance?"

Alexis heard footsteps. She ducked behind a tree for cover. Two cops passed by on their search. Alexis held her breath until they were out of sight. She raced over to the entrance and felt the wall.

"Be gentle with it Natasha. Give it some four-play." Luke smiled.

"I'm glad you're having fun. My daughter and I could die tonight." She muttered.

The wall crept open. Alexis stood back. She felt Kristina's phone vibrate in her pocket.

Franco turned on the cameras and watched Alexis enter the tunnels. "I see you! And I know you have your friend Luke watching you. Are you ready to see the wizard?" Franco's voice could be heard throughout the tunnels. "You know I love a show Natasha."

"Luke? Help. I can hear Franco." Alexis called out as she proceeded through the tunnels.

"I can hear him too. Keep your hands on the walls. Any of them could be an entrance to Franco's lair."

Franco watched Alexis with pleasure. "Luke is right. Old dirty bastard. Let me tell you a story or two Natasha. My father…or should I say the man that raised me used to run me like a mouse through these tunnels. If I got lost, he'd leave me for dead. I had to find my own way out. I did every time."

"Your father was a bastard!" Alexis shouted to Franco. "Where is Kristina?"

"Just listen Natasha." Franco continued. "Let's talk about you."

Alexis stayed close to the brick walls. At times in her trek she had light and at times darkness would fall. She stopped short to allow the vermin to scurry to safety in one of the wall's crevices.

"What happened to Alexis on the Cassadine islands?" Franco asked as he relaxed in the ceiling's beams like a perched eagle. "You're just like me Alexis-programmed to kill."

Alexis stopped and looked back at how far she'd come. She realized it was all a trap. "You don't have Kristina do you?" As she looked ahead, the tunnels seemed to go on in pi fashion.

"How did you break away from Helena's command?" Franco continued to chide. "Or did you? What about Stavros?"

Luke looked at Ethan with genuine concern in his eyes. "She's going to tank right about now Dodge. We gotta get over to Wyndemere." Luke picked up his radio.

Alexis couldn't go on. She started to suffocate from the heat, moldy smells, and decrepit memories of Stavros' torture.

Spencer tossed and turned. He finally woke Jason and Sam up with his violent thrusts. They both turned on their lamps and looked down at Spencer deep in sleep.

"You didn't find anything in his room?" Sam asked.

Jason looked over at his night-stand and noticed the diamond and sapphire necklace missing. "Sam, did you take the necklace?"

Sam got out of bed dreary. "No. I saw you put it..." She noticed it missing as well. "Down. Where is it?"

Jason quickly grabbed his gun and ran downstairs. The front door was flung wide open. Sam went down behind him.

"Spencer wasn't joking. Someone was in his room. And they stole my mother's necklace." Sam grabbed at her neck.

"All the children...and you were one of them Natasha." Franco's voice changed from goading to someone more defiant; to someone more familiar. "All of them Helena's children-her pet projects until they fail her. I find it odd, Natasha, that you agreed to be a surrogate. You're no better than Helena."

Alexis tried her hardest to snap out of it but his voice was so familiar. She looked ahead and remembered.

He continued. "I want you to find me. You attacked Skye for stealing your child when you stole mine and turned him against me. Yes I've been watching you."

Jason and Sam ran into Mac at the PCPD.

"You have a stolen necklace?" Mac asked.

Sam went over to Ronnie's desk.

Jason tried to catch his breath. "Yea. It was the necklace that Alexis let Sam borrow for the wedding. It's worth millions."

Mac nodded. "I know about it. This has Helena written all over it. She's stolen it once before."

Jason followed Mac to his office. "Helena did threaten Sam."

"Are you aware that Kristina was kidnapped by Alcazar and Alexis is stuck in the tunnels looking for Franco?"

Jason turned around to Sam, but noticed she was gone. He ran back out to the lobby of the station. "Sam!" He looked around. "Has anyone seen Sam?"

Ronnie came out of the hall with a cup of coffee in his hand. He searched his desk. "What the hell? My gun is missing."

The private jet pulled into the hanger at Van Nuys airport. WSB agents surrounded the plane with their guns cocked and ready. The head agent called Anna. "Agent Devane, the Alcazar jet has landed. We're ready to make the arrest."

Anna walked away from the commotion gathered outside Wyndemere. "Perfect. Just stay safe and grab Kristina."

The door to the plane opened. The agents aimed their guns. "Lorenzo Alcazar! You're under arrest for kidnapping!" The head agent yelled.

Ric Lansing walked down the stairs of the plane and held up his hands. "I'm flattered by the welcome party but I'm not Lorenzo Alcazar. And I didn't kidnap anyone."

The agents pulled down their guns in confusion.

Ric stood before them unassuming. "You're welcome to search my plane. You won't find what you're looking for. " He kept his hands above his head.

"I'm told you have an unidentified female passenger on your plane." The agent kept his gun on Ric.

"I do. My daughter Molly and I'd rather you not point guns at her. My ex-wife and I have a very amicable custody arrangement. You're welcome to ask her yourself. No guns allowed." Ric stepped aside and allowed the agent to board the plane.

Ric slowly dropped his hands. "May I grab my phone from my jacket to make a call."

One of the agents gave him permission with a nod.

Kristina watched Lorenzo lying across the seat and slowly drifting away. She noticed his phone ringing on the floor with Lansing flashing on the caller ID. She was too frozen to answer.

"So you don't want to answer." Ric whispered into his phone. "I hope you make it to your destination alive. I've got Molly. We'll be fine. She doesn't suspect anything."

Lorenzo slowly woke up and looked over at Kristina. Every breath he took was pain. "I have to get to Mikkos..."

Kristina warmed up to him. "Is he not safe?"

Lorenzo shook his head. "Helena..."

Kristina went over to him and sat on the edge of his seat. "The pilot said we have some time before we get to Greece. What if we don't get to him in time?'

Lorenzo took a couple of painful deep breaths. "Just kill me. Alexis would never forgive me and I'd never forgive myself."

Spinelli wanted badly to sleep, but he knew he had to meet the deadline on his sequel with Diane. The office phone rang. He rolled his chair over to the desk.

"Jackal PI speaking!"

Sam held Ronnie's gun in one hand and her phone to her ear. She hiked through the woods and hoped to find a quiet place to talk. "Spinelli, I need your help. I gotta find my mother. I'm on the grounds of Spoon Island."

Spinelli moved back to his computer and tapped away. "Ok. I set up surveillance at Spoon Island when you went to meet Helena. Everything should be in place."

Sam leaned against a wall. "Do you know if Franco has Kristina? Does he have my mother?"

Spinelli watched his screen. "Dear God."

"What's wrong?" Sam asked.

"Fair Samantha. You've got to get out of there!"

Sam noticed the same cops Alexis saw walking in her direction. She hung up the phone and dropped to ground to not be seen.

Alexis leaned forward on the wall as if she was drunk and needed to gather her bearings. She grabbed ahold to the crevice in the wall and pulled up. She looked down a dark hall to lights flickering. "I know your voice."

Sam figured the coast was clear. She found the entrance and slipped inside. "Alexis! It's Sam!"

Alexis walked into the darkroom. She was surrounded by Franco's crime scene photographs hanging and developing above her head. She discovered Franco still and face down on the floor in a chalk drawing of himself.

"I know your voice." Alexis said. "Where are you?" She stepped over Franco and continued to search the room.

"Alexis!" Sam rushed through the tunnels.

Alexis could hear Sam's voice in the distance. She started to break from her trance. "Sam?" She looked up to the beams. The lights flickered on as Stavros jumped down to her level. Alexis walked back. She shook her head to see if it was a nightmare. She wanted to reach out and touch him to be sure, but his darkness overcame her. She fell back to the ground. He towered over her and held the blade of a sword to her neck.

"Taking away your memory wasn't enough." He said. "I should have killed you when I had the chance. Helena wanted you to live."

"Step away from my mother!" Sam held the gun steady on Stavros.

Stavros pressed the blade deeper. "You honestly don't think I'd kill her do you? What you fail to understand is the damage is already done. Helena has what she wants. Natasha dead is merely icing on the cake.

Alexis grabbed the blade to lessen the pain.

Sam panicked. "You drop the sword and I'll drop the gun."

Stavros chuckled. "You're a child. You honestly shouldn't speak unless spoken to. But keep talking Samantha. Don't worry I used to do this to her when we were just children. Some people like to light bunnies on fire and I like attacking my sister with my father's sword collection. You drop the gun and I may spare her life again." Stravos twisted the blade and watched Alexis writhed in pain.

Outside of Wyndemere, Luke and Ethan noticed Sonny walk out from the house.

"Sonny, you see anything in there?" Luke asked.

Sonny shook his head. "I'm freaking out Luke. My little girl and now Alexis is in there."

Jason ran over to Sonny and Luke. "I think Sam is in there too. She stole Ronnie Domestico's gun, but you didn't hear that from me."

Sonny pulled Luke and Jason in huddle. "Luke, you can get us in there right?"

Luke seemed a bit unsure. "Who knows how many dead bodies we need to step over to find what we're looking for. Let's go."

Jason, Sonny, and Luke slipped past the cops and into Wyndemere. Inside the dining room, Luke found the switch to open the secret door to the tunnels and hustled Sonny and Jason inside.

Sam kept the gun on Stavros. "Where is Kristina?"

Stavros laughed. "Oh didn't you hear? Lorenzo Alcazar kidnapped Kristina."

Alexis struggled even more under the pinning of the blade. She could hear, but talking was nearly impossible. She feared if she talked, the movement would guide the blade to her death. The most she could muster up was squeals of pain.

"You're a liar!" Sam's yelled.

Stavros pointed to Franco. "Who do you think beat the living daylights out of him? Lorenzo. He beat up Franco and took Kristina. And that's no lie. I'm so sorry Samantha. Your Daddy wasn't what you hoped he was. He was in on this whole thing all along. Even if you shoot me, I still need only seconds to rid you of your mother. Do you want to lose her too?"

Sam leaned over and laid the gun on the ground. She stepped away from it. She could see Alexis was weak and barely functioning.

"Kick it towards me." Stavros ordered.

Sam complied and kicked the gun to Stavros.

He released Alexis from the hostage of the sword, but she was unresponsive. He turned the gun on Sam. "I'll see myself out." He climbed back up the beams and through the hole from which he came.

Sam rushed over to Alexis. "Mom." She rested her hand on Alexis' neck punctured by the blade. "I'm not going anywhere. We'll wait for help. Spinelli will get us out." Sam laid her head on Alexis' neck. "We didn't have that much time." Sam cried. "I love you. Don't hate me for losing your necklace."

In Stefan's office in the villa, Caesar Faison held up the sapphire necklace and admired it in the dark. He took a puff of his cigar.

Helena walked in. "You got it. And it seems my diversions have all worked."

"This is better than the Ice Princess. It's a magnificent monstrosity. Shall I put it on your neck?" He asked.

"After I know I've won." Helena said.

Though there were things Alexis didn't want to remember, memories started to flood her head. She pulled up her hand and touched Sam's face. "I remember." She mumbled.

Sam lifted her head. "Yea?"

"When you were born..." Alexis could barely speak but speaking helped her know she was still alive. "You had lots of hair."

"What color?" Sam asked hoping to keep Alexis awake.

"Dark. Definitely an Alcazar..."

"Was I big or small?"

Alexis tried to open her eyes. "Small but bigger than Kristina."

Sam agreed. "Kristina was a preemie. I was born on time huh?"

"Strong like were." Alexis tried her best Russian accent.

"I'm a Taurus. Yes. Jason would agree I'm a little bull headed."

"Then Stavros took you away..." Alexis drifted off again.

Sam sat up and shook Alexis. "Mom. Wake up. I need you to stay awake."

Sonny, Jason, and Luke found Sam and Alexis. They crowded around Alexis.

"Why is she bleeding?" Sonny asked.

Jason helped Sam up. "You ok?" He hugged her. "I'm going to try not to yell at you since you were right about Kristina."

Sam looked at Jason. "But I was wrong about Alcazar."

Luke kicked at Franco. "Is he dead or what?"

Sonny gathered Alexis in arms. "What the hell happened to Alexis?"

Sam looked at Luke. "Stavros tried to slit her throat."

Luke looked around the art studio. "Looks like Helena has declared war on all of us." Luke inhaled. "Yeap. That's the smell of Spencerdine battle in the air and she's got Stavros doing her dirty work. Let's get Natasha to the hospital and patched up. It ain't over for her."