Penname: celesticbliss

Title: Destruction in Ice

Summary: Alternate storyline during New Moon.

Word Count: 491

Rating: M

Characters and Settings belong to S. Meyers.

There you go.

You've walked away

Leaving me alone

my life ends today.

I've put my all into this. Into you.

Everything I've done

Was all for you.

Your still, cold heart has won.

If your amber eyes could glisten

surely they'd never for me

I'd have given it all up...but-

you've decided we could never be.

Yes, leave me here, lost.

On the fall foliaged ground

My house, I'll find.

My home? With you. Bound.

My heart is with you

It'll always be there.

In the seconds that it's been, you've moved on.

I'm left grasping only air.

Bella stared at the page, wondering where the inspiration had come from. Since he...Edward left, she'd felt nothing. Numbness had overtaken her. Even though she'd found a small ember of hope within Jacob, there were nights like these that he would infiltrate her mind.

She'd woken up screaming, but instead of lying awake for the remainder of the cool night, she wrote.

Toying with the frayed edge of the paper, she tilted her head at it.

What the hell do I do with it now?

She wondered to herself.

This is the first time she'd been able to get her thoughts out somehow. The paper listened to her in it's own inanimate way. Charlie would never understand. Jacob would cringe at the thought of her still in love with the person who broke her.

She'd been lying to herself. The past couple weeks she thought, maybe. Just maybe things would look up. Jacob was in her life. She knew his secret. Victoria may be out there, hunting her down but let her come! What good was she to anyone this broken and worthless.

Everything was clicking for Bella.

Edward is the moon, Jacob is the sun. Edward is clear blue ice while Jacob is the warm comforting fire.

Bella was the void in between.

She stood and grabbed her coat and shoes.

Grasping the paper in her hand the entire way, she drove to the one place to put finality on it all.




"Charlie, what happened?" Alice placed her cool hand on his shaking form. He was hunched over the kitchen table, the search party still and silent around him.

She knew what happened. She saw it. Even at vampire speed she couldn't be there fast enough to stop her. Edward knew as fast as she did and was already in Volturi asking - no, begging - for death. Carlisle had gone to stop him but Alice had already seen that he would be too late. The only comfort in Alice's mind is that maybe, somehow, they'd be together in death.

Charlie's hand gripped tightly to the piece of paper Bella left at the top of the cliff. She'd placed a rock on top so it wouldn't fly off the edge with her.

"I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction ice

Is also great

And would suffice."