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Blood Brothers AU – takes place right before ep 22 – Lamenting Beauty.


"So, what am I supposed to do with this?" Koenma murmured, staring at his intel screen. "I can't risk Hiei discovering this information."

Kurama glanced at Koenma. "You're the prince of Spirit World." he said, struggling to keep his voice respectful. "How am I supposed to help you?"

"You know Hiei best. How can I get this information to Yusuke without tipping off Hiei?" Koenma gestured to the video streaming on the screen. Only vaguely interested, Kurama turned to look at it. He froze, green eyes widening in shock. There on the screen was a beautiful ice apparition, contained behind bars and demon wards. Kurama could see deeper though. He could see the resemblance.


"Unfortunately, this poor demon is Hiei's twin sister." Koenma said darkly. "If he finds out that she's here in Human World, and that she's being tortured, well – it wouldn't end well."

Tortured. Kurama's hand twitched. "Make a tape." he said suddenly. "Have Hiei deliver the message. If he thinks it's more bureaucracy, he won't look into it."

Koenma stared at him. "Are you sure?"

"Positive." A toddler of the Spirit World did not intimidate him, even if he was a prince.

Koenma nodded. "Very well. I'll send the tape with you." His eyes narrowed. "Oh, and Kurama – not a word to Hiei, understand? You are not to speak to him about what is on the tape. Just tell him to give it to Yusuke. Understand?"

Kurama nodded. "Of course. I won't speak a word."

A few minutes later, he took the tape and left.


Hiei was only mildly surprised to find Kurama approaching him hesitantly. "I thought you would be in that human school of yours." he commented, dropping from his tree and landing in front of the fox demon. "Why are you here?"

"Koenma instructed me to give you this." Kurama said softly, handing Hiei a tape. "He wants you to give it to Yusuke."

"Give it to him yourself, fox." Hiei growled, suddenly annoyed. "I want nothing more to do with those humans."

"I'm merely repeating my instructions." Kurama replied evenly. "You are to give him the tape, not me."

There was something off about the way Kurama was speaking. His voice was too even, too emotionless, although one would have to know the fox very well to hear it. Hiei tilted his head back, eyes narrowing as he examined the fox. /Kurama?/

/Just take the tape, Hiei./

Hiei did so. /So what's on it?/

/Yusuke's next mission./

Hiei rolled his eyes. /So what is that mission?/

Kurama didn't hesitate. He only promised Koenma that he would not breathe a word, and his promise to help Hiei find Yukina went much deeper than any half-assed word he gave to the toddler. /Rescuing Yukina./

Hiei froze. /You – you found her?/

/Koenma did. He's sending Yusuke and probably Kuwabara after her. You should follow them./ Kurama flashed him a small smile. /I promised you anything I learned about her would come straight to you./

/You did./ Hiei looked up at Kurama, eyes slightly wide. /Koenma threatened you, didn't he?/

/Koenma doesn't trust demons./ Kurama replied. /He only trusts me as much as he does because I've lived as a human. He thinks it's mellowed me out./

Hiei chuckled. "So Koenma thinks I'll be his errand boy?" he muttered. "Just this once, I'll do it. Yusuke owes me one now." /I doubt it, fox. Be careful. I know when we're being watched./

/The majority of the time./ Kurama agreed with a small smile. "I do not question the will of Koenma." he added aloud. "It would probably make my head hurt." He turned to walk away.

/Thank you./

Kurama smiled. /Don't mention it./


AN: And this is how Hiei found out about Yukina. Kurama is a sneaky demon. Why bother with the tape? Because it was in the episode, dangit. I had no choice there. Review, please!