Chapter 31

A week has gone by and Finn still hasnt received his answer from Rachel yet. He's been sending her flowers, chocolates, and jewlery to help her make up her mind about staying with him. He just wanted to hold her every minute of everyday, but he couldn't if she dosent make up her mind. Finn knew one thing for certain is that he will never give up on her. He knew that she had alot to handle but he wished that he could help her with it. He just wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her that everything is going to be okay. Just then pulling him out of his thoughts he felt his pocket jean vibrate. Looking at his phone he noticed that it was a text from Rachel.

Come over-R

Finn smiled when he saw the text and got his butt off the couch and ran all the way to Rachel's house. When he got to her door he swatted off the sweat from his forehead. He knocked on her door proudly and waited for his brunette to answer the door. When Rachel opened the door, before Finn could say anything Rachel was on his lips. When they pulled away for air Finn asked, "What's going on Rach?" She smiled.

"Finn i was wrong! I need you for everything! I need you to live, to breath, and to just be myself. I was wrong to tell you i need time because i dont i just need you!" He then kissed her head. "I thought a lot over these past few days and i came to the realization that no matter what happens me and you are meant to be together. I survived a car crash and Jesse." Finn cringed at the sound of his name. She then continued, "You survived a gun shooting and Quinn's evil ways." She then pulled him into her arms and smiled. This is where she was meant to be. With the one she loves and loves her back.

Finn smiled and whispered in her ear, "Babe this is The way things go.Were supposed to be together. Thats how it works were Finchel babe."

I know this was short and not the best ending but that was the story! I will update Auditioning for idol soon. Plus i will becoming out with more stories so don't worry!