Hey everyone! Ichigo Kousei here, to bring you another boy on boy, lemon flavored, yaoi filled, Ouran fanfic! Warning: This fanfic will contain bondage/and or rape type thingy in later chapters! So if you don't like that kind of thing, get the heck off this page! thank-you!

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Can Only Watch

Chapter One: 2 promises

"Tee hee hee…"

Mori and Hunny turned to see Hikaru and Kaoru giggling while Hikaru whispered in his mirror image's ear. Hikaru and Kaoru were staring straight at their Senpai's from across the 3rd music room, while grinning their trademark devilish grin.

"Hika-chan, Kao-Chan, what's so funny? Did Kao-Chan tell a funny story? Can I hear it?" the hyper blond known as Mitsukuni Huninozuka asked excitedly while bouncing up and down, expecting to hear something funny.

"No Hunny-Senpai, there is no funny story." chimed Hikaru, Kaoru still continued to giggle.

"Then…Then what is Kao-Chan laughing about?" Hunny asked again face beginning to crease in frustration.

Kaoru smirked at Hikaru, and Hikaru nodded as if it were a cue, and Kaoru pushed Hunny down to the ground and pinned his blonde Senpai down before planting a kiss on Hunny's shocked lips.

"Kaoru!" the usually calm and stoic Mori yelled before throwing Kaoru's body from atop his Mitsukuni's.

Kaoru toppled over a small table and broke it in the process, not to mention his bruised hip. The Shadow King Ootori looked up form his laptop and shut it, before he made his way over to the broken coffee table and an injured Kaoru. Kyouya looked down at Kaoru and pushed his glasses up his nose, making the light glare off the lenses.

"What is the meaning of this Kaoru? The guests will be arriving here within the next hour, so I ask that you clean your mess up." the raven headed teen remarked coldly.

Kyouya turned his back to walk away.

"Oh, and Mori that table is a French import, so you can expect it to come off your tab." Kyouya pulled out his black book and scribbled something in it before snapping it shut.

Hikaru walked over to where his twin was lying and helped his brother up. Kaoru winced in pain and collapsed again.

"Kao! Are you O.K." Hikaru asked as he held his brothers face, bring his lips mere centimeters away from Kaoru's.

"It hurts Hikaru… Mori-Senpai hurt me!" Kaoru's voice shook, laced with pure fear, and tears danced in the corners of his amber eyes.

Mori was shocked that he had let jealousy influence his actions enough to hurt Kaoru, but his shock was overpowered by concern when he saw Hunny still lying on the 3rd music room floor.

"Mitsukuni… are you alright?" Mori asked before picking Hunny up bridal style.

"Yeah I'm fine Takashi, just a little confused is all." The blond-headed boy answered, his bright, brown eyes locked onto Mori's grey ones.

The two then focused their attention to the twins, Kaoru was limping slightly as Hikaru helped him along.

"Kaoru isn't feeling well, so I'm going to escort him home." Hikaru stated while he rubbed Kaoru's back, attempting to comfort his twin.

"I suppose it can't be helped," Kyouya remarked. "he hit that table pretty hard. Mori-Senpai I suggest you get your anger under control so we won't have another situation like this happen again. There will be no club activities today so Kaoru can recover, and Mori-Senpai can think about what he has done." Tamaki quit pestering Haruhi for a moment to get Kyouya to reconsider, but his mind was already made up.

With his head held low in shame, Mori silently walked out of the club room with Hunny trailing close behind.

"Takashi! Takashi! Wait!" Hunny called out to his cousin.

Mori stopped and let Hunny catch up to him and held out his out for Mori to hold.

"It's O.K. Takashi," Hunny said to Mori, big chocolate eyes beaming. "I know you didn't mean to hurt Kao-Chan, you were only trying to protect me."

Mori's eyes began to water and he slid down to the hallway floor only to have Hunny wrap his arms around him.

"I… I ..I hurt Kaoru, Mitsukuni, just because I was jealous, just because I wished that I was the one to give you your first kiss instead of Kaoru, but I was too late." Mori's deep monotone voice cracked and wobbled as he let all of his feelings pour from his heart, and flood Hunny's awaiting ears.

Hunny giggled "Takashi, if you wanted to kiss me, all you had to do was ask, because I've wanted it for a long time. I've always loved you Takashi, ever since we were small."

Both boys were quiet for a minute until Mori made the first move by tilting Hunny's chin slightly and planting a kiss on Hunny's soft, strawberry flavored lips. They exchanged pressure and Mori broke the kiss, remembering where he was. Hunny whimpered a bit from lost of contact, but was soon satisfied by the feeling of Mori's muscular arms around his small frame.

Mori breathed a satisfied sigh before he softly spoke. "I love you too Mitsukuni, and I promise tonight I will be your first lover." Hunny blushed and suddenly he felt a dire need to hurry home.

Both boys left Ouran academy hand-in-hand.

*Changing to the Hitachiin twins*

Hikaru and Kaoru had arrived home about 20 minutes later, and Hikaru watched Kaoru as he slept. Kaoru had assured his brother that he was fine. and a little rest would have him back on his feet in no time, but he still felt somewhat guilty for what happened to his little brother. Hikaru was also enraged at Mori for his violent out burst, I mean it was just a kiss right? Hikaru then thought of a brilliant little game he could play with Mori and Hunny to get them back.

Hikaru kissed Kaoru forehead while he slept soundly. "Kaoru I promise to get Mori-Senpai back for hurting you, just you wait and see." Kaoru's only answer was the sound of his unlabored breathing.

Tomorrow Hikaru would put his plan into action.

Sorry for the slow start, the next chapter will be better. Mori will make due on his promise and Hikaru will put the beginning stages of his plan into action. Comments, question, concerns? Anyway, I hope you stick with this story. See you soon!