It's been a week since I found out I was… pregnant. That's crazy. I never pictured myself having children… especially alone. Tyler… why did you leave me? When I needed you more than ever, you left, no goodbyes. How selfish of you, not even considering-

But why am I getting angry with Tyler? He isn't even here anymore. That's why I'm upset, right? Because I'm alone now. This baby won't know its father…

Ally sat alone in her room, journaling and reflecting. She had done a lot of thinking lately. First of all, she decided to keep the baby. Her first reaction after telling Tyler was to abort the unborn child, but on her way to the clinic that day, she changed her mind suddenly. She thought, This baby is my only true remembrance of him. Hell, it practically IS him.

Though for somewhat self-serving reasons, she chose to let her and Tyler's child grow inside of her. Plus, if people kill themselves both emotionally and financially all the time just to have kids, maybe raising children can't be so bad, right? It must be worth it, she figured. The next decision Ally had made was telling her dad. She knew that decision might have its consequences, but she knew she had to tell him before her stomach expanded beyond recognition and her water had broken. That was one scenario she'd like to avoid. She could imagine it, though.

"Uh, Dad. Can I ask you a huge favor?"

"Sure, Al. What's up?"

Here, he turns to see me.

"Ally…! What… What the hell?"

"I know, I know. I should have told you months ago, but I was scared you'd be upset…"

"Well I sure am upset now!"

"Well, I think the baby's coming…"

Before it got too ugly, Ally snapped out of the daydream. Well, it was more comparable to a nightmare. So the next day after deciding to keep the baby, she worked up the nerve to tell her father. She sat him down at the little table in the kitchen and began.

"Dad, I have some very… important… news to share with you. Except, before I tell you, please don't get mad. It really was my own fault." Ally could see a mix of suspicion and rising anger on his face. What have I gotten myself into?

"Fine, what is it? Am I gonna be pissed?"

"Um, yes. Maybe. Kind of." That was all she could think to reply. Her dad just shook his head.

"Out with it, Ally." She took a deep breath and exhaled.

"I'm pregnant, with Tyler's baby." Any tension that was in the room before melted, while at the same time a different kind of tension built. She saw her father's face lose all emotion, and then quickly turn into rage.

"What you're telling me is that that guy knocked you up and then died? What kind of jack-" He cut off abruptly, mid-word, and saw Ally with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Ally, I'm sorry, it's just… I know it isn't his fault he's gone, but this came as such a shock to me. I wasn't prepared at all." Ally sniffed and wiped her eyes.

"It's all right, I guess. I was pretty frank. But I promise I'll take care of everything. I'll pay for all the diapers, food, baby furniture. You won't have to do anything but be a good granddad." A small smile came onto Ally's face.

"Well, you know I'll try, but I don't approve of you paying for everything by yourself. Raising kids is expensive, particularly these days. So, I'll help you out with the money. You need to relax, anyway. I think our medical insurance covers obstetrician visits…"

"Thanks so much, Dad. For the money and being supportive. I really needed that right now."

Another thing she needed right now was her mom.