The reaturn/end of Accident Prone. Hope you enjoy this.

"You expect us to believe you two simply went to the future, met our future-selves, were saved by Savage of all people, and didn't bring back a souvenir?" Wally was saying as Robin and Conner sat in the recreation room in civilian clothes.

Conner had given him multiple glares over the past week of their return but those hadn't swayed him from asking questions. Robin had had the amazing luck of not being around for quite a few days – Batman pulling him into personal Gotham missions – and had been spared for the most part. However, Wally was making up for lost time. Robin wasn't rising to the bait but Conner could tell Wally was grating on Kaldur's nerves.

"Wally, please," Kaldur pleaded. "Stop asking. Batman himself ordered they remain silent about what they saw and heard."

"Thanks for the reminder," Wally sighed sounding irritated.

He'd wanted an answer to Superman almost literally dropping the two young heroes into the main hall of the Cave, the zeta tubes screeching their arrival, for a while now. After all, the two boys had been left separate from the group since only Kaldur had really been present in the Cave at the time since the others had been in school. Canary had done quick scans of them to make sure they weren't injured – Superboy's ribs weren't broken but they were certainly a bit bruised.

Superman had called Batman in since Robin had been involved – Conner found himself far more jealous of the younger hero than usual when his mentor wrapped him into a tight hug, relief rolling off his broad frame in waves. Even Superman seemed to pick up on it when he'd been watching, his usual tiptoe motions around Conner getting even more careful and worried. There was a very noticeable look of subdued respect there though too – Conner had saved Robin's life in the return fall after all.

The details had been sketchy at best.

They explained they'd been sent to the future – maybe ten years or so – an ally had housed them for a couple days or so and that they'd been privy to at least one fight involving the team. Something about the fight sparked a light of hope in Conner's eyes which made them all feel a bit more hopeful considering they mentioned one of the heroes wasn't liked all that much – and that he didn't seem to like anyone in the team. The story moved onto two being taken to see Savage to get back to their time.

Nothing on who they actually spoke to within the future team, nothing on who the team disliked, and nothing on the ally who housed them until they could get them back home. Nothing on who the enemy in the fight had been or even who said what around them during their little trip.

No clear details were ever actually given and Wally wanted nothing of it.

"Come on guys, tell me; please?" he begged. Kaldur and Artemis moaned as they rubbed their foreheads tiredly. M'Gann sighed and returned her focus to her cooking.

"Batman asked us to not say anything alright?" Robin muttered a bit tired sounding. "We can't talk about it so please quit asking."

Wally frowned softly and then nodded. "Fine…I'll give it a rest…for today. No promises for tomorrow." He looked almost ready to race off when Robin raised a hand to catch his attention quickly. "Yeah?"

"Don't go down that hallway," Robin said as he pointed towards the main hall. There was a devious smile on his face that everyone in the room recognized. Wally nodded and sped down another hallway. Conner gave him a confused glance but Robin just smiled.

There was yelp and a bang and a string of rather colorful curses.

"What happened?" Kaldur asked as he moved to stand up again.

"I don't think you have to hit him Conner," Robin said. Conner smiled.

"I see you found the industry glue," Conner chuckled as Robin nodded as the others went a bit pale with understanding and then started laughing. They were laughing so loudly that Conner could barely hear Wally yelling back at them asking what was so funny.

"Can't believe that worked!" Conner laughed with glee as Robin and the others either doubled over with laughter or tried to stifle it.

"You should; I came up with it," Robin scoffed after a moment.

"Says the kid who's accident prone," Conner jeered before racing off to avoid Robin punching him playfully on the shoulder.

"Connor!" Robin yelled after him.

"So begins another normal week in the Cave," Kaldur sighed. He'd let the two youngest figure this out between themselves. He had to get Wally unstuck.

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