Luna Lovegood hummed to herself as she cooked lunch for her and her father. Unlike the rest of the wizarding world she wasn't worried about where one Harry James Potter had dissapeared off to since she already knew; she had seen the long-haired man sweep up her friend and carry him off to sea while everyone else was too busy beating up Dead Munchies to notice. Then again she wasn't supposed to be there in the first place.

Hunting crumple-horned beasts was good and all but sometimes Luna just had a taste for something a little more dangerous than looking for klimompers in the teeth of lawn gnomes, so she'd snuck out in order to witness Harry's not-so-secret secret rescue, (although she was quite pleased to notice the fact that Harry was rescued anyways.)

Suddenly a though struck Luna and she decided that it was time to buy a niffler. Afterall, she was curious as to where her friend had flown off to and nifflers were very good finders. Perhaps she should enlist the help of some Hufflepuffs as well...

So this is what comes of my writer's block. I don't know how to introduce Souki to the people or if I even should. (Eventually he'll be revealed but he has stuff to do first.) Plus I love Luna. Please send me your ideas and suggestions!