Hi everybody! This is story is about a young woman joining the Organization XIII, during the events of KH 358/2 days, and she may teach Axel some lessons of what a heart really is… For some reason this girl has a lot knowledge about the heart, heartless, nobodies and more… but she has amnesia, she can't remember too much about it and the only thing she has to get back her knowledge and a bit of her memories is a little blue notebook… Will she remember who she is? Hope you enjoy it! AxelxOCC.

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What a Heart is…



It was cold… it was night… she was on those dark streets…

Everything was strange for her, but how could it be strange if she didn't even remember her own home…

She didn't remember her world or her town or even the faces of the people she knows or loves, she just remembered some names, few things and just the first letter of her name… I…

She didn't even remember how she got there… the last thing she remembers is people running, a big dark storm, herself looking for someone and then… nothing… just blank.

The lost young woman kept walking around the big dark buildings that surround her until she got tired… she stopped and laid down, resting her back on a cold wall of grey bricks…

She didn't know what to do, where to go or anything… and now she didn't even know why she was sad for… but she started to cry. She embraced her legs and rested her head on them, still crying for an unknown reason she even didn't know, just felt.


From the tallest building, someone was observing the girl… Xemnas.

After a few minutes of observation, Saix arrived alongside his leader.

"She is the one you have been expecting, sir?" the blue-haired member asked in his cold tone.

"Yes; she may look weak, but she is going be a good addition…" he assured, "she knew Ansem the Wise and he taught her everything he knew and one of the things was how to collect hearts, but the hearts wouldn't go to Kingdom Hearts or returned to their rightful owners, her weapon would keep them and she could discharge the hearts wherever she wants, that's why we need her." the leader explained very confident.

"Well sir, I didn't expect her to have more or less my age; I thought she would be just like Roxas or Xion." he commented.

'Hmph" his leader just smirked.

They still observed her in silence and…"Sir, do you want me to bring her?" Saix asked finally.

"No, I'll do it myself." then he opened a portal.

Now, looking at the portal. "Make the preparations for her uniform, room and a meeting for everyone in the Round Room for her presentation to the Organization, we'll see later the details and her weapon, this won't take too long."

The Organization XIII's leader entered to the portal leaving his left hand in the observation, but he just observed her for few more seconds and then left.


"Why am I here? I don't remember anything of this or anything before this… I remembered that I promised to be at home at 21h00… but why or to who… Uughh…" the young woman hardly thought about it.

Then someone or something interrupted her thoughts…. She looked up and she saw a guy in black coat with the hood on who was standing in front of her.

The hooded man carefully kneeled down, he took off his hood, revealing his grey hair, his golden eyes and his entire face, and looked straight to her gleaming wet grey-blue eyes.

"You're lost… You're missing something and you're searching for answers." Her head just looked down in sadness, then… "Maybe…" the lost girl looked up at him with hope of a solution, "if you help us, later you can help yourself to look for them with what we may offer you." he proposed.

With her grey-blue eyes full of sadness and confusion, she still nodded, "Then follow me." he told her.

The black-coated man stood up and opened a black corridor, and then he looked back at her "You coming?" offering his hand to stand up.

With a little bit of doubt, the young woman nodded, dried her tears and took his to stand up and then they entered to the portal…

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