The Taming Of the Shrew


DISCLAIMER- I don't own Austria's Chopin anger or Prussia's five meters.


Genre: Romance/Friendship
Rated: K+
Language: English
Length: wc/419
Characters: Prussia/Austria
Status: Complete


In which Prussia finds himself wailing about his girl problems to the one person who hates him the most. Austria is not amused. Special appearances by: Chopin, Prussia's wounded torso, and Austria's smile.


The sound of piano music echoed through the house, sending waves off the wall in beautiful melodies. That was how Austria liked to relax, even if it wasn't the most conventional of ways.

That is, until frantic knocking at the front door jerked him violently back to reality. He stood up, irritated at the interruption of his song.

"What is your problem, interrupting my-" He was stopped in his tracks by the mass of white hair and blue uniform sprawled on his doorstep. He sighed. "By god, Prussia, what the hell are you doing? Get up now!" The albino looked up at him and Austria almost laughed at the imprint of a pan on his face and a few streams of blood running down tears in his uniform.

"She rejected me again!" Austria smirked.

"And beat you up good, I see. About time." Prussia pouted.

"But no one can resist my charm! I'm awesome!" Austria mentally kicked himself for waking up that morning, and groaned as Prussia continued to wail on the ground.

"You idiot, get inside now. You're being so loud and I want to lodge a bullet in your face."


He carefully wound the gauze around the other's pale torso, wondering how someone could possibly be so much of an idiot to get hung up on violent Hungary.

He clipped the gauze in place and moved on to dabbing rubbing alcohol at the bruise on the other's face.

"Hey, Austria?"

"Yes, what is it?" Prussia shifted awkwardly, feeling slightly strange about the attention he was receiving from the aristocrat.

"How did you tame her while you were married?" He shrugged.

"Simple. She was my prisoner, and she understood that as the duty of my wife, she no longer had the privilege of acting out."

"Huh." He looked out the window, only to have his face jerked back. "He-ouch! What was that for?"

"Hold still." Prussia could sense the slightest hint of a smile on the bespectacled man, and for some reason, it made him happy. He found himself reaching out and petting the other's head. Their eyes locked, and Austria grumbled, but Prussia knew he didn't mean it.

"Feel privileged. You're in the presence of royalty."

"As if."

"Oh come on! My five meters is so totally cool, it has its own country!"

"You're an idiot."

"You're just jealous."

"I hate you." Prussia could help but spot the hidden amusement and… affection? So he smiled at him, and averted his eyes.

"Yeah, I know."



This is my very first Prussia/Austria fic. In fact, I've never written either of them. I've only read a few Austria/Hungary fics, but I've never read Prussia.

Fic swaps. Oh dear.

Anyways, reviews are greatly appreciated!