Titanic: Mermaid Sentinels

"Would you look at that!" Emma breathed as they came up to Titanic.

"Wow," agreed Cleo, staring at the ship in wonder.

"Big deal, it's a ship," Rikki, her blonde hair braided up in a bun, complained "Which I still say we shouldn't be on!"

"Rikki," Emma said, exasperated, "Just look how high off the water we are, it won't be a problem."

"Besides," Cleo agreed, "It's unsinkable."

Rikki rolled her eyes, "I still don't see why we can't just swim where we want to go for vacation."

Emma sighed, "This is lost on you, isn't it? That's it's the biggest and grandest ship yet built on her first voyage."

"Even better reason not to be on it! It hasn't been tested!" Rikki cried.

"Rikki," Cleo begged, "Stop complaining. Nothing can sink Titanic. If you didn't want to go, you should have stayed behind."

"Oh, and leave you two to brag about everything when you get back. I don't think so."

Emma shook her head, adjusting her white hat as she opened the door, and hearing the warning whistle, said, "Come on, we don't want to miss it."

"Move out my way!" Rikki all but growled at the crowd as they tried to make their way to the ship.

"Rikki," Emma rebuked.

"Well," She remakerd.

Cleo just shook her head, "Come on!"

Soon enough, they were loading onto the loading ramp to the second deck of Titanic. Cleo and Emma looked around once more, at all the different people loading onto this one ship, those dressed better and less than themselves, at everything. Cleo wished they had the money for clothes like those the first class passengers wore. Oh, well, they were well enough. She was in a simple blue dress, Emma in a white one, with a blue tie around the waist. Rikki, ever rebellious as she could be, was in a red top and brown skirt.

When they got in the cabin, Rikki smiled to herself and reached up and tugged at one of the white ribbons in Cleo's hair.

"Hey!" she yelled turning around.

Rikki was laughing, "I couldn't resist. Come on, you know it was just begging to happen!"

Emma put her hand to her forehead, "Can you two please try and be good. If so, I wouldn't mind go up on deck to see us leave port."

RIkki rolled her eyes, "Go if you want. I'm staying here and getting settled. I'll admit, not bad."

"Definitely," agreed Cleo, looking around at the sink, curtains, and beds, all brand new. She turned to Emma, "I'll come."

Emma smiled, "Come on, then," pulling Cleo to the door and pausing a second, "You're positive, Rikki?"

"Couldn't be more so."

"Fine, then."

Rikki looked around and after hearing the second whistle, changed her mind. Emma was right. She was being silly. Ships didn't sink, especially this one, and this was going to make history. She ran out the door to where they would have gone.

Cleo turned around a second after waving to no one, "RIkki! Changed your mind?"

Rikki shrugged, "Guess I did. Who in the world are you waving to?"

Cleo laughed, "No one in particular, but some of these people have just come to see Titanic leave. Might as well wave them goodbye."

Rikki shook her head, not waving but looking around, admitting to herself it was pretty amazing.

The final whistle sounded and the last of the anchoring lines were dropped and Titanic was on her way.

Emma was smiling, "Can you believe it?"

Rikki couldn't help herself, "No, I can't. You're acting as if you just met Prince John and he aksed you for a date!"

Emma laughed, "Rikki," but thought a moment and said, "But you're right, this is a much a once in a lifetime chance as that would be."

Rikki threw up her hands and Cleo just laughed. Soon enough, they headed back down to get comfortable.

"Blasted skirts," Rikki grumbled as she stepped out of her day outfit into more comfortable nightclothes, "I don't know how the two of you stand those dresses all day. I wish we could just dress like the guys do. It'd be so much more convenient."

Cleo was used to similar complaints from Rikki, but Emma remarked, "Really, Rikki! They're not that bad!"

"Hmph, speak for yourself, then," she replied.

"You're impossible."

Rikki threw her palms up and shrugged, smiling and Emma just shook her head.

Two days later, Emma found Cleo and Rikki enjoying the sunny weather on deck, "Guess what was just announced!"

Rikki shook her head, "Someone jumped overboard after going gaga over dolphins? No, wait, Prince John really is on board!"

Cleo started laughing and Emma remarked, "That's not funny!"

RIkki nodded, "Yes it is. At least how you reacted."

Cleo recovered, "Sorry, Emma. What was announced."

Emma smiled, apparently forgiving Rikki, "There's a dance tonight!"

Cleo gasped in surprise, excited.

Rikki groaned, "Please, no."

"Rikki," Cleo begged.

"But, that means I have get in a dress," Rikki complained and when Cleo gave her the puppy dog face, "Cleo…fine."

"Yes! Emma, when is it?"

"In four hours. Just enough time to go up to dinner and then get ready."

"Sounds good."

"I'll admit," Rikki said later, after going to their cabin to get ready, "I could eat the food here all day."

"That's for sure," Cleo and Emma agreed.

Soon after, Emma was in long sleeve blue dress with a modest scoop top, her hair pulled back in two strands and held together with a white decorative clip. Cleo had on a short sleeve purple dress that was had a square top and Emma had done her hair up, braided and in a bun, like Rikki, who had put herself in a red short-sleeve dress with a sweetheart top. When the girls arrived at the dance room "Moonlight Bay" had just and "Love is Like a Firefly" began.

"Tell you what," Rikki said, "You two enjoy this song."

Emma laughed, "Come on, Rikki. We either have to all sit this one out, or you have to join in. It'd be silly for just me and Cleo to dance to this one."

Rikki sighed, "Fine," but was more animated a few songs later when a more lively tune turned up.

"We'll be in America in just three more days," Emma said at dinner with mixed feelings two days later. She had enjoyed Titanic and still did, but was getting a little tired of being confined to the ship.

"Mmm, let's not think of that. This is amazing. I wonder if there'll be another ball sometime?" Cleo responed.

Rikki, unsurprisingly responded, "If there is, you two are going alone."

"Oh come on, Rikki," Cleo protested, "You had fun last time."

"I'd have been happier if it wasn't in a dress and outside."

"Well," Emma smiled, "I doubt that will happen, but I agree that a dance outside would be nice."

After their dinner of curried chicken and rice for Emma and roast turkey and cranberry sauce fro Cleo and Rikki, the girls were heading downstairs, when Emma noticed the setting sun, "You guys go ahead if you want. I'm going to stay on deck for a bit."

Rikki nodded, though Cleo said, "I'd stay, but I'm exhausted."

Emma nodded, "That's fine. See you guys soon." She looked out, it was turning out to be a gorgeous sunset, purple, reddish-pink, and gold. It was beautiful and just a light wind. She looked down when she heard someone laugh and was at first surprised, but then smiled. So sweet! Though, she wasn't sure if they should be there, it didn't really matter. There was a couple at the bow, a young gentleman with dirty blonde hair was holding onto a young woman with gorgeous red hair standing up on the bow with her arms out. Emma looked closer, maybe she shouldn't pry, but shouldn't couldn't help it. The woman, at least, upon close inspection shouldn't be there. Her clothes were far too fine to be on third deck. But, Emma couldn't find it in her to scold them. She had no place or right, she didn't even know them. Besides, it was simply so sweet and she'd always though the class system a little silly anyways. But, she shouldn't pry and she'd been out long enough, so she headed back inside. She was still smiling when she went into the cabin to find Emma and Cleo already asleep, but cards on the floor. Oh well, then, and Emma, too, settled into bed.

"Mmm," Cleo groaned as she opened her eyes and looked for a clock. It was 11:30 at night. She tried to go back to sleep, but after five minutes got up, frustrated. She knew from the past that once she was up in the middle of the night she wouldn't go back to sleep until she got tired again. She looked over, so Emma was back in, not a surprise. Cleo knew it would be too late to see the sunset, but figured a walk out on deck might help.

Up on deck, Cleo may not have seen the entire sunset, but the night was gorgeous enough. It was a little windy and cold, but starry and otherwise calm, quite peaceful and quiet. At least, it had been quiet. Suddenly, she heard laughter and looked down to see a couple, a young redheaded woman and blonde gentleman. She smiled, they looked so happy, but she focused on the horizon. It was calming and starting to make her sleepy. She was just about to go back to the cabin and try to get back to sleep, when she heard a bell ring out. Could she not get any peace tonight? Cleo sighed; the bell had woken her back up.

Then, though, her gaze became fixed on what she realized must have been cause for it. She blinked. Yes, it was still there, a huge iceberg dead in front of them. She waited for the boat to turn, she could barely notice it. It was going too slow. She bit her lip and looked around. The couple she'd heard before had been joined by a few other passengers and on the second deck, there were also another passenger come to enjoy the night air, but he was in the opposite direction she needed to be. She had to try, though she doubted it would help. She ran to the back of the boat and looked around once more. No, everyone attention was to the front. Okay then, she held out her hand to the water, making a hard fist and swinging it right, trying to get the water to change quicker. It was too late. She felt a hard jolt and heard a loud crash and knew they had hit. She went up a ways, trying now to see the extent of severity. It wouldn't really matter, she told herself. Titanic was built unsinkable. But, the iceberg was huge and they kept scraping by.

Cleo frowned, but then hurried to get Emma and Rikki. She met them on the stairs, the had been woken when they hit.

"Cleo, what's going on? Do you know?" Rikki asked.

Cleo stared at them, she hoped Rikki wouldn't be proved right in that they shouldn't have come on Titanic.

"Cleo?" Emma begged, looked around and then her eyes widened as she looked back and saw the iceberg, but she calmed herself.

Before Rikki could see it herself and completely freak, Cleo confirmed, "We hit an iceberg."

"What?" Rikki half yelled and followed Emma's gaze, "Good god, Cleo, tell me not that iceberg! It's huge!"

"How could we have hit that?" Emma asked, just calm.

Cleo shook her head, "I don't know, but we did."

Emma nodded, "Alright, well, it'll be alright, won't it. I mean Titanic is practically unsinkable. We'll pull in a port and see what needs to be done. Right?"

Rikki wasn't fooled, "Practically unsinkable, Emma! Look at the size of it! And it's the middle of the night! Look around! Do you see land anywhere?"

"We shouldn't panic," Cleo said falteringly, "It'll be fine, Rikki," she ended pleading.

Rikki pushed her lips together and Emma bit her lip, uncertain.

"Let's see if we can't find out," Emma suggested.

Rikki shook her head, "That won't do any good Emma. Either it's fine and they'll tell us so and there's no need to worry, or it's a problem and that won't tell us so that people don't panic."

"Come on," Emma said, "It seems like everyone's gathering inside. We might be able to find something out there."

But, the sight inside was no comfort, as Cleo exclaimed, "They're all wearing life vests. Emma, they're…!"

"Hush, Cleo. That's obvious. Come on," Emma frowned, inside it was as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened except for Cleo's observation. She saw server, "Excuse me, sir, but could you tell us what's going on?"

"I'm sorry, miss. I only know that we've hit and my orders are to continue work as normal. I suppose that might mean the captain is surveying for any damage, but it's not likely to be much. I wouldn't worry."