Sorry I haven't updated in a while. This site is being MEAN TO ME! First the search engine won't work, then they won't let me update (which, by the way WOULD be working) and THEN they weren't letting me log in! ARGH!

Anyway, since I haven't done anything remotely Hunger Games related in a LOONGG time, much less with the amazing Finnick Odair involved, I've decided to do a little "In Memoriam" thing for him. 'Cuz who doesn't love Finnick? Okay, once you get past all his randomness when Katniss meets him, he's actually a really good guy. This is his POV of he and Annie's reunion in Mockingjay. Pages 175-176, I believe? Haha. Here you go. Hope you love this! Hey, can you guys tell me if I write Finnick well or not? Thanks!

"Did you love Annie right away, Finnick?" Katniss asks me quietly. I lean against the cold stone wall next to her, my legs tucked up to my chest, my arms wrapped my knees. Holding the tangled rope in my raw, calloused and bleeding fingers, my thoughts are inevitably on Annie. I keep telling myself, Just a little bit longer. Just a little bit longer.

"No," I say to Katniss. I wait for a long time before adding, "She crept up on me." It was completely true- my feelings for Annie didn't come into being until after I won my Games and she won hers. That's when the crazy, lovely woman no one else looked twice at imbedded herself into my heart.

Katniss falls deep into thought, and I resume my huddled position against the wall, thinking of only Annie and her Games. Only then did I fall in love.

I remember the day she came home from her Games. She was deathly afraid, haunted constantly by the images of her partner, Adam, getting beheaded. She was extremely jumpy around everybody, except for me, possibly. She won because, while everyone else drowned in the water the dam released, she was the only one to stay afloat- for around fifty hours, I suppose. She sang to herself and kept herself alive. Annie Cresta survived.

It seems like an eternity longer that we wait, huddled against the wall. Then, finally, Haymitch bursts through the door, breathless from running. "They're back," he gasps. "We're wanted in the hospital."

A slow, numbing feeling spreads through me, so unlike the acid fog in the Quell. I can't seem to tell myself to get up. I am so scared of what will happen next. Is Annie alive? Is she safe? Will I ever lose myself in her sea green eyes again?

Katniss takes my hand and I look up at her, an expression of worry and confusion on my face, grey eyes meeting sea green ones. She pulls me up, and we wind our way quickly through Special Defense and finally to the hospital. Though people scream instructions at each other through the wide space, I barely hear them. My eyes anxiously scan the growing crowds for any sign of Annie. I look for her lovely chocolate-colored hair, her green eyes, so like my own.

A doctor shoving a gurney sideswipes us. My stomach gives a feeble lurch when I recognize the battered, shaved head of Johanna Mason. Katniss just keeps tugging me along.

"Gale!" Katniss shouts, and her voice is so full of pain and longing that so mirrors my own that I can't help but think Now she knows how I feel. She lets go of my hand to try to reach Gale before a nurse shoves her away.

I am almost ready to give up hope. Annie is surely dead. I've been looking for what seems like an eternity. The grief pierces my heart like glass and nails. Annie is dead. Annie is dead. I try to make myself believe those simple three words, but my heart is just not in it.

I am ready to go back to my room and endure a life of grief when I hear my own name, called out in earnest and longing.

"Finnick!" she calls. I turn around quickly, searching rapidly for her, my heart pounding a thousand miles a minute. Sure enough, the beautiful, wonderful Annie Cresta is standing there, waiting for me, running to me. Her dark, tangled brown hair falls in a cascade over her shoulders, and her sea green eyes widen with excitement at the sight of me. She's in nothing but a sheet that's tucked under her arms, but does it even matter? My heart stops just at the sight of her. Then it breaks, and is mended again. It's a never ending cycle, and a choked sound of longing escapes my mouth. With all the hallucinating I've been doing these past awful months, I find it incredibly hard to believe she's finally here, standing as real as the floor beneath me. "Finnick!" she cries again, running to me, and suddenly everyone else in the world doesn't matter; it's just Annie and I, running to catch each other.

The moment I enfold her in my arms is the moment I'm sure I've died, gone to heaven, and taken her with me. I hold her tightly in my arms, sure I'm hurting her, but she doesn't seem to know or care. She hugs me just as tightly, ensuring that she is here. I place a hand on the back of her head, and I can feel her tears wetting my shirt. But I don't care, because I'm weeping just as openly as she is. We collapse against the wall and there we sit, holding each other tightly.

"Annie," I whisper into her hair, as tears run down my face. "Annie." I repeat her name over and over again, assuring myself that I'm not dreaming, that I'm not locked in another hallucination. I hold her so tightly I'm not sure I'll ever let go.

Annie. My Annie.

I have her back.