A/N: Written for Goldenlake SMACKDOWN, 2011.

Francis had been Raoul's first love, though they had been scarcely old enough to know it at the time. It was not until Raoul fell in love for the second time that he began to recognise the echoes of his past friendship in his current emotions.

"But…Francis died, Raoul. Years ago." Gary's voice was sad and soft; he seldom found himself able to sharpen his tongue on Raoul.

"I know we thought he did, but I saw him."

"You mean, you saw someone who looks a bit like he did."

"No! I saw him. Out in the stables. He looks just the same as he used to. Well, a bit smaller than I thought…"

"It was one of the pages perhaps, or – Stefan has blond hair. Maybe it was him…"

Raoul was distressed, but he couldn't be angry at Gary for not believing him. To end the conversation, his kissed him, and made it last for a long time. He wanted to tell him that Francis had often risen from the Black God's Realm, ever since Gary had first kissed Raoul. But he was scared to say any more. He didn't want Gary to leave him, as Francis had. If Gary couldn't see him, Raoul didn't dare tell him that Francis was in the room with them, staring from the corner. He knew it would upset Gary if he said that when they made love, Francis always watched.