Rock my World


I took a deep breath. The crowd cheered ecstatically and the electricity chirped through my whole body like a hummingbird that vibrated happily in my heart. I exhaled and passed my hand through my hair, elated by the sudden optimism passing though my veins like a single running of notes, all in perfect symphony and tone. I inhaled once again and I lowered my head exuberantly. Oh the bliss of adoration and the blessing of falling in love had once again given me the joy of performing soulfully. Love.

My love –you rock my world.

I took a step out and the blast of the cheering crowd fueled my enthusiasm and ruffled my hair. I felt a high beat in my heart, rhythmic and fast paced, like the thumping of a newborn deer. I smiled earnestly at the fans, flickering a bit of me in every grin. I waved, my outspread hand guarding me from the constant limelight.

"Sasu-chin can I have your autograph?"

"Sasu-chin I love you!"

"Sasu-chin! Sasu-chin!"

I walked slowly towards the seats that had been placed for us a few hours before, the rigid leather feeling foreign to my touch. The fans shrieked hysterically as I smirked, grinned and winked at their direction. The girl who was interviewing us winked at the camera, flashing a peace sign at the people of Japan and motioning the fans to silence themselves with a glare – slash – smile and a cheerful stick of the tongue.

After a few minutes the cheers started to muffle out and the host started by talking to Naruto, asking him about band stuff, the right question asked to the wrong person. I kept on smiled when I had to smile, laughing when I had to laugh and glowering friendlily when I had to. I was such a hypocrite. Then the time came. The host flashed her hair gaudily and gave a moe, sickly sweet smile. The question that everyone dreaded. The feared relationship question:

"So Sasuke are you seeing anyone at the moment?" I wasn't. I looked into the distance and acted hesitant. I wasn't seeing anyone, but that didn't mean I didn't want to. I was in love. I was in love of her scent that felt so pure and her inky blue hair that felt like silk at touch –or that was what I thought, for I hadn't had the opportunity to touch it –and her innocent smile that made my cheeks flush the color of blood red.

The host looked at me expectantly, as did the crowd and as did Naruto. I even think Shikamaru and Sakura where looking at me with the most interest that they could harbor. "No," I responded coolly, much to the disappointment of Japan.

"Oh, well…"

"But –" I interrupted and the eyes of everyone flashed with a tinge of excitement and enthusiasm, "I am in love."

The crowd went silent.

A/N: I wrote this because everyone wishes to have a rock star fall for you! This is just a long prologue, but I will update the first chapter as soon as possible. Please bear with my own stupidity for a while.

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