Rock my World


"Do you guys know each other?" Sakura asked.

"Not really," Shikamaru responded, suddenly calm and collected.

"We do," Yamana answered just a few seconds after him.

"Well do you or don't you?" I asked, suddenly curious myself.

Shikamaru sighed, "We happened to have gone to middle school together is all."

"That's all?" Yamana exclaimed, angry from some reason. Honestly I just didn't feel up to it, to keeping up with all this drama. I already had my own drama going on.

But I don't own the world and even less do I own other people (though if I did, the first thing I would have done was shut this Yamana up) so Yamana continued on talking, "You say that as if it didn't mean anything!" and she gave him a sly grin.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Shikamaru asked, yawning loud and clear, almost deliberate it could be said.

"What?" Sakura asked, her eyes glinting with a craving for gossip. Girls.

"Shika-kun here, he confessed to me back in middle school -"

"Shikamaru!" Naruto suddenly said, disbelief obvious as ever in his voice.

"Shikamaru-kun did?" Sakura continued.

"That was a long time ago," he said to Yamana, "Are you ever going to let me get past that Ino?"

"Not really, not ever," Yamana said.

I realized the we weren't getting anywhere with this. For a moment I had forgotten the real reason why we were here. We came here for business. We came here to record a song for an anime that was based on the manga that this blond girl here who Shikamaru had supposedly confessed to in middle school had done.

So I said, "Hey, Yamana, can we just get on with this whole song thing, we're actually a pretty busy band in case you notice." Someone has to have the brains in this band and if it wasn't for me we would all be gossiping here for hours to no end.

"Yamana is my penname," she started, "my real name is Yamanaka Ino, you can call me Ino."

"Ino?" Sakura said, her green eyes suddenly lighting up with a hint of recognition.

"Yes, Ino," Yamana, I mean, Ino responded back softly. Almost startled.

"Oh my God! Ino? Yamanaka Ino?!"

"Yes! Ino! What?" Ino said, her big, blue eyes open wide in surprise and confusion.

"You're the one that spread that rumor back in middle school that I was a lesbian! Oh my God! I hated you!" Sakura said, her expression slowly escalating from one of recognition to one of anger and ultimately into one of pure hatred.

"Did I? I'm sorry, I'm not really proud of that time in my life," Ino said apologetically.

Sakura didn't seem to take the apology, instead she looked at Ino with a face that said, 'Bitch I'm famous now so in your damn face.' Or something like that I guess, Sakura was transparent like that.

"I bet you're proud of Shikamaru's confession," Naruto said, also sensing Sakura's wrath and for once being smart enough to know it was best to avoid it and changing the topic.

"Well I can't say I'm proud, more than that I regret not going out with him, if I would have known he would be as famous as he is today I would have never let him go," she said truthfully. She might seem shallow or whatever, this girl, but I had to give her that: she was honest to the point where it was stupid. I mean who would say something like that!

"Typical Ino," Shikamaru said with a sigh. He seemed unfazed by her honesty which made me think that he was probably used to it. It must have been hard having to deal with a girl like this back in middle school. It was already hard to deal with Sakura back when I was in middle school but Ino seemed like a totally different thing.

Or maybe he dealt with her because there was something there. I'm not saying Shikamaru was in love with this girl but maybe there was still something there. Like the remnants of a first love, no matter how much time passes that first love never leaves you, as a bittersweet memory or as the present as it was for me.

Hinata was my first love and it wasn't resolved and I don't know if it ever would be. First loves tend to be that way.

As everyone kept on babbling, ignoring my suggestions of actually doing something work related I closed my eyes and imagined her pretty eyes, her long lashes like thin strokes of ink across her cheek when she blinked. I wanted to see her.

"You know, it's almost Christmas," I found myself saying as I stared into the crystal sphere in which inside resided what was apparently the North Pole.

"Yeah, it is," Kiba-kun said as he leaned in and took a large bite off my crepe.

We were shopping but we had been at it for hours and so far we had only bought food and I bought a whole season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Don;t ask me why I did that because all I have to say was that it was a bargain.

"So what are we doing here anyways?" I asked, motioning to the concurred street full of Christmas shoppers. In the cold. God, in the extreme cold. I was a human Popsicle I swear.

"I told you, you are going to help me buy a Christmas present for my girlfriend," Kiba-kun said casually as he leaned, once again, to take yet another bite of my slowly diminishing crepe.

"Tayuya?" I asked, handing him the crepe with a sigh.

His big brown eyes lit up as he took the crepe with his rugged hand and bit his pointy teeth hard into it. "No, I broke up with her a month ago," he finally responded as he swallowed.

"Then who is the lucky gal now?"

"Don't laugh," he said in between bites.

"I cannot promise anything of the sort."

He told me anyways, "I'm going out with Tenten now."

I laughed because I really couldn't believe it. I had been almost one hundred percent sure that Tenten had had a thing for my cousin Neji. Apparently I was wrong. "You're going out with Tenten?" I finally said in disbelief.

"Hey, you don't have to act that surprised. I got game and apparently Tenten has a thing for guys who don't bathe regularly," he joked. Or maybe he didn't, one could never tell with Kiba-kun.

It was really cold out and the tips of my fingers were getting numb as I tightened my scarf around my neck, "So what do you want to buy her anyways?" I said, my voice muffled by the scarf covering my mouth.

"Dunno, what do girls like anyways?"

"Tenten's into knives and stuff like that isn't she? I mean I saw her once practicing her aim at school and she was using these weird knives, kind of pointy and dunno..."

"Yeah, she's in the Modern Weaponry Club so she's pretty into that stuff. Kind of scary actually. I feel that if I piss her off she'll chop off my-" he trailed off, his face reddening.

"You're what Kiba-kun?" I asked.

"Oh, you know," he started, making an awkward gesture to his pants.


"My, ummm... legs."

"Oh," I said though I had the feeling he wasn't really talking about his legs.

"So yeah, I don't think I can buy her that," he said, closing his eyes, suddenly seeming tired.

"Let's just go in there then," I said, pointing towards a nice little shop crossing the street from where we were, it was small and frilly looking, though I have no idea how a store can be described as frilly looking.

Kiba-kun looked at the shop with a look of distaste, his nose wrinkling and his eyebrows furrowing.

"Whats wrong?" I asked.

"I don't like pink." he said which I thouht was very funny because he wasn't supposed to like pink, the gift wasn't for him, it was for Tenten-san.

And I told him just that. He laughed.

"Yeah, I guess it's true."

"Then come on," I said and I took his hand, leading the way.

To tell you the truth as we entered the store and were met with this sweet, slightly sickening scent of what I assumed was perfume or something along those lines I couldn't help but think of him.

It was almost Christmas and I couldn't help but think what he would be doing this time around. Would he go out with a girl? People like him tend to be non-single than single. Or would he be spending Christmas alone? Or with his family? Or with Naruto-kun and Sakura-san and Shikamaru-san?

I don't know why but I couldn't get Sasuke Uchiha off my mind.

"Hey Hina," Kiba-kun said, zapping me back into myself. He was holding black lingerie in his hands.

"No," I said.

"No what? I think this would be a very good present," he laughed sheepishly.

"How about this," I said, picking up a pink and red scarf and wrapping it around my neck.

"I guess that could work," he said, "But I'm still buying this. I don't know her bra size though."

I felt myself redden. Did all guys think these sorts of things?

"Do as you want, but don't blame me when she dumps you on Christmas," I said sternly. Even so I couldn't shake the smile off my face.

Kiba-kun is simple like that. He bought the scarf and had it wrapped and that was the end of it.

We went to KFC after that because I was hungry and no one was probably home at the time and I didn't feel like cooking. Hanabi was at her piano lessons. She doesn't really like piano but she found a boy she likes which I think is very cute and middle schooly of her.

Shino left for the Christmas break. He went to visit his relatives in the countryside. I think he secretly likes it even though he complains about it a lot.

I took a sip of my soda, looking out the window, the people passing by leisurely. They looked cold. Of course they did, it was the middle of December. Actually no, it was more than the middle of December.

It was three days before Christmas.

Kiba-kun, as if reading my mind said, "Hinata what are you doing for Christmas?"

I took a bite of chicken just so that I didn't have to answer right away. Truth is I was planning on watching a Buffy marathon at home while eating a whole cake all by myself but I wasn't going to tell him that right. So I said, "I don't know. I might go out with some friends."

Kiba-kun stared at me almost comedic.


"Hinata, you don't have any friends."

I laughed nervously, "Of course I do. You're my friend."

"Yeah, but except me and Shino and your cousin Neji."

I grinned shyly, "There'e Hanabi."

"Hanabi's probably going to go out with her friends from her middle school."

I had thought about this actually. Hanabi had mentioned something about going to karaoke with her friends. She even asked me if I wanted to join her. I declined. I didn't want to ruin the fun for Hanabi and some alone time could do me good. Even if it was on Christmas.

"You can come with me and Tenten," he said hesitantly once he saw the loneliness in my eyes.

The idea was preposterous, what with the lingerie he had just bought her I didn't doubt it if they ended up... (I blushed) doing it.

"No!" I almost yelled.

"Fine, you don't have to be so against the idea. Am I really that bad company?"

I laughed because to say that Kiba-kun was bad company was to say that chocolate was disgusting. "You're great company," I said, "But you should spend Christmas just with Tenten."

He sighed, relieved, I would like to think, "Good," he said, "truth be told I'm glad you won't go, you're my best friend and all but I kind of want Tenten and me to go out by ourselves."

"I won't say I'm offended but I agree it's true."

We smiled. I felt lonely and in that instant I once again thought of what he would do for Christmas.

"We should all go do something on Christmas!" Naruto yelled.

"Yeah, we should," Ino agreed from the other side of the room where she was clinging onto Shikamaru's arm. He didn't seem to be enjoying it. Three days since we met Ino and she was already clinging onto dear life to all of us. Like a leech.

"What though?" Sakura said.

"Karaoke!" Naruto suggested. I thought this was really stupid given that we sing for a living.

"Why would we pay a place so we can go sing on our day off from singing," I said.

"Because," he said as his face twisted into one of supposed deep thought (though I doubt he's even capable of any thought whatsoever), "Because it'll be fun," he decided.

Christmas was tomorrow and I didn't really feel like spending it with Naruto and everyone else. I wanted to spend it with Hinata.

Lately it has become a habit of just closing my eyes whenever I don't feel like listening to everyone's constant blabbers and just imagine her. In my mind she is beautiful. Her hair is long and her skin is rosy and sometimes I'm with her.

I guess this is what you call acting like a schoolgirl, fantasizing about her crush. Only for me it's more than that. It's like an outlet. She's like my rock. I know it sounds weird but it's like that.

I was shopping for that nights dinner –a dinner I had nicknames Lonely Christmas Eve Dinner– when I heard a voice behind me, "Hinata," it said, soft like silk.

At first I didn't turn thinking that perhaps they were calling to someone else. Now that I look back I find it weird that I didn't recognize his voice. I did turn eventually but that wasn't until he reached out and tapped my shoulder softly. It caused a shiver run through my spine and I nearly dropped the oranges in my hands (don't ask me what I was cooking, even I didn't know).

The first thing I noticed when I turned was his eyes, those deep, uninvolved eyes, blue as sea foam and still like glass. His hair the color of old blood was the second thing I noticed and third I found his wan smile which made me warm inside.

"Gaara-san," I said, trying to not sound as surprised as I was.

It had been a long while since I had seen Gaara-san. How long had it been, two months? It had been a long time, in fact I never thought I would see him again. Why did I think that? Oh right, Sasuke-kun appeared on my doorstep, Gaara-san kicked him and left in a mass of anger. I guess that's why I thought that. It's a reasonable thing to think.

"Hinata, how've you been," he said and he smiled sweetly, like he was actually glad to see me.

"Fine I guess, and you?"

"I'm doing very well, did you know that Sabaku –" their band, " – got a deal for a second album with K Productions?"

"Isn't K Productions the Label that CHIDORI –" Sasuke-kun's band, " – is signed with?"

Gaara-san's eyes went from bright to gloomy in no less than a second. He loathed CHIDORI as he had pointed out before. I had completely forgotten this.

"Yes, it is."

"I think Naruto-kun is pretty cool," I said nervously, not knowing what else to say.

Gaara-san smiled again, "Yes, he is isn't he!"

Taken aback by his sudden chipper attitude I smiled, unsure of anything else that would be appropriate in such a situation.

"It's a shame that he's stuck with such bandmates," he noted casually.

"Is it? Why?"

"He's too good for them, he should go solo."

I imagined Naruto-kun going solo. I can't say I disliked the idea but then on a side note, the idea of CHIDORI separating or losing one of it's members just seemed too terrible to even think of.

"I think CHIDORI is perfect as is," I responded honestly. I didn't feel like lying to Gaara-san.

He seemed uncomfortable by my honesty. He grimaced slightly and looked me directly in the eyes. Suddenly I felt very self conscious in myself. My hair pulled up sloppily into a ponytail and my two-sizes-too-big sweater of a reindeer added to the insecurity.

"You look nice," Gaara-san suddenly said. I clearly didn't but I think he's a sensitive person like that and he could see my discomfort in myself. He was just trying to be nice, plus he was probably trying to change the topic.

"T-thank you," I stuttered softly.

"I mean it," he said and he was still looking me in the eye, his gaze like this stern thing you couldn't shake off. Like a leech?

"Although I really don't believe you, I did mean the thanks as well."

He sighed softly, elegantly.

"What are you doing here anyways? It's already dark outside," he asked, and then softer, "And Christmas Eve."

"I can take care of myself but I do appreciate the concern Gaara-san," I responded, unsubtly ignoring the second remark.

"You didn't answer my question."

"I'm buying ingredients for dinner."

"By yourself?" he asked softly.

"Pretty much, yes."

"I'll walk you home then."

We were at a karaoke as Naruto had suggested. As soon as we got out from work Naruto decided on his own that it would be good to rent a whole karaoke place with the excuse that 'We were famous and had to do things like famous people do.'

"Hey, Sasuke-kun you know what we should do," Ino said as she tugged at my arm.

"Never see each other again?" I suggested, not at all joking.

"No, no, we should go on a date!"

"A date?" I cocked an eyebrow to show my displeasure, but just in case I also said, "No, not in a million years."

"You know Ino, you should just leave Sasuke alone, he's got a princess in a faraway kingdom to which he's blindly taken to!" Naruto blurted out as he took the microphone from Sakura.

"So you're taken?" Ino said as her bright blue eyes grew wide with... curiosity?

"Yes, by a really cute girl that goes to South Konoha High School," I might add that Naruto had been drinking so he didn't make much sense. Well, he never made much sense.

"How do you know where she goes to school at?" How did he know. Even I didn't know, not until now at least.

"South Konoha, she's a high schooler then?" Ino asked, probably wondering why I would like such a plain girl. I wondered that sometimes as well. I really could have any girl I wanted, why her then? Not the top on my list of things to be resolved at the moment though. The thing to be resolved first had to be getting Ino off of my arm.

"Yeah, I have a picture on my cellphone," Naruto said as I distractedly tried to pry Inooff my arm.

Suddenly realizing what he had said I yelled, "How the hell do you have her picture!"

Naruto gave a sly grin, "I know some people," was all he said.

"Show me, show me!" Ino said cheerily.

"You shut up Yamanaka!" I said as I swerved for Naruto's phone, fresh out of his pocket.

"I said to call me Ino," she said with a pout.

"No thank you," I said and then continued, "I don't have any wishes of getting any closer to you by using first names.

"Why not? We're friends aren't we?"

"We aren't friends," I stated, still trying to grab for Naruto's cellphone.

"Any friends of Shikamaru's is my friend," she chimed.

Shikamaru, who was in a corner trying to ignore pretty much everything to the best of his abilities finally felt the urge to talk, "We aren't friends," he said this looking at me, as if he was trying to clear something up, which he was.

"Fine. Ino – " I finally said and then I turned to Naruto again but too late. Both he and Ino were already peering down at the photo of Hinata that Naruto presumably had.

"She's like a marshmallow," Ino said though I wasn't sure if this should be a compliment or not.

"In what way does she look like a marshmallow?" Shikamaru said wanly.

"I don't know, like you want to hug her," she said.

"She always looks that way," I said, "And you always want to hug her." I said this without really realizing what I was saying even though it was all true. To be fair I had also been drinking though not nearly as much as Naruto had.

"That's only you Sasuke," Ino said with a cocked eyebrow.

"I want to hug her most of the time," Naruto said which to tell you the truth made me feel a little jealous which made me think that maybe Naruto liked her or that maybe more people than I actually thought liked her. Maybe I had underestimating her sex appeal. Maybe I was overestimating it? I guess I really did like her, I felt like being honest with myself, like really honest. It might be the booze talking (hic, what a funny word, booze) but I felt more than ever that I might love her.

How could that be, I barely knew her. I was confused. Probably drunk (shut up).

"Here Sasuke," Naruto said and he took my phone and sent me the photo. It was now my screensaver which made me feel like a creep but who cares.

When I finally saw the photo I felt this tug in my chest. God, she was beautiful. Her eyes were gray and they seemed to be seeing something especially good and her hair was long and it rested on the sides of her face like two long, careful brushstrokes of ink. I loved her neck also, long and elegant without even trying. I might love her and I hoped to God that this time it really, really was the booze talking, because I couldn't, not now, not ever, be in love. With anyone.

Gaara-san walked me home. It was a silent walk and it was extremely cold and on our way there it started snowing. It was almost Christmas, in a few minutes it would be Christmas, and the cold sunk into your bones. I wondered what he was doing right now, Sasuke-kun. I wish he was here with me. Don't get me wrong I liked walking alongside Gaara-san but... I don't know maybe it was that I felt particularly lonely, what with Shino-kun off somewhere with his family on Christmas vacations and Kiba-kun being busy on a date with Tenten but when Gaara-san stopped and looked at me with one of those intense looks I just stood there.

And I knew something was coming and I knew I wouldn't feel entirely happy with what happened and I knew that Gaara-san was practically a stranger to me but as he leaned in, closing the distance between us and I felt his breath on my cheeks, him leaning over, towering over my short frame, knowing, knowing, still I let him kiss me.

And then I closed my eyes and I kissed him back.

And I felt weak on the knees and it wasn't a good kiss at all, not because Gaara-san was a bad kisser, he was good at kissing, but because for a fleeting moment I saw, in my mind, the face of another person I thought I would never see yet wanted to see. Sasuke.

I opened my eyes and Gaara-san was still staring at me and I couldn't look at him back.

I felt myself flush and a car was passing by and whoever was inside surely seen everything. I felt embarrassment well up inside me for doing something like this in such a public place. The embarrassment quickly receded only to be replaced by horror as I saw who was inside that car. My eyes widened when my eyes locked with those of Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke Uchiha who had seen everything.

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