Alright everyone to be honest this was not suppose to be the end I do have some more already written but I don't want to add anymore until I can get it finished. I have a tendency to start writing but never finish as you can tell I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about the pregnancy as well and I knew there would be before I started writing. It was my plan from when I first thought about writing it but I almost didn't do it. But at the last minute I decided to go ahead and stay with what my original ideas were. Also I know there are a lot of grammar issues and wronging of words haha like that, but that's another thing that I knew was wrong with my writing, I think I can get good ideas and put them down pretty good but it's the actual writing part that I end up messing up with. I try to write and then reread it a few times and change things that sound off, which could also be where some of my messed up wording and stuff comes from. I am going to try and finish it off though, I've already got almost 3 more chapters finished and typed up I just haven't posted anything yet. Where I am right now in the writing is right before she will be finding out what she's having. So she's almost 20 weeks along where I am now. I think I will probably try to end it after she has the baby and maybe have an epilogue a little ways down the road to show where they are. Not sure if I should just do a couple years or do 10 yrs like someone had mentioned.

Also I wasn't trying to make it seem like she had to get pregnant to keep Evan that wasn't how I was trying to make it seem at all. I was trying to make it the push that made them know they were meant to be together. After reading that review I thought maybe I should have spaced out the time a little before they got back together but its to late now and I hope I can make everyone see that they are together because they are meant to be not just because they are having a baby Well I just figured I'd give it a little update and hopefully I can get it finished for everyone who enjoyed it and would like to finish reading.