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Ever wake up and wonder why you're alive? It hurts when I'm heart broken, when everything doesn't feel real anymore, and breathing is the last thing I want to think about.

That's how I felt. Not the best of days or years.

My name is Demyx. I live on my own and a few months ago, I was dating the most amazing guy ever, he was a dream come true. He supported me and never let me get to myself. So long story short; I was in love with him, but he broke it off telling me that was his intention from the start, to hurt and destroy me. How cruel, I hadn't seen it coming.

I left school for an entire semester, I decided not to go again but Axel; my best friend ranted onto me about going and showing that bastard I was better off without him.

The bastards name is Marluxia, pink stupid manipulated freak.

I got up from my bed really slowly, my eyes hurt and my muscles ached. There was a knock at my door but I didn't bother answering, I picked up some clothes from the floor and walked to the bathroom. The knocking continued but I shut the bathroom door and everything was silent.

I turned the tap and hot water rushed out of the facet, pulling this small nob and it came out of the shower head. I stripped and jumped into the shower, feeling the heat wash over my body.

When I was done washing my body and my hair, I got out and dried myself off with a white towel. Slowly putting my clothes on, I grabbed some jell that was in the cabnet, and sticking my hair up like a mohawk slash mullet, whatever made sense.

Once I left the bathroom, I finally decided to answer the front door. When I did the person revealed to be a tall red-head with green eyes and a smirk. My best friend Axel, he looked very mature unlike myself.

He was wearing black jeans that were held up by his belt, a lack v-neck shirt and a white shirt over it that was buttoned up. Accompany that was his sneakers and a cross necklace around his neck.

He raised his eyebrow and looked at me. "First day of school and you're going like that? You have to show that flower-freak that you're now fine!" Axel said with a grumbled, pushing me towards my bedroom.

He took some clothes and smelled it, which he threw and glared at me.

"This.. is disgusting! Don't you know how to wash your clothes?" Axel asked me as I rolled my eyes at him. "Yeah, but didn't have no time to do chores," I said matter of fact. Pointing to the chair by the closet. "Clean clothes right here!" He glances at them and takes a few, I follow him to the bathroom which she shoves the clothes into my hands with a smile.

"Go change."

I rolled my eyes, turning around and walked back into the bathroom, checking my hair if it were messed up. I came out wearing dark blue jeans with a skull belt holding them up, a black graphic shirt and a few bracelets around my wrist.

His smile widened, "Perfect. At least you took a shower," He said as he grabbed my arm and dragged me out of my apartment and down the steps, almost tripping but we made it outside.

I'm sixteen years old, and he's seventeen. We're both in grade, 11.

"So, anything new happened while I was gone?" I asked, trying to make some conversation so the silence would end. The entire walk to school was about him, and I felt like I knew this Roxas already without meeting him.

"Yeah. I met this kid, he's sooo adorable, I'll tell you all about him!" He squealed, going on and on about this kid name Roxas.

Anti-social, rude, sometimes nice. Deadpan expression and he never says anything without thinking hard about it. Also, he's not gay which Axel is.

"Does he know you like him?" I ask, wondering if this kid actually acknowledge this pyromaniac. But Axel shook his head rapidly. "No and he'll never know!" He said as if he was sure about not saying anything to his crush.

We came to the street of Twilight High, and I saw a blond that was the description of what Axel had told me. "Is that him?" I poked Axel's shoulder, which he glances at him and I could see that Axel turned to mush at the mere sight of him.

"That's him, that's him Dem" He hugged me. I looked again and the blond was talking with a slate haired kid.
"Who's he?" I ask, looking at Axel. The red head next to me looked where I was pointing and made a gagging sound.

"He's new too. His name is Zexion, but everyone calls him the Blue rose. The guy is anti-social but really smart, he barely talks or interacts with any but Roxas. Also, he smells like roses or some sort of perfume."

"Roses? What do you mean?" I wonder, my eyes going back to him. His hair was a dark blue, one eye was showing while the other was hidden by his hair covering it. He was pale and had a very bored expression on his face.

Roxas and Zexion didn't seem to be smiling, and once they were done talking they parted ways.

"Let's go to class before we're late!" Axel said as he grabbed my arm again and dragged me into the school.

When I got my schedule, my first was with Axel which made him pretty much happy. When we entered our class I saw him again, Zexion. He was sitting in the back looking at a book, he reminded me of a emo kid but something strange was about it that made me think he didn't fit in that category.

I followed Axel to the other side of the class, when the teacher entered and started to teach. After awhile the bell rang, I hadn't realized an entire hour went by. My eyes were fixed on Zexion, mysterious with the same expression.

When I was about to leave the teacher had stopped me at the door while everyone rushed by. "You're Demyx right?" He asked, I replied with a nod. "You were gone an entire semester so we got you a tutor so you can catch up."

That's when he came in front of me, his eye staring at me.

"This is Zexion, he'll be your tutor!" The man told me, I simply nodded.

"I must be going to my class. Meet me in the library after school!" Zexion spoke up as if he had authority against me, but then again he is my tutor and I need him to help me pass.

Axel and I have different classes for the rest of the morning. While I was walking down the hallway I saw a pink-haired coming towards me, so I bolted down another hall and left school.

After I came back to meet with Zexion.

I entered the library and saw him stacking a few books. "What took you so long?" Zexion hadn't even looked up when I came towards him. How did he know I was there?
"I.. had to go home, And get some ... pills!" I said nervously, he didn't seem to care either way, only that I came.

"Sit" He demanded, I shrugged and sat down as commanded. He pushed a English book towards me and a few pieces of paper with a pencil.

Then Zexion sat down, he fixed his eye at me. "What kind of pills?" He automatically asked me, I stayed silent though.

"You don't need to lie, If you skipped that's fine," He stated, then he started to go through the books. Just because I was late doesn't mean I was skipping which I was.

A certian question had been bugging me for awhile. Setting my pencil down and I inhaled.

"Why do people call you the Blue Rose?" I blurted out. My heart beated faster but I felt a little annoyed at myself for asking. He glanced at me with that same deadpan expression, also he wasn't insulted in anyway.

"Blue... rose? Uhh.. didn't your red friend already told you about that?" Zexion went back to piling some of the books and papers, I didn't understand what he meant by that, did he knew me and Axel were watching him earlier today?

"He told me a bit but I want to know from you," I confessed half-heartdly.

I leaned back into my chair and just stared at him. He had such smooth flawless skin, I have never seen anyone like him before.

"Why do you hide one eye?" I asked him, again Zexion glanced at me and raised his eyebrow.

"My hair hides my eye, not like I style my hair, I just let it be." He replied, and I don't quite get it, it was like he was trying to change the subject away from his eye.

After that we stopped talking about it, he explained a few things with such a logical sense. Slowly and presice, that I got it and finished a few pages that would have taken my weeks to get. I grabbed my books and sweater, and was about to leave until I heard Zexion's voice.

"I have something to do after school, so do you want to meet up at lunch?" He asked me.

"Lunch," I replied and he nodded, looking away and at his books again. But when I was leaving, I smelled what the rumors had said, they were true about it also, the last remaining scent was roses, pure delicate roses swiftly in the air.

When I left the school, I saw Axel and Roxas across the street. I went up to them and Axel turned around, he looked annoyed.

"Finally! Why haven't you answered my texts?" Axel asked, I shrugged and took out my phone; thing is this wasn't my phone.

"Uhh. I don't have it. I think me and Zexion switched phones" I muttered, looking at the blue LG Rumor.

"Really? Call your phone and tell him to give it back" Axel said as if he has a strong dislike to Zexion, the blond who is Roxas came towards me, I noticed he's very short than me and Axel.

I dialed my phone and put it on speaker.

::Hello? Demyx?:: Zexion answered.

"Hey. Can I have my phone back?" I asked him, not wanting to sound mean but It came across like it. Which I got a glare from Roxas.


"How about Lunch, if you're busy right now." I decided, not wanting this to be awkward.

::Y-yeah! Lunch! Cya:: Then he hung up, Axel and Roxas are fighting over something simple.

"Just go pipsqueak" Axel yelled impatiently.

"I don't want to get trampled by someone so fricken tall!" The blond yelled back, I rolled my eyes and left them alone.

When I came back to my apartment, I laid down on my couch and slowly wondered how come I even go back to school. Even if it were Axel that begged, I could easily keep on saying no.

I fell asleep while thinking about it, exhausted of the days annoyance.


His hand touched my cheek, as tears ran down my face, my heart hurt more than it ever did before.

"Did you seriously think I could care for someone so stupid as yourself? Love is a shameless tool!" The man in front of me spoke with such disgust as his hand smacked me across the face, he smiled and laughed.

"And it makes others shameless!" He says as another slap hit my cheek.

.:End of Flashback/Dream:.

When I woke up, everything felt painful. I stared helplessly at the ceiling while my heart squeezed the life out of me, thumping hard and fast but it felt like it was being stabbed by a knife. Over and over again, I clutched my shirt as I tightly closed my eyes again.

"Damn!" I mutter, clenching my teeth together.

I couldn't get him from my head. I looked at the time it was 5 already. I got up from the couch, wiping the tears away, I decided to leave, I slipped my shoes on.

I left my apartment, locking the door and quickly running down the stairs. When the fresh air hit me in the face, I breathed in, staring at the sky that slowly darkened. I headed down the street, hands in my pockets as the cold air rushed by and I shivered.

There was this library, secluded. I loved it there, and the books also. My favorite genre were comedy and horror. When I entered the building, I looked around, a few people occupied the library.

I ran up the stairs and went to my normal selection, but I heard something. It was soft, magical and beauitful at the same time. Someone was playing a piano in the back room, I walked over to the door which was locked so I looked through the window and saw someone was playing the piano. Except I couldn't see who they were.

"Demyx?" I turned and saw the librarian. Aerith Gainsborogh. Brown long hair, green eyes and a pink and white dress.

"Uhh.. Heyy," I say innocently with a smile, the music had stopped. I spun around and looked through the window, no one was there anymore.

"Who was playing the piano?" I asked her, she looked in and shrugged. "I don't really know. Maybe the owners son was in here, I forgot his name, he comes in time to time to play the piano." She said.

"Anyways, are you here for books?"

I nod. "Yeah, actually I am," I say with a sigh. To bad I didn't know who it was who was playing the piano, I would've asked who played it.

Now the music was stuck in my head.

Next day. 12:16pm. -

I came into the library and only saw Zexion, most people would come in here for the computers. Oh wells. I placed his phone on the table.

He also placed my phone down but I noticed it was scratched up, picking it up quickly. "What did you do to it? Throw it against the wall a few times?" I asked him horrified, he gave me a skeptical look.

"I may not look it but I'm sorta ...clumsy." He grumbled.

"Your a klutz! Why didn't you tell me this before?" I asked him abit faster but heard him sigh.

"Most guys aren't clumsy" He told me as he gave me a pencil.

"So, should've gave me a warning!" I muttered sadly, then he passed me his phone, I looked at it a few times. "Have it." I took it from him and was more confused.


"I can buy a new one later on today, not like its a problem," I exasperated, I looked at his phone. Feeling sort've confused by this, but I shrugged it off and smiled at him.

"Are you rich?" I asked out of nowhere. This time I felt bad for asking, he glanced at me though and stopped writing.

"Some what," He said as if he didn't know if he were rich or not. At least he's not some snobby brat,

We went back to whatever we were doing, I was stuck at a part on math and asked for his help. He came around the table but he tripped on the leg and fell on me, making me fall off the chair and on the floor. We both groaned out of pain.

I opened my eyes and noticed some blue hair in my face. "Oww...S-sorry Demyx!" He mumbled the apology, and when we both looked at each other. Our faces were inches apart and both of us gasped.

"Well, well lookie this Roxy!" I heard a irritating voice coming close as giggling joined in. "Now isn't that naughty!" More giggling.

Looking up at Axel and Roxas, Zexion scrambled off of me with a slight smile as he helped me up. "Now I know what you mean about being a kutz," I commented which he stepped partly away from me as if he hates physical contact.

"What are you two doing in here? The library is only for studying only," Zexion demanded to Axel and Roxas, they both glanded at him. Roxas stepped forward, as Zexion backed up, his hands touching the table as Roxas slyly smiled.

"Come on Zexi, give us a break for once," Roxas touched the side of Zexion's cheek, Zexion stopped talking and they both looked at each other. I turned to Axel who was glaring at them.

"Thought you weren't gay!" Axel yelled out, which made Roxas look at him and Zexion was taken back by the comment. I only watched to see what was going to happen.

"I'm not gay!" Zexion said angerily at the comment. Roxas snickered, "I'm not either," He said, striding towards the door, Axel followed right after. Then me and Zexion were left alone in the library again.

"Are.. you gay?" I asked him out of curiousity.

The smell of roses was left behind.

~To be continued.

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