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A week after they saw eachother, and made up they never left each other's side, they loved the company they had with each other and no one dared to mess it up for them. Zexion still tended to his flowers and Demyx brought him happiness to the dull life, Zexion still thought of that day inside the green house when Demyx said he loved him.

Sure it was by accident, but he knew Demyx meant it. He remembered when his heart beated, feeling his pulse rapidly move made him happy, so happy he knew he forgave Demyx at that very moment.

Zexion was at his own house with his uncle who was still working in the lab, Zexion was currently moving a few things around in the house because he thought maybe it was a good thing to change.

To be different instead of the same dull person, or dull environment.

Sighing when he was finished moving a large table in the middle of the room, placing a small white fabric with different designs in the middle of the table, the next thing he was ready to place on the table was a dark green vase with a rose as the design and it's thorns all around it.

Inside the vase of course was dark red roses, he placed the vase of roses in the middle and gave a decent smile to it, moving a bit of his fringe to the side, while he was basking in his happiness.

The doorbell rang, he turned and walked towards the door.

When he had opened it, he was welcomed by his boyfriend with a pleasent smile on his face that moved his own pink lips into a curve.

"Hey Dem, took you long enough," He lightly teased, Demyx shrugged his shoulders and passed him a bag. Zexion took it with great interest and looked inside to see a bunch of candies.

Demyx was the only one to know he had a sweet tooth, he absolutely loved candy.

"Thanks." He murmured as he took a piece of a sour candy and chewed on it. Demyx nodded as he looked at the table and the roses.

"Your welcome Zexi," Demyx cheerfully replied, turning around to face his smaller boyfriend. "Were you busy all day?" He asked, Zexion's eyes shifted to the table and gave Demyx a nod.

"Not really. But yeah, I changed a few things in the foyer and the living room area, as well my own room, also I'm taking your advice about the flowers." Zexion said as he moved towards the vase of flowers.

"Really?" Demyx asked excitedly, a sparkle in his eyes. He remembered their decent conversation from a few days ago after being sick from being outside in the rain for a long time.

"Yepp. Uncle Vexen said he would help as well with arranging the flower shop. He had contacted a women named Aerith to help as well, since she has a thing for flowers. She's coming over in two days from Midgar," He informed, feeling a shiver of happiness inside.

Suddenly Zexion felt a pair of arms wrapping themselves lightly around his shoulders, "That's great Zexion." He heard the whisper and felt the nice warm breathe against his skin, Demyx's chin sat on Zexion soft blue hair comfortably.


They stayed like that for awhile until Zexion remembered something that tinted his face a light dusty pink on his cheeks, he moved from Demyx's embrace that made the other frown.

Zexion pulled out a rose and turned around, handing Demyx the flower.

"Demyx.. I.. uh.." He stuttered, becoming undeniably shy.

Demyx moved forward, touching Zexion's hand and the stem.

"What is it Zexion?"

Zexion's blue eye turned up and stared into the other pair of light blue eyes, then a smile of love and appreciation came onto Zexion's face.

"I l-love you Demyx. I really do." He confessed, still smiling and not looking away from the stunned face of his boyfriends.

Demyx chuckled, pulling Zexion into another embrace. "I love you too silly."

Leaning in, he tilted Zexion head upwards. "I'll always and forever love you, my blue infamous rose." With that Zexion couldn't help but laugh, but silence by Demyx's lips.


Without really knowing it.

Someone was watching them.

"Get a room... Or get out!" Vexen yelled from the staircase, Demyx and Zexion's face turned a darker red while the elder man started to laugh and left them alone to be together.

The End.

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