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(Anna's POV)

"Mother!" Louis cried out. "Mother, what is it? What has happened?"

He ran into my room, frightened by my screaming. His eyes were wide with fright and I knew no amount of whistling would make it better.

"Oh, Louis. Please, hold me. J-Just hold me," I sobbed.

He carefully wrapped his arms around me and let me cry into his strong chest. All I could think about was the pain I caused to those close to me, not to mention the king himself, and how I hadn't been brave enough to swallow my pride and admit I was wrong for calling him a barbarian.

"It's all right, mother. It's all right."

Only, it wasn't. I could suddenly feel a sharp, jabbing pain in my chest. It grew and grew until no amount of whistling or screaming could help me. *A/N-I know, a lot mentioning of whistling. I'm sorry. I'll try and stop.*

"Louis," I managed to whisper. "Louis, get a doctor."

"But, mother-"

"Get me a doctor! I-"

Suddenly, my world went dark.

*A/N-Forgive me for making the story so short. But I need to incorporate a cliffie in here somehow, right?*

Love, Artemis Sherwood