The day was bright and humid as Sesshomaru strolled through the forest with his companions, Rin, Jaken and Ahun. The day was no different than usual. Rin and Jaken held some meaningless conversation behind on the back of Ahun.

"So, Master Jaken," Rin started happily. "You wouldn't believe what I found yesterday. The most interesting thing ever."

"And what was that, Rin?" Jaken replied, standing on one of Ahun's heads.

"The most delicious fruit. It was pink and tasted so sweet and good." Rin sighed in rapture of the memory. Sesshomaru heard her lick her lips as she continued. "I found them on a tree on a cliff. I would have brought more with me, but the rest were so high up, I could get them."

"You should be careful, Rin." The little green goblin scolded. "Lord Sesshomaru didn't revive you so you could risk you life for some fruit. It could be dangerous. Don't do it again. "

"He is right, Rin." Sesshomaru said never turning his back. "Don't do it again."

"I'm sorry, my lord." Rin sobered slightly.

Sesshomaru remained silent afterward. He thought nothing of the fruit that Rin risked her life for. The steps the group took were the only thing they heard. There were a few sounds off into the distance.

They reached a vast clearing; the wind blew Sesshomaru's white hair this way and that. The grass was green and sprinkled with tiny flowers, the sky was clear, the birds sang and air held the scent of spring. Most would sit and admire the beautiful sights but Sesshomaru could care less. One day this field will be gone and replaced with something ugly. He thought with a little remorse. Ever since he'd saved the human child, Rin, Sesshomaru's heart had started to melt somewhat toward such short lived things.

As any other day, Rin ran off into the forest with Ahun for food while Sesshomaru rested in the shade. The breeze swept through the grass and silence came for only a second.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin cried from a mile away. Sesshomaru was off in a dash. No thoughts ran through his mind except 'save Rin'. As he drew near, Rin's face came into view. Running to Rin's side, he scanned the area for anything that could have made her scream. After a quick but thorough search, Sesshomaru looked down at his young ward.

"I found this man lying here and I got scared." Rin sobbed, burying her face into Sesshomaru's Sashinuki Hakama.

"Where is this man you saw, Rin?" Sesshomaru asked, once again scanning the area. He couldn't sense anyone nearby so who could she be talking about, Sesshomaru wondered.

"What do you mean, my lord?" Rin said curiously. She pointed down into the bushes. "The man I spoke of is lying right there in front of you."

Under the cover of leaves and branches, Sesshomaru saw a man lying there. Dead still. He must have been dead, since he could hear no heart beat. But if that wasn't disconcerning enough, the fact that hadn't seen, smelled or sensed his presence at all infuriated him. How could he not sense him even now as he sat next to the body? Sesshomaru turned the man over.

His hair was short and blood red with streaks of black and white. His face was covered in dirt and blood. The man wore clothing similar to Sesshomaru's younger half brother, Inuyasha, except the Hakama this man wore was black and white. Red bangs covered the forehead of this man but it didn't hide the sun mark on his forehead. It was located in the same place as Sesshomaru's moon mark. Even though the man was clearly dead, Sesshomaru couldn't help but find the man Attractive. It was both disgusting and fascinating.

With a scoff of disgust, Sesshomaru got up and turned to Rin. "We're leaving." Was all he said as he proceeded to walk away from the dead corpse? Except he didn't get far. A hand grabbed his ankle and pulled. The strange thing about it was not only was it the 'dead' corpse pulling on his leg but the man was actually pulling him back. Looking down, Sesshomaru saw the man looking up at him.

Gray eyes looked up at him at first the man looked fierce like he'd been woken up from a deep sleep was furious about. The rage in those gray depths, even made Sesshomaru cringe but only for a second. Anger at himself made him scold himself silently and glare down at the man holding his ankle.

"Let go of me." He commanded, prepared to attack the foolish man. Most people followed Sesshomaru's orders immediately after he said it. Or if they refused, he killed them. All feared him and he'd grown used to that. This man, however, was not only unafraid but he looked amused. He started laughing for havens sake!

"Chillax, beautiful. I don't bite. Much." The man said with an easy smile. "It's nice to meet you."