Summary: Just a short, sweet story in which Rose wants to go home. The Doctor wonders what he did wrong. 10Rose, oneshot.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, or anything that has to do with Doctor Who.

Rating: K

This is set sometime between New Earth and School Reunion.

I want to let everyone know, this is now a chapter of my story Doctor Who Drabbles, along with other short stories I've written. Check it out!

The Doctor and Rose quietly wander among the glowing baubles, strains of music in the distance. They're at a party, thrown for them ("Finally," said the Doctor, "Someone notices that we save their world from destruction!"), and it's late, almost two o' clock in the morning. Rose is bleary-eyed, stumbling on her feet.

"I want to go home," she mumbles, half-asleep.

"What?" the Doctor asks, startled by this change of heart.

"I said –" she breaks off in a huge yawn, "I want to go home."

Go home? After all the fun they'd had? Had he done something wrong? But he says, "Alright…."

The two make their goodbyes to the chief, who thanks them profusely. "Come again, you will?" the chief asks in his planet's Yoda style of speech.

"Of…of course," says the Doctor quickly. He would return, of course. But Rose would be home, drinking tea with her mum and watching the telly. Why? She'd always seemed so happy with him….

They step into the TARDIS, waving goodbye to the enthusiastic natives. The Doctor, with a heavy heart, walks to the console and sets the coordinates for Place. London, England, Earth. Soon he'd be doing this alone. Again.

What had he done wrong?

What was she disappointed in?

I shouldn't have told her she was a stupid ape so many times.

I shouldn't have taken her on so many exhausting adventures.

I shouldn't have fallen in love.

(Love? Where did that come from?)

He sets the Time dials. March 22, 2011, 2:15:45. His hand hovers over Start.

I'll have to tell her I love her.

I'll have to get the words out, somehow.

"What are you doing?" asks Rose.

He looks up in surprise. "Taking you home."

"What?" She looks startled. Then she realizes what he means and begins laughing.

"What?" he asks, confused. "That's what you said, right?"

"You're taking…me…to London!" she gasps. She can hardly get the words out for laughing so hard.

"What's wrong with that?" he asks. "You told me to."

"Oh, Doctor," she sighs, wiping tears from her eyes, fighting giggles. "I am home. You took me home." She gestures to the TARDIS around her. "This is home and always will be."

"What?" He looks around with new eyes. Home. "Really?"

"You stupid ape. Of course it is!"

"Oh." He feels intense relief coursing through him, and his face relaxes into a smile. Then he realizes something. "Hang on – stupid ape?"

"That's what it feels like sometimes. Really? You thought I still think of London as home?"

"Well – yeah." He grins. "Guess I am a stupid ape, sometimes."

He feels giddy. The TARDIS is Rose's home. Rose is staying. And he is in love.

Of course, she doesn't need to know that. Yet.

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