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Summer Vacation-chapter 1

Chisato was sitting in his work room trying to finish up the rough draft of his story when he flopped back onto the floor and sighed. "Tomorrow is summer vacation." He said as he ran his hand through his bronze colored hair.

'Maybe me, Riju and Shunsuke should go somewhere..' he thought as he smiled at the thought of his fifteen year old son and his fifteen year old boyfriend. Even though Shunsuke was 15 Chisato loved him dearly. He used to dislike him a lot because he thought he was after his precious son Riju.

There was a knock at the door which disrupted Chisato's thoughts. He sat up and sighed. "Come in." he said yawning a little.

A few seconds later a young handsome boy walked in followed by his son.

'Well speak of the devils.' Chisato thought grinning inwardly.

"Papa, Can we go to the beach this summer?" his adorable son said. Chisato smiled. "We'll have to wait and see if I get my work done." He told his son.

Shunsuke smiled. "Bring it with you..I will help you on it if you want." Shunsuke said and smiled his loving smile.

Chisato blushed and smiled. "W-well….I guess that would be okay." He said as he got up. "Alright that settles is it. Everyone go pack your bags. We are going to the beach for 2 weeks." He said smiling as he gathered his papers and them in a folder and walked out of the room and up to his bedroom.

He grabbed a big suitcase and began stuffing clothes that was fit for the beach. He zipped his bag up and smiled. He would be spending time with the two people he loved most.

Shunsuke walked in a few moments later holding a bag of his own and smiled as he wrapped his large arms around Chisato's thin waist. "Hmmm…We get to spend two weeks together….Oh…and don't get angry but Riju's boyfriends is coming…Kakeru." He said as he whispered in his ear.

Chisato turned quickly. "Like hell he is!" he yelled as he turned but Shunsuke held him tightly in place. Chisato turned and tried to wriggle out of his lover's grasp but stopped as he was kissed softly on the lips.

"Chisato-san….if you leave them two alone I will make sure you don't feel lonely at night." He whispered against Chisato's neck.

Chisato shivered and blushed. "Shunsuke…but I….ah..Okay." he whispered as he Shunsuke licked at his neck. Chisato moaned and Shunsuke smiled and ran his hands up and down Chisato's waist.

Shunsuke moaned and kissed him deeply. He dropped his and Chisato's bags and laid down on the bed and pulled his older lover with him.

Chisato blushed and shook his head. "No, Shunsuke…Riju is downstairs waiting." He breathed.

Shunsuke sighed and nodded. "Alright…but when we get there…you are mine." He whispered and grinned seductively.

Chisato blushed and kissed him one more time before he got up and grabbed his suitcase and headed downstairs with Shunsuke.

"I love you, Chisato-san." Shunsuke whispered before they went downstairs. Chisato smiled and kissed his cheek. "I love you to." He whispered back.

Chisato froze at the bottom of the stairs to see his fifteen year old son kissing the twenty-three year old actor.

Shunsuke took Chisato's hand and squeezed it lightly.

Chisato returned the light loving squeeze with one of his own. "Riju, are you ready to leave?" he asked.

Riju jumped and blushed and turned around. "H-hai..Papa." he said flustered.

Chisato nodded and looked at Kakeru. "Hey."he said and then walked out of the house and headed for the car. He sighed and got in.

"Riju is going to ride with Kakeru." Shunsuke said as he got in. Chisato nodded as he watched his adorable son get in the car with his lover.

"Tell me Shunsuke….honestly….Have they…..had sex?" he asked looking down in his lap.

Shunsuke gently caressed Chisato's cheek and turned his face to look at him. "Chisato-san…..I'm not going to lie to you…..Riju said that they have already had sex….And that he felt really bad at first because he knew that it would hurt your feelings….But he said that he loved him to much that he didn't want to hold back anymore." He said softly.

Chisato laid his head on the stern wheel. "Well….it was bound to happen sooner or later." He whispered. Chisato was indeed hurt. He was hurt that his son couldn't tell him something as important as this. Riju had become a man and he wished that he would've had told him so that they could have put together a coming of age ceremony.

Shunsuke smiled softly. "Maybe if you just talked to Riju about it and tell him how you honestly feel…then maybe he'll understand." He said soothingly.

Chisato sighed and smiled and nodded. "I will before the vacation is over." He said smiling.

Shunsuke smiled. "Well let's get going. Kakeru is going to follow us, he doesn't really know his way around these parts." He said smiling.

Chisato nodded and started the car and headed down the road. He glanced back to see Kakeru following him. He smiled a little in relief as he saw Riju laughing with Kakeru.

This was going to be a good trip he knew it. He had the love of his life plus his son and the love of his son's life.

Shunsuke and Chisato chatted about their plots to their new volumes of their books and they smiled and often leaned over and kissed at stoplights.

Chisato sighed a few hours later. It was now dark outside and Shunsuke crawled in the back seat and fell asleep.

He often heard him stirring around and hoped he would wake to fill the lonely front seat beside of him. But he didn't so he kept driving.

After another hour of driving they finally made it to the beach house. Chisato had rented out a huge beach house with two bedrooms and a big pool with a gazebo and a hot tub. It had a perfect view of the ocean and you could walk down the shore from the yard.

Chisato smiled and got out of the car and opened the back seat door and kissed Shunsuke's cheek. "We're here." He whispered.

Shunsuke stirred and sat up and yawned. "Finally." He said smiling as he helped Chisato with the bags and headed towards the house.

Chisato looked back and saw Kakeru carrying a sleeping Riju. "He's asleep." Kakeru said as he looked at Chisato.

Chisato nodded. "You two's bedroom is the bedroom upstairs. Mine and Shunsuke's is downstairs." He said fighting the urge to tell Kakeru to sleep on the couch.

Chisato sighed and smiled as Shunsuke held his waist and was pulling him to their room. "Let's go Chisato-san." He whispered.

Chisato nodded and followed him. But Chisato stopped and turned to Kakeru. "Please Kakeru….Be gentle with my son….He's all I have left. He's my pride and joy." He whispered.

Kakeru looked at him and smiled. "I swear I will." He whispered back and kissed Riju's cheek. And that didn't bother Chisato for some reason.

Chisato turned and walked inside the room with Shunsuke. He laid down their bags and then went through them and found his pajamas and put them on.

Shunsuke did the same and then crawled in bed and rested his head on one of his hands. "Chisato-san." He whispered.

Chisato blushed and looked at Shunsuke, now fully dressed in his pajama pants and his bare chest. He decided against wearing a shirt since it was a little hot in the room.

He turned on the room's air and climbed in bed beside Shunsuke and smiled.

Shunsuke looked at him and smiled back lovingly as he rested his hand on Chisato's hips.

"Go to sleep Chisato…We'll do 'that' another night..You look so tired." He said softly.

Chisato smiled thankfully and snuggled into Shunsuke's chest and sighed and fell fast asleep.

Shunsuke smiled and fell asleep as well. He sighed and held Chisato to him as they slept peacefully through the night.

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