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I love you 5

Chisato bit his bottom lip as he turned into the driveway. He wondered if he should tell turn around and tell her that he had forgotten where the cabin was, or that he didn't really bring Riju with him and that he brought another 'friend' with him.

He sighed deeply as he turned the car off and grabbed the groceries out and watched as Haruka got out of her car and walked over to Chisato.

"This looks like the cabin that me and you stayed in for our honeymoon." She said clicking her tongue at the end of her sentence.

Chisato nodded. "A little bit. As for me I wasn't watching what it looked like. At the time I was focused on you." He said as he went through his pockets and got out the keys and walked up to the door and unlocked it. He held the door open for Haruka, only to respect the baby inside of her and show that he was a gentleman.

Haruka walked in and smiled. "Well I can see your taste is still intact. A very nice place indeed. Have you paid for it all yet?" she asked.

Chisato nodded. "Yeah…I just finished the last payment around a year ago. This is Riju's first time being here since he was four. I brought him up here when the heater in the house broke during the winter." He said walking into the kitchen and putting everything away.

Haruka followed him into the kitchen and pushed her sunglasses on top of her pink hair. "So…where is he?" she asked crossing her arms around her slight baby bump.

Chisato cursed himself inside of his head. "Hold on and I will go wake him up." He said in fear of him seeing their son in another man's arms, and most likely without clothes from what he heard last night.

Haruka nodded and made herself at home in the living room. "Chisato…" she said looking down at the light beige colored carpet.

Meanwhile Chisato headed into Riju's room and sighed in relief. They were both awake, they were just watching T.V. and sitting in bed eating chips.

Riju smiled at him and blushed. "Papa…I want to apologize for yesterday at the pool…I didn't see what was happening for how I acted…I'm sorry Papa." He said looking at him and standing.

Chisato smiled and ran his hands through Riju's hair. "I forgive you…but you will have to do all of tonight's supper dishes as punishment." He said giving his adorable son a hug.

He then cleared his throat. "Riju…I need you to come into the living room with me…there is someone here with me. Kakeru please stay in the room until I tell you it's okay to come out." He said a little lower.

Kakeru nodded and turned down the T.V.

Riju looked at his father's face and tilted his head in wonder. He then brushed his bed hair and followed him out of the room.

Riju looked at his father and then inside of the living room. His eyes fell on a extremely beautiful woman with light pink hair.

"Riju?" the woman said. She ran over to him and threw her arms around him and stroked his slightly darker pink hair. "I have missed you so much…you have grown up so much." She whispered.

Chisato looked into Riju's eyes with deeply troubled ones. "Riju…this is your mother, Haruka." He said with a slight tremor in his voice.

Riju felt his heart skip a beat. He wasn't old enough to remember his mother the last time he saw her. He felt…happy…sad…hurt…overwhelmed…angry…and depressed. All these feelings rushed through his body, mind, and soul. He didn't know how to respond to the woman. His mind wanted to say many things. He opened his mouth to speak, but found that not a peep came out. All he could do was stand there in the woman's arms who was supposed to be his mother.

Chisato saw the confusion on his face and sighed. "She wanted to see you. We happened to bump into each other at the grocery store…and well…she wanted to see you." He said.

Haruka pulled back then and touched her son's cheeks. "My dear son…you are so handsome…your eyes are like mine…your face is like mine…oh but your figure is so like your father's. Oh Chisato…thank you so much for letting me meet him." She whispered.

Chisato frowned. "You didn't give me a choice. You were going to involve the police." He said crossing his arms and leaned against the wall.

Riju looked at his mother and frowned. "Why did you leave me? Didn't you know that I needed you…that Papa needed you…you left Papa and me…you pushed raising me on Papa…a mother should raise her child alongside her husband…not go off and leave them." He said as his voice shook.

Haruka looked taken aback. "Riju, baby, you don't understand. I was young and selfish. I wanted to go off and make my dreams come true. I was going to come back for you." She said touching his cheeks.

Riju moved away from her touch. "But what about Papa…you left him all alone. Papa loved you!" he said.

Chisato sighed. "Riju…it is fine…I knew she was going to go off soon. She was young and I was young and well…I could tell she wasn't ready for kids." He said softly.

Riju shot a glare at his father. "Yeah right, you are just saying that." He said.

Chisato gave Riju a stern look. "Don't use that tone with me, Riju." He said sternly.

Riju nodded and gave him an apologetic look. "Sorry." He mumbled and looked back at his mother.

"Mother…why did you come back after all this time?" he asked as tears brimmed in his eyes.

Haruka sighed. "Because…I am pregnant…and I need a place to hide from the media…and the only place I could think of was here." She whispered.

Chisato then stood up straight and frowned. "What do you mean? It sounds as if you are saying that you followed us here." He said placing a hand on his hip. "What in the hell are you thinking Harkuka." He said.

Haruka turned to Chisato. "No…I did not follow you. This is the first time that I have seen either of you in fifteen years. I just read an article about your books and it said you went on vacation…so then I researched who managed and edited your stories and got them to tell me exactly where you were." She said. "And then I drove up here but had to stop by and get something to drink…and that is when I saw you by chance." She said.

Chisato frowned and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Harkuka…It is not my child and because of that, I do not have to take care of it and shelter it." He said.

Riju looked at his father. "But Papa...I know she has done wrong…but she needs help now…and…I could have a brother…or a sister." He whispered as he looked at him with sad eyes.

Chisato looked from his son to his ex-wife. "No Riju…I'm sorry but I can't. Taxes are expensive enough as it is, and to put up two more people would be like trying putting a pack of wolves in a cow fence and telling them they can't eat them!" he said.