The first time Jason sees him, the only thought running through his head is, 'what the hell is with all of the assassin-trained Robins?' He has to wonder if that's what Bruce thought was wrong with him-if that's why Bruce thinks he failed-because he wasn't trained enough...wasn't assassin-trained enough. He wasn't trained how to kill when he was Robin, and Jason is dying to ask if the reason for that is because Bruce saw what he was going to turn into if he'd had that training. It still pisses him off that he's used as the warning Robin. He's the example of what not to do, and sometimes Jason honestly has to wonder if that means Bruce tells the others not to save their parents, because that's all he was trying to do. It would sure as hell explain Drake's ability to lose every parental figure he's ever had. Hell, it may even explain why the new Robin chose this fucked-up family over his other, more killing-approved, fucked-up family.

Jason watches as the kid kicks the teeth out of some thug. He's not even five feet tall yet, and Damian's already stepping into Red Hood's territory. And if the kid wasn't doing a good job of making the idiots down on the street bleed, Jason would definitely step in to finish the job. However, as it stands, there's no reason for him to leave his perch just yet. Once all the guys are down, Jason leaps off the building from where he's been watching the fight, and lands silently at the mouth of the alley. "Hey, it's the replacement's replacement. Bet that has to sting, but hey... It's not like after Dickie-bird any of us should have had any delusions about job security. Right, Robin?"

The kid growls at him, showing all of his perfect little white teeth, and Jason is almost tempted to ask how many of those are baby teeth. "What do you want?"

Jason folds his arms over his chest and leans against the brick wall of the building to his left. "Just trying to figure out who let the baby assassin out without a leash." Jason can tell that the kid is glaring behind the mask, but it's not as intense as it would be normally, which makes Jason laugh. "Oh, I get it."

Damian reaches for something in his belt, and Jason can't help but smile wider. This is about to get interesting. "Get what?"

Jason's grinning like the Cheshire cat, and he can't stop. "Someone isn't supposed to be out tonight, so what did you do? Did someone forget the no-kill rule? I know how it's just such a hard rule to remember...especially with certain psychos."

"You mean like with you." Damian doesn't even get the first two words out before he's throwing a shuriken at Jason, which is aimed directly at his eyes.

Jason's smile only grows. "Didn't Daddy-Bats ever teach you any manners? Blinding your opponent is just rude...not to mention playing dirty." The kid is angry now, which is just making Jason's night even better. "You know, you should really stay away from bigger birds than you. We're quite aggressive." Jason flips out of the way of two more shuriken, and laughs. "Nice attempt, kid, but you're out of your league. You think that just because you're angry and assassin-trained you can win, but that's not the case. In fact, let me let you in on a little secret. Drake was trained by one of the world's best assassins, and I've beat him more times than I can count, and he doesn't get angry."

The kid might have actually managed to get a hit in, had he stayed where he was and continued with the long range weapons. However, Damian lets his anger win, and rushes toward Jason. Jason's actually a little bored. He wasn't expecting it to be so easy to get under Damian's skin. After all, it's not until after Drake and he have given each other the pounding of a lifetime that Tim starts letting his anger get in the way.

Jason pins Damian against the far wall, and when he starts to struggle Jason knocks his head against the wall once to get him to stop. "Look, kid, go home, do everything Dickie-bird tells you to, eat all of your veggies, and all that other shit, and then maybe one day you won't end up like the rest of us."

The kid struggles some more, the fight clearly not worn out of him yet. "Let me go, you..."

Jason bounces Damian's head off the wall-harder this time-before he can finish his insult. "Kid, I'm not going to say this again, so listen up. Stay the hell out of my territory." He releases the kid without saying another word, and gets back to the rooftop he was on before his little conversation with the kid. The new Robin is no more fun to play with than the old one. In fact, he's actually a little less fun to play with. At least, Timmy knows when to run the hell away. Damian is still looking for him, but Jason doesn't have any more time to play around tonight. He takes off and heads in the direction of his target for tonight. He warned the kid, and if he gets caught in the upcoming explosion that's his problem.

The End (possibly not...who knows)