Me: Hey, everyone! Welcome to Shugo Chara! Truth or Dare! This is my first time here!

Amu: Why are we here?

Me: Cuz I want you to be! I want to see ALL of you be tortured by the reviewers!

SC Cast: (sweatdrop)

Me: So everyone, we have Hinamori Amu, Tsukiyomi Ikuto, Hotori Tadase, Hoshina Utau, Fujisaki Nagihiko, Mashiro Rima, Yuiki Yaya, Souma Kukai, and Sanjo Kairi here with us today! So please leave your truths and dares in your reviews! And make sure your dares are embarrassing and/or torturous! Or at least have a pairing to do with it… (smiles evilly)

SC Cast: WHAT?

Me: You heard me! Please R & R! No flames, although constructive criticism is welcome!

SC Cast: Wait… WHAT?