Description: Hatter discovers Alice's world through food, and in turn, Alice learns more about Hatter.

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Alice buried her head in the pillow after the offending light dare try and wake her. The pillow smelled like Hatter. Alice smiled against the fabric as her body shivered in remembrance. Last night had been a long time coming; both of them wanted to be sure that their emotions for each other were real and not the cause of three days of high emotions and stress.

The wait had been worth it.

The first night of many, Hatter had whispered huskily. Her Hatter. She reached for him but found nothing. She frowned as she rolled over to look for him. Then a delectable smell caught her attention. Was Hatter cooking for her?

In the weeks prior Alice and Hatter had done nothing but eat out while on the way to job interviews, apartment hunting, and her dojo classes; with the occasional dinner at her and her mother's home. Hatter had a passion for discovering new food in this new world he was in. His childlike exuberance caused Alice to see what she thought of as ordinary in a new light and appreciate things she had taken for granted.

Alice padded to the kitchen and watched Hatter, clad in only his silk paisley boxers, humming in front of the stove. He turned and greeted her, "Morning love". She gave him a kiss and reached for the glass of juice already out for her. "You continue to surprise me". Hatter quirked an eyebrow. "I didn't know you could cook". Hatter shrugged and turned his attention back to the stove. "I'm an open book for you Alice. All you have to do is ask."

Alice did want to ask. So many things. How did he get his sledgehammer fist? Why was he alone in Wonderland, did he not have family or friends? What sort of nightmare caused him to thrash in his sleep until she took him in her arms to calm him?

Did she really want to know what sort of man he had to be to survive?

Many other questions flashed in her mind.

But all of them seemed to deep and dark for breakfast time. So instead Alice motioned to the steaming kettle, "Tea's done". Hatter motioned her to sit at the table. "I was hoping to surprise you with breakfast in bed".

Alice paused, then began to saunter back to the bedroom, her voice wafting back to her companion's ears, "The bed part, I could definitely help you with".

Hatter grinned, breakfast could wait until lunch.

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