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Pizza and Books

"No peeking," Hatter warned her. Alice patiently waited for Hatter to remove the blindfold from her eyes. She wondered if this had anything to do with the book he had been reading lately.

The book that continued to annoy Alice.

Hater normally shared with her what he was reading, reciting odd bits of facts and trivia that he was learning to get accustomed to her world.

This one he refused, politely and sometimes teasingly, to share with her.

Not that she really cared.


She didn't.

She didn't want to be that girlfriend who had to be involved with every part of her boyfriend's life. She enjoyed her independent lifestyle and was happy that Hatter had integrated himself in her life but also still gave her space. He was actually the best boyfriend she had ever had.

And she had to travel to a different universe to find him.

Alice felt a smile tug at her lips. Hatter had begun talking a bit faster, and she felt his finger tremble a bit where they touched her back. Oh god. I hope he didn't have another energy drink. When Hatter had tasted his first, he bounced off the walls of the apartment until an exasperated Alice told him to go walk off his sugar and caffeine high outside.

She became concerned when he had been out for hours andwent out to search for him. She found Hatter in an alley; the side of the adjoining building had been painted extravagantly. Multiple scenes depicted overflowing tea cups, marching knights in bright colored suits, rabid rabbits, flying flamingos with pearl necklaces, dodos selling oysters and a girl wearing a blue karate uniform in the middle of it all handing a man with a top hat a rose.

She spied Hatter smooth talking his way out of a ticket a policeman was trying to write him. Alice wasn't sure if she should step in or not, until she heard the officer laugh and wave Hatter on home. Was there any trouble that man could not get out of?

Alice's musings were interrupted when she heard Hatter begin to talk about how he had been reading about Oyster dating customs and stages of development in relationships. "I think we're to the point where…" Hatter removed the sash from Alice's eyes, "you can start leaving some of your things here".

Alice looked in front of her. Hatter had cleaned out two drawers from his dresser (a huge feat since the man owned more clothes than she did). 'Miss-never-commit' was being presented with the thing she feared the most-a new level of commitment that used to terrify her.

She turned and hugged Hatter tight. Alice's voice was muffled against his chest, and he had to strain to hear her say, "I'm sorry Hatter."

His heart dropped. Did his misread where their relationship was headed? Was he too stupid to even understand his "Dating for Dummies" book?

Alice continued, "I might need more than two drawers."

Hatter pulled back a bit, not breaking their embrace, but wanting to hear her clearly. "I mean, it's impractical for me to stay for dinner, go home, and come back for you to cook me breakfast. It might be simpler if I just lived here...full time…if you want me."

Hatter's heart soared. He crushed her into him and kissed her until they both were breathless.

Alice smiled, "I take that as a yes, and that you'll help me move in this weekend, " her smile widened, "After, we could do pizza."

Hatter smiled down back at his future, "And a lot of other things".


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