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JJ had to smile as Spencer walked into the kitchen with Saoirde on his shoulders. "Here's the birthday boy!"

Saoirde giggled as Daddy lifted him into his highchair and kissed his forehead. "Dada, mmmm," he said, stretching for the tin of food he could see on the bench.

"Someone's hungry," JJ laughed, handing Spence the can of apple puree. Spencer grinned, pulling the tab and opening the can. By that point, Saoirde was practically drooling, knowing what was coming next; food.

"What have you got planned for today?" JJ asked as she watched Saoirde chow down on the first mouthful of apple puree, dribbling it everywhere as he grinned at his Daddy. Olivia skipped into the room, meaning everyone was now in the one room.

"I'm hungry," she announced, climbing up on the bar stool.

"Are you?" JJ asked, feigning surprise. Olivia giggled, nodding. JJ set to work getting Olivia her cereal, while waiting for an answer from Spence.

"I thought I could just stick around here, start setting up for this afternoon, if you wanted to take up Emily's offer of shopping," Spencer finally replied.

"Sounds good. I need a new pair of shoes," JJ teased. Spencer groaned, but he couldn't help laughing as JJ came around to stand behind him. As a joke, she pulled a face at Saoirde just as Spencer gave him another mouthful of puree. Saoirde blew a raspberry as he started to laugh, spraying Spencer with apple puree. JJ and the kids cracked up laughing while Spencer turned around and scowled at his wife.

"That was your fault, wasn't it?" he asked knowingly. JJ nodded, laughing as she took in the sight of Spencer, his hair, his face, and his shirt specked with apple. "Don't antagonize an MIT graduate, because we have a history of going nuclear"

JJ grinned, moving back behind the kitchen counter and tossing Spence some paper towel. "I'm sorry"

"You should be," Spencer teased, wiping his face and his shirt, before returning to feeding the happy little boy in front of him.


Emily rifled through the racks at Victoria's Secret, pulling out a particularly 'hardly there at all' number, and holding it up against JJ, surprising the blonde.

"Yep. I think that would make Reid's day," she teased. JJ mimed laughing sarcastically, before following Penelope to the other side of the store. Emily laughed to herself as she replaced the lingerie on the rack and followed her friends.

"Jayje, you mentioned needing to make it up to Reid for something?" Penelope asked as they regrouped.

"Yeah...I made Saoirde spit his breakfast out this morning...all over Spence. And I mean, all over his face, in his hair, on his shirt-"

Emily and Penelope laughed as they imagined the picture. "How did you manage that?"

"I pulled a face at Saoirde, he blew a raspberry, while he had a mouthful of puree in his mouth, and it went all over Spence"

That only fuelled the other women's laughter. JJ turned around, and immediately spotted the item that could make it up to her husband for the mayhem she'd caused in the kitchen that morning.


JJ was standing on the patio, frowning at the 'Happy 1st Birthday' banner she'd hung across the railing. Spencer crossed the garden from Chelsea's room to the stairs, smiling inwardly at his wife's intense stare. As he got closer, something caught his eye. Something that he'd never noticed in the six and a half years he'd been married to JJ.

"What's this?" he asked, walking over to her and tipping her chin up.

"What?" JJ frowned.

"The scar on your chin?"

JJ looked at him in disbelief. "You've never noticed that before?"

Spence shook his head. "It's hardly there, but it caught my eye because you were frowning"

"It's actually a pretty...funny story, if you like"

Three year old Jennifer Jareau giggled as she climbed up on the coffee table, standing on the little cloth runner that ran the length of the table. She laughed as she realised her sneakers made a tapping noise on the wood. Giggling hysterically, she spun a circle on the table, only to have her foot get caught in the runner. With a thump, she fell off as fast as she had gotten up, clipping her chin on the sharp corner as she went down.

Michelle leapt into action as she heard her youngest child scream in pain. Rushing through to the lounge room, she found Jennifer lying on the floor, screaming, with blood all over her chin, neck, and the collar of her shirt.

"Oh god, Jennifer!"

"You sounded like such a handful," Spencer teased.

"It took them 12 stitches to close it up fully. I've had that scar ever since," JJ replied as he wrapped his arms around her. Leaning into his hold, they watched as Nathaniel and Kirby tore around the backyard, chasing Toby, who was barking madly.

"You're cute," Spencer murmured in her ear. JJ smiled softly, turning her head and catching his lips in a kiss.

"I can't believe Saoirde's one. Today. I miss when they all such tiny babies. Before we know it, they're going to be all grown up, in college, with boyfriends, girlfriends...and we're going to be left wondering where the time went"

"Make every minute count. Make as many memories while we can," Spencer whispered reassuringly, kissing her temple.


"Woah, here we go!" Emily called out as JJ and Spence carried the cake out to sit in front of Saoirde. Their entire family, blood related or not, had shown up for Saoirde's first birthday. Keeley was sitting on Uncle Dave's shoulders, Alex was standing beside his father, fifteen, tall, and proud. The other kids were seated at the table, all wearing party hats, while Emily leant into Hotch's hold, smiling as his hand absently came to rest on her nearly three month pregnant belly. Michelle was holding Katie, while Cody was with Penelope, who was standing beside Morgan.

Together, as a family, they sang for an ecstatic baby boy, who was eagerly eyeing off the cake in front of him.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Saoirde
Happy birthday to you

Morgan wolf whistled as JJ and Spencer leant down on either side of Saoirde to help him blow out his candle. JJ glanced up to the end of the table, where Saoirde's older siblings were standing. Olivia had her bright smile on her face, something that was making more frequent appearances after a rough few months. Spencer smiled when Saoirde reached up and poked his Daddy's face, making JJ laugh. They caught each other's eye, smiled as they took a deep breath and blew out the candle, leaving all the bad memories to be forgotten, and leaving the baby years behind to be remembered in the years to come.

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