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Michael & Fiona sat on their living room couch, enjoying a few brief moments of quiet. Their quietness was disturbed by their 16 year old daughter, Madeline, screaming at their 18 year old daughter Claire.

"How could you do this to me? You know I was going to wear these pants to Wesley's party tonight! I bought these pants specifically for the party!" Madeline screamed. She looked like her father. Dark hair and muscular, but her facial features were similar to her mother's.

Claire, who was tall and very thin but had chisled features like her father, yelled back at her sister "You can hardly see marker on the leg! Wear a long shirt and no one can see the mark!"

Michael looked at Fiona. "I broke up the last fight. You go referee." They had decided a long time ago that instead of one of them always breaking fights up, they would share the load.

Fiona put down her book, sighed, and stood up. "Wish me luck." She began to walk up the stairs but she stopped and turned around. "Actually wish THEM luck if I'm going up there."

The yelling continued even when Fiona opened the door. "What is going on in here? Your father and I can hear you yelling from downstairs!"

Madeline grabbed her white pants to show her mother. "Mom, Claire came into my room, took my new pants and got marker on them! They are ruined! I can't wear them to the Christie's. She's such a little snake!"

"I am not a snake! I took her pants and accidentely got marker on them but I washed them right away. I told Madeline she could cover it with a long shirt. She's ruined plenty of things she took without asking so why the big deal over the one thing I borrowed?" Claire threw her hands up in the air. "You know where she was going to wear the pants? She was going to tell you she was going to Christie's house for the night, but she was really going to a party at Wes' house."

Fiona turned her head in Madeline's direction. "A secret party? Really? Did you not think we would find out?" she asked.

Madeline then uttered something that made Fiona furious. "I hate you Claire. I wish you were dead." As soon as Madeline said that the room got very quiet. The only sound that could be heard in the house was Michael creeping up the stairs.

"What did you say?" Fiona asked Madeline.

"Nothing mom. I said nothing. Everything is fine." Madeline said quickly. She knew she said the two sentences that were not tolerated in her parent's house. She tried to smooth it over but it was too late.

Fiona pointed at the bed. Her tone was harsh and louder than usual. "Sit down, both of you. In all my years of being your mother have I been so disappointed in you two as I am now. Yes, you both borrow things from the other or take them without asking. Stuff gets broken and ruined, but that's life. You make amends and you move on." Fiona's tone softened. She made her thumb and pointer finger into the shape of a gun. She pointed it at Madeline's head first and then at Claire's, then back to Madeline's. She spoke slowly as she moved the imaginary gun from girl to girl. "You never know when something will happen and your sister will be taken from you without warning. No chances to say 'I am sorry' or 'I will buy you a new one'. Instead you are left alone with regret, sorrow and the fact you can never ever take back what you said." Fiona was about to pull the imaginary trigger on Madeline when Michael interrupted.

"Fi that's enough. They got the point. I'll take over." Michael was leaning in the doorway.

Fiona looked at the girls who were silent. Tears filled her eyes. "I thought we raised you better than to be so mean to one another. You two are all you have in this world." She ran out of the room.

Michael walked in and said in a hushed tone. "Good job on making your mother cry. You know that your mother fought with Aunt Claire before she died. You know what, steer clear of one another for the rest of the day. Neither of you leave the house until I tell you. I don't want to hear another fight this entire weekend. Understood?"

Both girls said "Yes sir" in a meek tone. Once Michael was gone, Claire said "Sorry I ruined your pants and blabbed about the party."

Madeline took Claire's hand and said "I know. I'm sorry I said such terrible things. How about when the parental unground us, we go to the mall and get some stuff we can both share and it won't matter if it gets ruined."

Claire laughed and said "It'll be a cold day in hell before we get out. We really messed up on this one." Both girls began to laugh.

Fiona, who was in the hallway listening smiled and wiped the tears from her face. "How about I drive you girls to the mall. The grounding can wait until tomorrow."

The girls went out to the car. Fiona called to Michael "I'm taking the girls to the mall. It was their idea to buy clothes they wouldn't mind sharing."

"Fi, I grounded them. You can't veto my grounding." Michael was annoyed at Fiona.

"I'm not vetoing it, I'm merely 'rescheduling' it." She grabbed her keys and walked towards the front door. She looked back at Michael and said "Look. they came up with the idea to buy the clothes they could share. Do you know what I would give to have the chance to buy a new shirt for Claire?"

Michael walked up to Fiona and said "I'm sorry. I know. Have fun with the girls" and kissed Fiona goodbye and watched them pull out of the driveway.