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Hmm… have been abandoned and left all alone in my house tonight. My attempt to make vege soup for one using bits of every thing I could find in the house is sending out a really weird smell. If it turns out poison, this may be my last fic. Ever. Cos I'll be dead, from the… poison… and stuff… (hides in a corner)

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Hmm. Checked the soup. First of all, it managed to taste like nothing. Nothing. That's really weird. Then I put half a cube of vegetable stock in it and it tasted like bacon. This can't be right. Drained out most of the stock, replaced with hot water and decided to let the soup 'develop its own character' whilst cooking. Fingers crossed.



"Can I have your heart?"

The sun was bright overhead. A gentle breeze stirred the leaves of nearby trees. Light sparkled from the tinkling stream to their right. A bird called softly.

Blink. "What?"

"Your heart. Large muscle in your chest, kinda symbolic in its own right. Can I have it?"

Matt staggered, staring at Tai. The other digidestined was calmly awaiting his answer. "Geez, Tai, I kinda need it."

"So do I. Can I have it?"

"You're a baka, Tai."

The brunet stopped walking altogether. "Matt… I know it was kinda abrupt. But I'm serious. Can I have your heart?"

"I'm using it, Tai."


The singer was starting to get quite flustered. "Tai…"

"Stop overanalysing it. Gut response; yes or no answer, it's that simple."


"Yes or no."

"Yes! Yes all-bloody-ready!" Matt savagely tossed his hair out of his eyes. "It's yours. My heart belongs to you. Lay me down and cut it out of my chest, okay?"

"I'm not gonna do that, Matt, that'd hurt you. I just needed to know it was mine." He smiled, and started walking.

Matt caught his hand, pulling him to a halt. "That's it? Tai, I've just given you my heart! I can't live without a heart."

"It can be done. For months, years even."

Matt's protest was cut short when he saw the look of pain in his friend's eyes, and suddenly it wasn't just a joke or a nag or a test of friendship. W- what?

"It hurts, but it can be done."

He lowered his head. "I don't want to do it. Please, Tai."

Tai smiled gently. "It's alright. You don't have to."

"I- I can have yours?"

"It's been yours for years, Matt," confessed Tai. "I love you."

For a long moment, Matt didn't know what to say. Tai… loves me? I'm still holding his hand… does he mean 'love' love, or- no- look at him waiting for my answer. He means it. "Oh, Tai."

Tai looked aside. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Matt squeezed his hand. "Can't have you running around without a heart. You can have mine for as long as you want. Just… don't hurt it too much."

"Thank you… I won't," breathed a teary Tai. Stepped a little closer, shyly. "You know I'm not kidding, right? I love you- emotional, physical."

Matt nodded gravely. "I know. Somehow I've always known, I think." He took a step forward, and suddenly they were mere inches apart. The physical reality of Tai was filling his world. Just as it had so often when they'd fought… somehow more comfortable and more frightening all at once. He reached up to touch Tai's cheek, timidly.

Tai took a deep breath. "C-Can I… ?"

"Yes." Matt closed his eyes. "Kiss me."

Nervous seconds later, he felt Tai's breath glance over his lips… warm, salty softness so shyly touching his mouth… hand sliding into his hair… a little firmer now- fierce all of a sudden, wild and loving and that was the way he kissed him back and that was the way it would always be…

Done! And the soup is even kinda edible! Yay me!

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