Chapter 1- Pride
By Belletiger Bt

It has been a few weeks since the Europe batch had abandoned the headquarters to move out to another secret localization since Lulubell's invasion. Everything was in ruins and no one was there ever since then. Except there were two figures in the abandoned building.

"Millie, why we came here?"complained Road Kamelot " The order took the innocence and all the important stuff with them since the invasion. There's nothing interesting here." Road Commented as she spinned Lero out of boredom.

"That's where you're mistaken Road dear."Millennium Earl said "From my sources, they did not take everything with them."

Road only watched the patriarch of Noah pocking the wall until he found a secret bottom. When Earl pushed it, a secret door was revealed in the wall. Road was a bit surprise as they entered the door, leading to a long corridor. The corridor took them to a metallic door which was closed. Road gasped in horror when she saw the symbol in the door. For a rare time, Road's face showed concern, which made Lero confused since he didn't know what the meaning of the symbol was. But Road knew.

"Ear…. That's why you brought me here?"Road asked , with her eyes hidden behind of her looks.

"I know this is difficult to you Road, but from all the noah family, you're the only one who has full knowledge about alchemy than myself."

Road sighted. Millennium Earl was right, Road had full knowledge about alchemy since one of her past reincarnations, she was a daughter of a couple who were skilled in alchemist. Because of having such knowledge, she made one of her biggest mistakes and seeing…. that thing. And she knew whatever has behind of that sealed door, it was a bad thing.

"I want a year's supply of candy for this."Road said emotionless as she clapped her hands and placed them in the door. Then, the symbol glowed hard as the door opened.

Both the noah entered and they found themselves into sometime that looked like a secredt lab. The room was glowing all red several tanks were filled of glowing red water, which Road was also familiar to the substance. But what surprised her most was what the biggest tank of the room had. Inside they could see a human male figure with long hair and odd marks on his body. Road gasped in horror as she recognized a tattoo mark on the shoulder of the male figure.

"Homunculus….."she whispered, shocked as images of the past showed in her mind. " Millie, what's the meaning of this?" For once, the noah of dreams glared at Millennium Earl with anger in her eyes.

"I apologize for making you remember unpleased memories of one of your past lives,Road, but it's necessary." Explained Millennium Earl. "After what happened to Tyki, Skin and the twins at the original ark, I don't want taking any more risks to our family. I will just use the Order's sins against themselves."

"Millie, you know how much dangerous … * taking a deep breath*… those things are. Except for that woman, no one could control them."Road said to Millennium Earl.

"I know, my dear Road. Thought I am not skilled in alchemy like you and that woman do, but I know how to control them without any risks." Millenium Earl said as he took a box from Lero. Road didn't need to ask what had inside of the box; after all she knew how to make the homunculus to submissive.


At the dark ark, Earl took Sheryl, Tyki , Jasdero, Devit and Lulubell to a corridor. At the end of it was an iron door. The noah members were curious on what the patriarch has to show them, especially when he mentioned he would use something that the order had created and he plan to use it against them. Sheryl was a little worried about Road. Since they returned from the abandoned Order's old headquarters, she locked herself in her room and not wishing to speak with anyone. She looked very upset about something. Before opening the iron door, Millennium Earl gave to each of them a piece of bone. They were confused with this; why did they need a piece of bone? Earl only answer the bone is necessary if they do not want to get killed by the thing behind of the iron door.

When Earl opened the door, the noah clan saw at the middle of the room a naked male figure , chained to a wheel with his arms over his head. The figure looked a 16 years old boy, with a long blond hair and a pale skin with strange red tattoos marks on his body. The Noah clan wondered what was the meaning of this. Suddenly the boy opened his eyes, revealing purple eyes as shadows with multiple slitted eyes and sharp toothed mouths attacks them. The noah started at the suddenly attack. Millennium Earl didn't looked concern as the tentacle like shadow stopped one centimeter of his face. The chained blond boy smirked, speaking for the first time.

"Oh, I see you have remains of the original me. You noah are getting smarter this time." The blond boy said, in a mocking tone in his voice as he called his shadows back.

"I faced with your type before. " Millennium Earl said, getting closer to the blond boy. "And I know how to deal with your kind, homunculus ."

"What do you want ?" the blond homunculus asked.

"The same thing as you do; Destroying the Order. After all, they created you only to be sealed away as soon as you become too powerful for them to control."

The blond homunculus narrowed his eyes dangerously as he remember a bunch of CROW members using all his spell to stop him as another blond boy, even with a missing arm, used an alchemy circle to stop him. Since then, he was sleeping in that tank for 20 long years. Typical of the high ranks; if they can't use what they created, they either destroy or seal them, to be forgotten or being used to other experiments. Time to pay back against those bastards. Earl removed the chains from the boy, since he knows the blond homunculus can't do anything as long they have the remains of the original person the Order was attempted to be resurrected using a human transmutation.

"I guess I have no choice," muttered the blond homunculus . "I will help. But before, we need get the fatso and the palm tree from the Oceania branch. From the memories of Edward Elric, they were sealed in there as well their remains."

"I see, I will send you and Tyki there. Oh, by the way, you have a name? I don't believe you want to be called Edward Elric- the one they were attempting to resurrect."

"Of course not." He said, a little annoyed. "I don't want to be called by that name. After all, you were the one who killed the alchemist and exorcist Edward Elric 20 years ago. You may call me Pride."

To be continue.

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For the FMA fans; in this story, the fma part will be based most on the 2003 anime series, but there will be some stuff and characters fom the manga/brotherhood series.

As you can see in this story, Ed is an homunculus named Pride ( based on the Blue Bird Illusion game) and he will be the antagonist in this story. Envy and Gluttony will also show up there as Greed, Lust, Wrath and Sloth will be not the ones in the FMA series but someone who died in the DGM series. So who will be? You have to wait and see.