Pokemon Adventures: Where Legends Cross

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And before we begin I'd like to make a few things clear:

First, this story follows the manga storyline of Pokemon Adventures/Special, taking place in the later part of Black/White arc. Right now it's April 4th, 2011 as I'm writing this, so B/W has only begun rather recently.

Second, this story IGNORES the event that has happened during the HG/SS arc. Hell, it's not even finished properly anyway!

Third, you'll have to pardon me if the legendary Pokemon (yes, they do appear. A lot.) appear way too fucking powerful compared to how they're portrayed in the other media. I have a reason for laying down a plot like that.

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Chapter 1. Vs. Zekrom: Revival

- Dragonsprial Tower Summit, Unova -

Though he never voices the thought out loud, N is extremely conscious of his subjects. Talented as he is, he hadn't failed to realize that he was still a single human being, and he was afraid of the absolute faith they put in him, to achieve their goal of freeing all Pokemon from humanity.

Today, though, N didn't at all mind the fact that the entirety of Team Plasma - yes, that meant the Seven Sages as well - was behind him on their knees, as his attention was entirely focused on the little black stone held in his palms, which was slowly rising into the air as it discharged waves of crackling energy that stung his hands.

Not that he minded.

He had wated too long for this moment to feel any negative emotions.

"Behold!" N heard Ghetsis cry out from behind him. "The Dragon answers the call of the King!"

As if that cry was the cue, an incredible flash came from the Dark Stone as the small area where the sacred object was held was shattered by the ensueing lightning, revealing a much larger chamber behind. The stone was now emitting lightning in earnest, its pitch-black surface hidden under a white-hot light of electricity.

"Down! Down!" The Sages chorused as one, and N could hear his subjects throw themselves onto the floor in awe and fear. Feeling oblieged to show his respect as well, he got down to one knee with his eyes still fixed upon the Dark Stone.

Yet it was a stone no longer.

Although it was hard to see through such a thick veil of energy, an immense, dark shape had definitely appeared in the middle of the chaotic discharge. As soon as its silouette became discernible to N the lightning abruptly dissipated, leaving the amazed Team Plasma, the half-destroyed chamber, and of course, the Dragon himself.

"Great Lord Zekrom," N whispered, dropping his gaze to the floor. "This humble creature seeks your audience."

With little thunderbolts still crackling around his magnificent armor, the Deep Black Pokemon opened his jaws as if to roar out something. N tensed himself to hear his voice like he had with every other Pokemon, and was surprised to hear a deep, growling voice directly speaking into his mind, as if through telepathy:

"You have called me back into this world, human. Why?"

A stifled gasp from one of the Sages - Ryoku, N believed - told the King that the Pokemon had indeed spoken directly to them, through psychic or whatever powers he possessed. But before he could ponder the fact further, the rumbling voice spoke again: "You who stand in front of all others, it is you that have business with me. Is it not?"

Blinking in surprise, N looked up to see that Zekrom was indeed looking at him. For a moment he was dumbstruck by the sheer magnificence and nobility that the deity emitted, making his position as King look childish and insignificant in comparison.

"You speak rightly, O Great one," Ghetsis answered behind him quickly, apparantly noticing his momentary awe.

This time, a small growl did escape Zekrom's maw, as if he was displeased to have his question replied by someone unintended. Then, in the same thundering voice he said, "Then I shall hear what you have to say." Then, with finalty in his tone, added:


This N hadn't expected. Looking back slightly, he saw that most of his subjects seemed surprised or disgruntled at being ordered out. Sage Zinzolin looked as if he would actually complain, but apparantly one look from Zekrom's crimson eyes made him think again. Only Ghetsis remained unfazed.

"To hear is to obey," he replied smoothly again. Rising to his feet, he turned to his fellow Sages and spoke: "Let us depart, brothers. The King shall speak."

No one ever disobeyed Ghetsis.

Very quickly the men and women of Team Plasma exited the large chamber, until after less than a minute only N remained in front of the Deep Black Pokemon.

"Do we dishornor your presense here, Lord?" N asked carefully, fully aware that this conversation would be nothing like what he used to have all his life.

"To put it harshly," Zekrom huffed, although he sounded rather amused by N's self-degrading interpretation. "Experience had told me that humanity are selfish creatures, only decent when doing so would benefit their own greed."

N tensed. This talk was going in a good direction.

"But you," continued the deity, suddenly lowering his head until his blood-red eyes were level with N's green ones. "The energy I see in you is nothing like I've ever felt in any human. Pure and untouched, yet with great sadness... almost like a Pokemon separated from his herd."

N blinked. Ghetsis used to tell him several times that he was more Pokemon than human, and the grief inside him was very well-known to him. But lonely? His herd was right here, in Team Plasma. Where else would he belong?

"You speak correctly of the selfishness of humans, my lord," he spoke up, pushing the disturbing thought aside. "I have seen the way they treat Pokemon as tools, using them as they please and abandoning them when uneeded. It is my belief that Pokemon and human cannot coexist."

"Cannot coexist, you say," Zekrom rumbled, his eyes narrowing slightly as he raised his head back up. "How practical. And what do you plan to do about it?"

This was the moment.

"I plan to separate Pokemon from humanity," N replied firmly. "I shall create a world where Pokemon can live in peace, and freedom from the greed of mankind."

Now it was Zekrom's turn to blink.

"Separate Pokemon from humanity?" He half-gasped.


"And this is why you have summoned me?"

"It is."

Long silence. N felt a knot tighten in his stomach. He didn't expect the deity to see past the far-fetchedness of his dream so easily, but now that the only thing left between himself and his goal was convincing Zekrom the fear of denial was suddenly much bigger. All the people and Pokemon that trusted in him...

"I take back what I said about you earlier, human," Zekrom's quieter-than-before mutter broke his train of thought. "Your purpose is anything but practical. do you realize the absurdity of your proposal?"

"You have only to look into my heart to know that I do," said N, lowering his head. "All my life I have seen too many Pokemon hurt under possession of men, grew up with Pokemon that learned to avoid human, listened to despairing wails of Pokemon abondoned by their owners. I will give my life to change that."

He didn't realize that he was crying until he felt his tears roll down his cheek - Ghetsis had often encouraged this unusual habit, apparantly believing that it was a great way to win over peoples' minds. What was better, his tears were always genuine.

"...Then," N didn't miss the change in Zekrom's tone. "It could be said that the freedom of Pokemon is your ideal, correct?"

"Yes," N whispered, not bothering to wipe the tears away. Then in a sudden surge of impulse, he cried out as he threw himself at Zekrom's feet: "But I cannot do this alone, my Lord. I must make all humans be able to listen to me. Will you not give me the strength to make them listen, Lord Zekrom? This I beg, for the sake of every pained Pokemon that I hear!"

For several seconds N lay like that before the silent deity, though it felt as if it was taking him decades. A whirlwind of emotions raced around his mind as he waited for an answer: fear, hope, despair, relief, grief...

"Ah!" Zekrom's roar snapped him out of his stupor. "Ah, you have conquered me!"

"My Lord?" N asked, raising his head in surprise.

"I am touched, young human," the Deep Black Pokemon told him. "Touched by the pureness in your heart, moved by your unending love for those that are not your kind, and utterly conquered by your infinite loyalty to your dreams. You remind me greatly of a man that I once entrusted by destiny to."

N blinked in amazement. The Sages had told him many times over the tale of Zekrom's master, who fought his older brother to remain faithful to his ideals. The idea that Zekrom was comparing him to the great man was flattering, in the least.

"What is your name, young human?" Zekrom asked, his crimson eyes gleaming in satisfaction.

"N," N replied, still in shock.

"On your feet then, N," the deity rumbled, reaching out with one clawed hand and scooping the awestruck Trainer to his feet. "You need not bow before me, for from this moment my power is your to wield. I pledge my allegiance to you, Trainer, on one condition."

"What is that, Lord Zekrom?" N asked, daring to look up into those magnificent red orbs.

"Protect that ideal of yours," the Deep Black Pokemon growled with sudden fierceness, two crimson eyes boring into his with burning intensity. "Stick to them until the end, fulfill it! Prove to me that I made the right choise, then and now!"

As he bellowed out those words an incredible blast of lightning exploded out of his tail, bladsting away the hollow chamber behind him to expose the morning sun rising over the horizon, casting a light so bright into the tower that Zekrom's armor looked even darker against the blinding glare.

N noticed that he was crying again.

"What compels those tears, N?" Zekrom inquired, apparantly having gained interest in the habit.

"Grief, Lord," replied N, wiping them off this time. "Grief that I was the only one able to hear those words."

Zekrom chuckled, looking as if he was about to say something when he suddenly stopped short, gazing at something behind N with narrowed eyes. At first he didn't understand the sudden reaction, until a pair of footsteps alerted his ears, followed by a pair of very familiar voices shouting urgently.

It was them.

"Sharp, use X-Scissor!" Black barked out as he dodged a tackle from an armored grunt. His newly caught Pawniard complied immediately, taking out an incoming Lilligant with a well-aimed slash with his blades.

"C'mon, Boss! Keep up!" Black looked behind to yell at White, who was struggling to catch up to him far below that winding staircase, her newly-received Dewott right behind her. Even after White met Professor Juniper and received a PokeDex (to make up for Cheren and Bianca's broken ones), she still wasn't used to the tougher aspects of a Trainer's life yet.

"I'm - trying - " hearing her panting from behind, Black finally came to a halt at the top of the long stairs, in front of which a large wooden door stood. After waiting a moment for his employer to catch up, he threw open the door with both hands before bursting into the room and yelling: "N!"

The chamber was large and mostly empty, a section of its wall blasted away and its surroundings scorched black as if a storm had raged inside it. N stood in the middle of the tiled floor, his impromptu poker face failing to hide the tear marks on his cheek; whatever had happened here was a momentous event for him.

And no wonder it was, seeing the immense black shape standing behind him.

"Impossible..." White murmured from behind him, echoing his own thoughts. Merely looking at the creature - his pitch-black armor, his crackling tail, the gleaming crimson eyes, the almost-visible aura of energy he was radiating - invoked such a word. Even without knowing the Pokemon's identity, it was truly a sight to behold.

"Welcome, Trainers Black and White," spoke N in his usual calm voice, spreading his arms outward as if he was inviting them to a feast. "I have expected you to come."

"Hello again," Black replied curtly, glancing up at the immense figure again. "I see you've done what you came to do."

"I have," said N, closing his eyes in obvious contentment. "Zekrom, one of the Great Dragons of Energy, has honored me by deciding to help me in my conquest of freeing Pokemon."

"Zekrom..." Black repeated the name, looking at the deity again while instinctively taking out his PokeDex.

"These are but newborns," A deep voice that rumbled with with the might of a thunderstorm echoed throughout the chamber, causing White to yelp in surprise and made Black almost drop the Dex. Had the Pokemon standing behind N just used telepathy? "What are these hatchlings to you, N?"

Black noticed N's gaze wandering over to him, as if pondering the reply himself. How would he answer?

"Someone..." he began, his eyes closing and opening again before he stated: "...Someone that I must prove wrong, my Lord."

Black blinked at the unexpected reply. Was he honoring them?

"Is that so?" Zekrom murmured, his crimson eyes narrowing.

"What do you plan to do now?" White asked from behind Black, trembling slightly in fear.

"I shall prove to everyone that the path I take is correct," said N, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "If I defeat the Champion, the strongest Trainer in all of Unova, wouldn't that show people that they can never become as strong as I without closing their ears to the voices of Pokemon?"

"What?" White gasped.

"That would mean..." said Black grimly. "You will go to the Pokemon League."

"Yes," replied N, a thin smile spreading across his face as he obviously understood the meaning of Black's words. "You will challenge the League yourself, will you not? Perhaps our path shall collide once again."

Now it was Black's turn to smile.

"Then I'll be expecting that day to arrive," he swore, feeling a surge of spirit rising within him.

"Until that they, then, this is where we part." N replied, his smile widening slightly. As if on cue, Zekrom swiftly scooped up the green-haired Trainer and dumped him on his back, wasting no time in jumping out of the destroyed wall with a triumphant roar after eons of imprisonment. Then, with a powerful flap if his wings, both Pokemon and Trainer were out of sight.

"Just what we all need!" White groaned, slumping onto the floor. "Oh, this is bad. Now Team Plasma has a GOD on their side! How in the world anyone can stop them now?"

"I don't know," Black answered truthfully, looking out to where N had vanished a moment ago. "All I know is that something in N moved Zekrom into joining him. He has that good of a heart. I wonder how Team Plasma ever got to lay their hands on him."

"I know that he's a good person," protested White. "But I'm not sure about the things that Team Plasma's going to do. Don't you think something should be done?"

"Of course I do," said Black. "Don't worry, Boss. We'll find a way. Like we always did."

- At the Base of the Tower -

"You heard, I suppose?" Ghetsis chuckled as he and the rest of the Sages looked into the small telescreen, held up in front of them by two Swoobats. "Zekrom is ours now, thanks to N. The plan is nearing completion."

"For your part, it is." Retorted a heavily-mutilated voice spoke from the screen, as if the speaker was standing upon a magnetic field. "Although I'll say I'm rather impressed; you got it done quickly, even considering the device I lent you. I suppose I have... underestimated your resourcefulness. I'll expect you to perform just as well when it is your turn to carry out the deal."

"You may," said Ghetsis, a nasty grin splitting his face. "Oh, yes, you may..."

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So, about Zekrom talking. I told you at the start of the story that the legendaries are gonna be f*cking epic, didn't I? Don't worry, not all of them can talk; just those superpowerful few (you know, the guys that deserve to be on the game pack's cover) and several gifted Psychics like Mewtwo or Deoxys.

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