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Chapter 35. Vs. Giratina (Part 2): Carry On, Carry On

Joy, that was the only word that could describe Red as he stared at his two long-lost friends. If there was any other emotion in his mind at the moment, it was guilt that he really had forgotten them for so long.

Both Pokemon looked slightly different from when he had last seen them. Deoxys hadn't differed much physically, except that he was wearing a small old-fashioned radio around his neck; which was, naturally, how he could speak now. Mewtwo had gotten even leaner, betraying the harshness of time over his body - Red felt more guilt prick his heart when he realized that most of that time would have been spent searching for him.

"Shadow Sneak!"

"Deoxys, behind you!" Red cried out quickly as he remembered Giratina, who had gotten back on his feet; with the portal leading to the Nether Relam shut, he was forced back into his Another Forme. Before Red could register that properly the Renegade Pokemon's shadow suddenly shot forward on its own accord, headed straight for Deoxys with obvious killing intent.

"Defense Forme, Protect!" The DNA Pokemon clipped quickly, instantly shifting form into its bulkier form with plated arms and think legs. In an instant a solid barrier formed around Deoxys, repelling the Shadow Sneak attack effectively and allowing the shadow to retreat back to its stunned owner.

Red barely heard Yellow gasp beside him, surprised as he was. When Deoxys had departed them four years ago, it was to be able to switch forms freely without having to depend on climates; apparantly he had succeeded in this.

Seething in fury Giratina tried to lounge at the DNA Pokemon again, but to Red's surprise Dialga and Palkia blocked his advance.

"Enough, brother," Dialga snarled in annoyance, glaring at the Renegade Pokemon with eyes that could burn. "You've caused more trouble than even I've accounted for. Know your place, and keep your violence in check."

"Or you'll have me to answer to," Palkia added dryly, cracking her knuckles dangerously. Giratina looked as if he would claw at them both, but merely gave a low growl before turning back, muttering mutinously to himself.

"Now..." Dialga muttered as he and Palkia turned, an extremely irritated scowl on his face as he looked down at the Dex Holders, Mewtwo and Deoxys. "What have we here? Two that are obviously Pokemon, yet none I have seen before, powerful enough to send that worm Giratina rolling with a single attack and close his portal by force. What are you, foe or ally?"

"Either, depending on your actions," Mewtwo replied coldly as he pointed his spoon at the Temporal Pokemon, as if daring him to take a step closer. "But know this: some you have tried to kill here I am oblieged to protect with my life... touch them again, and we shall be sure to be your enemy."

"Loyalty again; brave words," replied Dialga, although this time his words seemed closer to a sneer. "Before I... educate you... on how unwise that would be... you have not answered my first question: What are you?"

Red hesitated as the deities (even the bound Energy Dragons) looked at them expectantly; apparantly the alarming appearances of Mewtwo and Deoxys had gotten all of them concerned. But what could they say? He didn't dare lie to them, but what would they do if they knew the truth?

"Red," spoke out Mewtwo as he turned to the Fighter, his expression plainly stating that he knew what he was thinking of. "Trouble yourself no further; we will speak for ourselves. You've done enough for us."

"But will you be okay?" Asked Yellow worriedly from beside him, as the younger Dex Holders began murmuring in confusion behind them.

"We've learned to embrace who we are long ago, rather than flee from our past," murmured Deoxys quietly, turning to the anticipating deities first.

"You ask us of what we are; you had better be prepared for an unhappy story," muttered Deoxys to Dialga and Palkia, looking reluctant to speak despite his words earlier. "I hail from yonder, beyond which you need not know; I know not of my origins, save that I was a mere speck hovering in the void, a race of small, powerless yet tenacious creatures... until a certain power transformed several of my kind into what I am now. Of that power I know not."

"I arrived on this planet without any knowledge, and was quickly captured by a band of black-hearted humans... they saw use in me as a weapon. They infused me with the notion of power, had me nurture it, focus on nothing else but an endless life of combat. I did as they wished, because I never knew any other sort of life."

Red shuddered inwardly as he listened to the DNA Pokemon's past for the first time; Deoxys was never a talkative fellow, especially when it came to himself.

"Eventually, my strength grew to an extent that my pride overtook myself, and I escaped from the foul humans... only to be locked in battle with one of the humans that stand in front of you," the mutant continued, turning back to lock his eyes with Red. This time the Fighter almost shivered outwardly; he could clearly remember his first battle with the DNA Pokemon. It was the first battle in which he came to doubt his capabilities as a Pokemon Trainer - thankfully, that was also the last.

"From the first moment we clashed we both knew that I had the absolute upper hand... yet he didn't give up, he fought back with the ferocity of a Salamence. It confused me, for that's not what I would've done had I been facing a vastly strong opponent... I defeated him in the end, but was also maimed in the process, which I am ashamed to say led to my recapture later."

Red flinched. So it was his fault that Giovanni captured him?

"... I will returned to what happened afterwards later," Deoxys mumbled lamely before shaking his head and moving on; he seemed to be lost in his own tale. "As you can see for yourself I am free now... earned through the sacrifice of certain friends" - he nodded at Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver at this point - "... after my escape from the dark humans I departed to seek the power to transform freely... and to seek out a lost companion of mine, a former fellow prisoner."

"Entity One," breathed Silver, his eyes shadowed as the unpleasant memories flashed through them all. "So you went seeking him... did you find him? Where is he now?"

"He is... no more," Deoxys murmured quietly, allowing gasps to rise around him before continuing (#1): "When I found him he was already succumbing under his own power... he had never learned the lesson that I had to learn, a lesson our kind must learn if they are not to let their power comsume them."

"Which is?" Inquired Dialga, raising his eyebrows questioningly.

"A lesson of fair defeat," Deoxys stated, looking over at Red again. "After my recapture I was scheduled for an immediate battle... with the very one that had faced me earlier. Except this time, he had came with a comrade that could match me in power." He glanced at Mewtwo as he said this, who looked back at him with a blank expression.

"I mean not to brag, but my power was no less than his; yet it was he that emerged victorious, while I lay on the floor in defeat... I was not weak, but I had still lost. I lacked something that they possessed... and that got me thinking. During my journey I realized that I had missed a lot of things; honor, faith, respect, bondage... most of them I still have yet to gain for myself, but at least now I know what I must seek out in my life... and I owe it all to him."

As he said this Deoxys turned to Red one last time, who blinked in surprise. What, him?

"Yes, you, Red," spoke Deoxys quietly, now addressing him directly. "As we worked together to stop that airship from crashing, I watched you as you put everyone else's life, above yours, even mine. You dared to do the impossible to save others, not yourself, and you succeeded. You... you and your friends called me comrade, accepted me for who I was, sacrificed yourself for me... I will never forget the day when your blood entered my body. Thank you again, Red."

"I, er..." Red murmured, suddenly conscious of the amazed looks the younger Dex Holders (and the Energy Dragons) were giving him.

"... I see," said Palkia simply, now turning to Mewtwo with narrowed eyes. "What of you, then? The moment I first saw you I thought you looked familiar, as if I have seen your kind before... and that face... resembles..."

Mewtwo returned the deities' stunned gazes evenly with those purple eyes of his, and for a moment Red thought he saw them flash blue.

"Impossible...!" Reshiram gasped, her cerulean eyes growing to the size of a basketball. "Mew? What had they done to you...?"

"Mewtwo I am," the Genetic Pokemon began, drawing gasps from both the deities and the Dex Holders. "Cloned from Mew, created from her eyelash... by the very same humans that enslaved Deoxys four years after my escape."

"Cloned...?" Dialga growled in a deathly-quiet voice, his eyes flashing crimson and sending a chill down Red's spine; he didn't need Yellow's or Grey's power to tell that the Temporal Pokemon was very, very angry. "They dared... to clone a DEITY?"

"Aye, they dared," Mewtwo agreed, his eyes narrowing angrily as he looked down at his own body. "And what had they made? A creature purely designed only for slaughter; no feelings, no emotions, merely endless bloodlust. I'm glad to say they failed; a part of the Pokemon that I once was remained in me, and I had enough sanity to be disgusted by what I was. After much violence I managed to escape, crawling into the nearest cave I could find... wishing I could die."

Red could only stare at his comrade as the story unfolded before him; it was much more horrible than he had imagined - and he had a wide imagination.

"Little did I realize that there I would find my salvation," Mewtwo's face suddenly grew (shockingly) serene as he spoke this, turning his deep violet gaze to - Red again. "He came to me, with my guilt-ridden creator beside him, as I hid in that cavern trying to control my own inner violence - and failing miserably. I guessed that they had come to finally put an end to my struggles... to undo me at last."

"What I had not expected was for him to challenge me, as a Trainer would to any Pokemon. My creator must have told him what kind of a creature I was, but he didn't care... to him, I was but a Pokemon in pain and misery, not a monster that was to be destroyed. He battled me as he would battle any Pokemon, and I could feel his willingness to SAVE me. As strong as a tidal wave it struck me... giving him an opening to capture me with my creator's Master Ball."

"Captured him?" Red heard Pearl mutter behind him in amazement, and resisted the urge to duck his head; he could remember the nine-year-old event clearly, but Mewtwo was SO exaggerating... wasn't he?

"It is thanks to Red that I was returned to my reformed creator, from whom I learned that not all humans were like the cruel and arrogant ones that had created me... that there existed such things as friendship and respect between humanity and Pokemon." Continued Mewtwo, his usually-scowling expression settled into a peaceful... almost-smile. "Years later, I was freed from even him, but I left my creator changed. I was born anew, no longer a mindless destroyer but a LIFE. And I owe this new life to him... and thus my alliegiance is pledged to him only. Dare to him and his comrades, and you will have to deal with my wrath... a part of the bloodlust that used to rule me."

Despite all the dark thoughts erupting from Mewtwo's dark past, Red couldn't help but feel a burst of warmth shoot up his chest. Biased as they were (he was quite certain they were), it was extremely gratifying to know that the two mighty Pokemon thought so highly of him, and even more so that his little actions had made their lives so much better. Exchanging a glance with Yellow beside him, he could see that her eyes were shining as well.

"Very well..." Absorbed to their stories, Red had almost forgotten the other deities; Dialga's quiet growl jolted him back to reality, and he quickly looked up to the Temporal Pokemon's dark expression; him, Palkia and Giratina all looked very thoughtful, while Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem, still bound by Palkia, looked stunned.

"Oh, for the love of!" Dialga suddenly bellowed out, causing all the Dex Holders to flinch at the sudden outburst. "This is bad. We came here to solve problem, not be loaded with fifty more! What have we here? Energy storms ripping throughout the planet, deities fighting among themselves, a bunch of mortals accquianted too well with all of us, and now a pair of mutant Pokemon with the power to match us! This is too complicated."

"The matter's become too big for us," agreed Palkia, crossing her arms (somehow) and looking displeased. "We must consult this with the entire Hall, or at least the other Titans. We can't stay here."

"So we leave them be?" Giratina snarled in disbelief, his eyes narrowing as he leered down at Yellow in particular; Red and Mewtwo noticed it simultaneously, shifting forward to cover her at the same time.

"Yes, we are," Dialga growled as he whirled back to press his forhead against the Renegade Pokemon, slightly pushing him back from the wary Dex Holders. "I told you before; no lives are to be sacrificed unless the universe itself is in peril. These mortals won't be your prey just yet."

"We shall see," Giratina hissed back before glancing at the three Energy Dragons. "What of them?"

"What did you think we'd do, sentence them to a decade in the Distortion World?" Palkia snorted as she waved her hand once, undoing the deities' bonds at last. "They're the ones who screwed up and caused the Energy Storm; they will be the ones to clean up the mess. We're going back."

Another snap of her fingers, and an enormous magenta-colored portal exploded into existence behind the Spatial Pokemon. The Energy Dragons hastily shifted to their feet, glancing at each other awkwardly before meeting Dialga's stern gaze wordlessly telling them to go through it, then turning to the Dex Holders as one.

"I did not wish our parting to be like this," Reshiram murmured guiltily, glancing morosely at Black before turning away toward the swirling vortex. Just before the portal swallowed the Vast White Pokemon she looked back once and whispered: "May fate be kinder to you in the future, brave mortals. The days continue to grow darker..."

Kyurem was the next to follow, his head virtually dragging along the ground. Even so, he did look back and mumble "... I am forever in your debt..." before vanishing through the portal.

Zekrom didn't depart as quietly; just before entering the portal he turned to the onlooking Celestial Dragons (Dialga in particular) before growling: "You will not harm these mortals, Dialga. Not ever. I will make certain of that."

"That's not for you to decide," Dialga snarled back, glaring back at the Deep Black Pokemon with accusation burning in his scarlet eyes. "Get out."

With a final warning look, Zekrom was gone.

"Screw you both; I'm outta here," grumbled Giratina in disgust, uttering an eerie shriek before sending a quick burst of energy from his jaws, which quickly formed into a different, violet portal in front of him. "Unless you've both forgotten, my realm is in ruins... no one else will care for it as I do. Damn you both... I'm gonna set this right, whichever way."

"Good riddance, the creep," Red caught Palkia mutter under her breath as the Renegade Pokemon stomped through the portal, and wondered how different the Celestial Dragons were different from their Energy counterparts; their relationship seemed to be more strained, based upon their own hotheadedness compared to the Energy Dragons' mellowness.

"Wait, that's it?" Gold shouted in outrage as Dialga and Palkia turned their back on them, preparing to enter the magenta portals themselves. "You just show up and give the crap for us and our friends, and now you just leave?"

"In any case, you should be grateful we're leaving you unscathed," snorted Palkia as she went into the portal first, not even looking back at the Dex Holders murmuring among themselves in discontent. Dialga, on the other hand, halted and turned back to them just before he followed his sister in.

"... What has happened here is only the beginning of a greater chain of events to come... I can feel it in my veins," the Temporal Pokemon muttered as if speaking to himself, his angry eyes changing into a serious one as he looked out to the vicious storm raging outside. "I have no idea what part you mortals are to play in this, but I can only suppose that your eventful pasts are no coincidence... I will be keeping an eye on you."

Shifting his gaze to Mewtwo and Deoxys, Dialga's eyes hardened again before he growled: "Power such as yours are not the kind that should be left unchecked. You haven't seen us for the last time, that I swear."

"So be it," replied Mewtwo coldly, meeting the Temporal Pokemon's glare evenly.

"I'm not afraid," Deoxys added hotly.

"A token of your foolishness," sneered Dialga, giving a last long gaze at the Dex Holders before snorting once and walking inside the portal. As soon as the Time Dragon went through, the portal collapsed upon itself, leaving to trace that six deities had stood upon the castle floor only half a minute ago.

"..." Red was no different from the other Dex Holders as they stood still for a good while, looking at each other with blank looks; it was over, truly over, but not in the way that it had expected to end.

"... What was that all about?" Pearl was the first to speak up, shaking his head in confusion.

"Whatever the deities were talking about, they weren't kidding about the storm," Green spoke up, pointing at the chaos outside. "We won here, but it looks like our job isn't done yet."

"Right," agreed White with a worried nod. "If Reshiram and Zekrom are really responsible for the storm, well... then it's a part of our responsibility too."

"And even if it's not, we gotta do somethin'bout it!" Sapphire gasped as she looked outside in horror. "But how? How can we stop a crazystorm like that?"

"At least we can try to find out why this storm is happening at all," said Ruby, looking ready (yet strangely hesitant) to put his hand on Sapphire's shoulder for comfort. "Remember the Weather Institute back in Hoenn? If this storm is really happening all over the world, maybe they can help us."

Red nodded in relief as their words began to send a ripple of action throughout the Dex Holders again; this was not a time to stand helpless, but to try and seek out whatever they could do. Before he could join in the discussion, however, Mewtwo's ears suddenly perked up.

"Red," he spoke, bringing all other voices to a halt. "We have company."

Raising his head in surprise, Red could indeed hear a group of footsteps rushing up the stairs from far away. Unlike the Genetic Pokemon, though, he wasn't worried; because he had a pretty good idea of who they were...

"They're over there! Black! White!" Bianca's excited voice rang out as the girl stumbled through the entrance, only to trip and have Cheren support her from behind. Entering more slowly behind them were: Cynthia, Alder, the Elite Four and the Gym Leaders, even Professor Juniper. They all rushed forward to congratulate the Dex Holders - or they would have, if the presense of Grey there hadn't forced them into a pause. Their confused expressions were further amplified by the (admittingly) intimidating figures of Mewtwo and Deoxys - Red could swear he saw Burgh take a wary step back.


"Er," began Red as he scratched his head, lost on how to explain; it was a good thing he had revealed his identity to the Gym Leaders beforehand, or he'd have been hard put to explain himself to all of them.

"It's okay," spoke up Cheren, raising his hands at the awkward-looking Dex Holders. "We don't have a clue of what's been going up here, but the details can wait; you've won, right? Team Plasma is finished. Their plots are undone."

"Yeah, they're gone now," Black confirmed for him, causing Professor Juniper to give out a loud whoop of celebration; as if that was the cue, all the Gym Leaders and Elite Four broke out in a burst of cheers and applauses, swarming all over the Dex Holders until they were all mixed together; out of the corner of his eye Red spotted Alder join Black with Cheren and Bianca, while Diamond, Pearl and Platina joyfully reunited with Cynthia.

"Ah, there you are!" A familiar voc growled from behind him, and he noticed Yellow flinch in surprise beside him as Drayden came up to him; the perpetual scowl on his face was enough to intimidate anyone, much more of such a sweet little thing like Yellow - wait, what was he thinking? (#2)

"You've got a handful of stuff to explain here, Champion," spoke the Dragon-type Gym Leader gruffly, though his eyes gleamed brightly as he held the Fighter's gaze evenly. "Such as that storm that suddenly began kicking up moments ago. You wouldn't have something to do with it, would you?"

"I think - " Red was about to tell him when a sudden ringing noise rang out through the chamber, stopping all conversations as all heads turned to a surprised Cynthia; her Poketch was beeping on her wrist.

"You've got a long-distance phone application?" Pearl gasped, looking slightly envious as the Sinnoh Champion clicked on several buttons, resulting in a loud click of connection followed by a rough voice calling out urgently: (#3)

"Cynthia, Cynthia, can you hear me? This is Rowan. Answer!"

"Professor Rowan?" Platina exclaimed half a second before Cynthia, followed shortly by Diamond and Pearl. "This is Platina! What is it? Are you all right?"

"Platina! So you're there as well!" Professor Rowan's voice cried, sounding a little relieved. "And I suppose your two friends are there too. That's good to hear, but Cynthia! Don't tell me you're still in Unova! What's holding you in there?"

"I was about to head back now; there was a huge crisis here, but it's over now," replied Cynthia, looking taken aback by the urgency in Rowan's tone. "What's wrong, Professor? Has something happened in Sinnoh? Is it the Energy Storms?"

"Ah, so it's happening there in Unova as well?" Sighed Professor Rowan, sounding weary now. "No wonder, as things are the same all over the world, it seems. But we've got other problems here, Cynthia, ones that need your help. Team Galactic is back!"

"WHAT?" Cynthia's voice, while quiet on its own, was amplified tenfold by Diamond, Pearl, Platina, Emerald, Blue, White, Ruby and Crystal shouting it at the same time. Dia, in addition, cried out: "But-but impossible! Cynthia just said she and the Elite Four here defeated them all!"

"I trust you, Diamond, but the fact is that they are back," sighed Professor Rowan wearily from Cynthia's Poketch. "What's more, I hear they've brought friends from other regions this time; some such called Team Rocket and Team Plasma..."

"WHAT?" This time almost twenty voices shouted the word, Red and Yellow's not the least loudest. What was going on in here? All three teams had been defeated merely hours ago, only to resurface again in Sinnoh within moments?

"I will return immediately," Cynthia responded at once, whirling around for the exit before turning to the three Sinnoh Dex Holders. "I'm afraid congratulations will have to wait, the three of you. Come with me!"

"Of course!" Pearl yelled out eagerly as he leaped forth, only to be suddenly blocked by Gold.

"Whoa, steady there," spoke out the Breeder, his gaze travelling over to Platina and Diamond as they joined Cynthia. "Surely you're not thinking of going back by yourselves, are you? We're coming too."

"Wha - no," Platina spoke unexpectedly, sounding shocked by the offer. "No, this is our region. We can't afford to drag all of you into it as well."

"Oh, sure, and we must be all Unova natives to be here, right?" Blue put in jokingly as she came up from beside the younger girl, her soft expression neutralizing the snide words. "Don't be silly, Platina. Haven't we gone through this before? You're our friends and comrades; we're all in this together now. We Dex Holders ought to stick together."

"Of course! You were willing to stick with us till the end; we ought to return you that favor," piped up Black, also stepping forward. Throwing an apologetic look at Cheren and Bianca he spoke: "I'll come with you too. Thanks to you our region is saved - now it's time for me to help you."

"I'll come with you!" As Red threw a proud look at his apprentice, he wasn't exactly surprised to see White exclaim as she ran up beside her 'employee' (here was a story he'd be interested to hear). "I... this is the least I can do for you."

"You are all so ready to forgive me for what I've done," Grey spoke up as well, drawing all attention towards him; the Elite Four were obviously confused by the (former) Team Plasma King's sudden change of atttitude. "But I have yet to forgive myself, to atone... I think this journey will help me repay this debt to you. I will come as well."

"Everyone, you..." Diamond mumbled as he turned to look at them all, his large eyes round and watery, looking obviously touched.

"Don't say anything!" Laughed Sapphire before frowning once. "But how do we go to Sinnoh? I wouldn't fancy riding a boat or a plane through that crazystorm, in any case."

"That will not pose a problem," spoke up Mewtwo as he came up behind Red, causing several Gym Leaders to flinch. "If any one of you can visualize your exact destination, Deoxys and I can Teleport all of you there safely. We will follow afterwards... after these humans get the explanation they demand and deserve."

"Thanks, Mewtwo!" Red told the Genetic Pokemon sincerely, silently blessing the day he first met the creature bristling with rage in his cavern.

"Anything for the savior of our lives," replied the Genetic Pokemon solemnly. "I assume you'd be departing immediately. Gather up betwen us, then; we need to focus, and we need you all close together."

"Right," Silver replied with a nod, stepping between the two powerful Pokemon first, followed suit by the rest of the Dex Holders and Cynthia.

"You'll be alright while we're gone, right?" Black asked as he squeezed between White and Grey, looking apologetically at Cheren, Bianca and Alder.

"Don't you worry, son," chuckled Alder in reply. "You've done everything for Unova; now leave it to us to protect it. Safe journey, Truth-seeker!"

"Send us to the town in my head," Cynthia informed Deoxys quietly, who nodded.

"That place is not unfamiliar to me," assured the DNA Pokemon. "However, I recommend you to stick closer; we need precise accuracy, lest you end up in the middle of the sea."

Heeding his advice the Dex Holders (some of them reluctantly) crammed into each other, and Red felt Yellow's body grow hot as she was pressed into his arms; for some reason, the reaction caused his own blood to warm. All around him he could hear sounds of similar situations, such as "Ow! Hey, Sapph! You're stepping on my shoes!"(Ruby) or "Ack! Who's that touching my - GOLD!"(Crystal), followed by a quick "I can explain!"

"Alright, everyone hold on!" Red shouted out quickly, seeing that Mewtwo and Deoxys had begun channeling their power. The two Pokemons' eyes began glowing blue as they spread out their arms wide, sending forth a wave of multicolored ring of energy from their fingertips. The psychic energy quickly formed a ring around the huddled Dex Holders, beginning to rotate faster and faster until it became a psychic whirlwind that enveloped them tightly in its grasp.

"I will come for you in time, Red!" Mewtwo's cry was the last thing Red heard before he instictively grabbed Yellow and held her close to him, then everything vanished in a great flash of light. Even during that flash, though, he could clearly feel the warmth of his comrades all around him as they took the first step toward their next adventure together...

"They've done what they came to do, but it appears that our story seems to be far from over," sighed Shauntal as she and those that remained behind gazed out to the Energy Storm raging outside.

"True, Auntie... the future promises something ominous in store for those young Trainers. All I can see is darkness beneath the clouds..." spoke Caitlin, her gaze fixed to the black sky through the destroyed celing of Team Plasma's castle; night had fallen, but it wouldn't have made a difference had it been broad daytime. No light, not even that of the sun, could penetrate those clouds.

"Yet the stars still shine above, even if we cannot see them," Mewtwo commented, an odd feeling of content filling him as he turned to face the group of humans. He would never be used to being near this curious race, he supposed, but tonight he was willing to bear it; he had found the one he had been searching for the last four years. He had fulfilled his mission, for now.

"Their path has been hard, harder than most, but they still found strength within to get this far," the Genetic Pokemon continued as the faces began turning to him and Deoxys, their curious expressions demanding explanation. "And they will find the strength to carry on, further than we can possibly imagine. Each of them are a legend of their own, and this was merely the place where the legends crossed, and our faith forbid, this will not be the last. Hear me, faithful friends, and learn of their journeys that led them here..."


#1. I feel so sorry for E1... but it'd be too confusing to lead a story with two Deoxys, and since Entity One was meant to be trashed by Team Rocket anyway, I just made up a good excuse for him to be gone. I still kinda feel guilty, though...

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