The great Kirkland family is prestigious for being wealthy, admired, and even for having some noble blood. Naturally, such powerful families spawn greed, jealousy, and enemies. In such a case, the family members require constant protection from threatening unawares. As the Kirkland family gained more fame, they also suffered a great loss. The "threatening unawares" have started to become more apparent.

Wang Yao was the head member of the most elite bodyguard in his country. The Wang clan have being protecting the imperial family for many generations, and to this day, continue doing so. However, the clan is not imperial exclusive for their dedication to serving lives have reached across the seas. Their devotion and perseverance could not be endeavored by any other bodyguard agency, or so they said. However, the personal preference of the emperor for the Wang clan was enough reputation to the Kirkland family.

And so the Wang bodyguard service was requested.

"You have my deepest condolences Mr. Kirkland. I am sure the loss of the Lady could never be replaced, but be confident that no life will be stolen under our services, aru," the Chinese man affirmed. "Yes of course. However, as much as I do have great confidence of your services just by the mere weight of your family's reputation, you do express a powerful exertion. Are you that assured of your abilities?" the head Kirkland replied.

The Asian gave the gentleman an almost smug smile. "It is because we don't plan failure, failure is simply not an option. An idea in the mind is so powerful that it can threaten to manifest itself. That is why we don't allow the smallest hint of failure, we are that determined to persevere. That's why Mr. Kirkland, you are safe under our protection, aru".

"I'm pretty sure the last agency said that too, and well…Even more, from what my sources say, the poison was meant for me. Anyways, I don't care for pretty words, all I hope that your family's reputation will do the job". The British man stood up from his seat and proceeded to the double windows. It was raining outside and the gray atmosphere clouded all scenery. The gentleman observed in silence the nothingness and the Asian waited patiently, when he finally said, "I'm especially concerned about my heir".

As he did not resume, Yao decided it was his turn to speak. "Is there any preference you would have us do to assure your son's well-being? I discussed the protocols of our bodyguard services, but something has been lingering in your mind sir, aru".

"My son, he is not quite the social type you see, and I'm afraid his mother's death could have affected him greatly. I know you only offer protection services, but I'm afraid safeguarding him against the world will only set him apart from reality".

The British man removed himself from the window and faced the Asian, wanting to be fully understood. "I don't want him to become-"

"Mr. Kirkland, I comprehend you are troubled as a father for your son's growth. A childhood is what defines a man's path, and you are worried that a bodyguard's safeguarding procedures will isolate him from socializing, because well, being protected means being taken away from threats, and pretty much of the world, aru". The head Kirkland smiled, "so I trust you understand where I'm leading to?"

"You want someone his age to babysit him, if I am correct, aru", Yao responded.

"So can you?"

"I think we might have the right person, aru".

"I absolutely don't need a brat looking after me! I know what game you are playing sir, he won't be my friend, and please, I won't consider him as a brother either. I have enough of them!" the young Kirkland protested dramatically. "If I am to be protected, why can it not be a full-fledged bodyguard with the skills? I am sure to be killed; he is barely older than me!"

The older Kirkland sighed, displeased in his son's manners, "he is full-fledged, and for his age, that would be called a prodigy, Arthur".

The young British boy opened his eyes, contemplating the Asian boy in front of him for the first time. He had a monotonous expression; apparently his insults did not affect him a bit. There seemed not to be anything special about the Asian: he had brown eyes and hair, he even was the same height as himself, in spite of being couple years older than he. Arthur breathed out laboriously, maintained his arms crossed to express his opposing position, and continued, "I'm not an idiot, if he is as good as any full-fledged bodyguard, why get one my age? I'm just fine by myself".

The elder Kirkland coughed to show his ever growing discontentment, "Mr. Wang, please ignore my son's rudeness. But I assure you he won't give young Kiku any problems, am I correct?"

The Chinese merely smiled; he and Kiku were used to noble arrogance, and the young Master was no exception. Of course he did not utter his thought out loud.

"No I won't Father," Arthur muttered under his breath. "And I won't give you any either Master," Kiku said with a small bow. Arthur didn't know where to glance, and somewhat nervously nodded in response. Even though all he conveyed was offense, and rightfully felt doing so since his father was revealing that he thought of him as a loner, he was inwardly grateful for that concern. Perhaps they were right; perhaps he did need a youth to improve his social skills.

But of course, as young as he may be, Arthur was full of pride and will not easily concede that he needed a friend, much less from a bodyguard. He eyed Kiku once again and smirked, "Well! Your job starts now, so follow me, we will have tea very soon and I want you to help me set up the water". He really would have him do everything to test how much of loyal service the young Asian would be. Oh how much fun it would be to test his new lab rat.

As Arthur rushed away to his room with the young bodyguard quietly following suit, the elder Kirkland could not help to sigh. "Do not worry Mr. Kirkland, I think the two will balance just well, aru," the Chinese man assured. "I honestly hope so; my son can be very difficult".

"I think the patience of Kiku is just what he may need, aru". The gentlemen nodded, still processing his thoughts and the words of the Asian, as both proceeded to his office to begin business.

Yes, Arthur needed a being in his life to balance that exploding energy within him, energy that produced continuous bickering that only the ever tolerant Kiku could withstand. But how could a balance work if the latter was not affected? What Wang Yao did not predict was that the balance of personas would in return, affect the young bodyguard as well.