Outrunning the Impossible

Chapter 3

The End


Kana, Torii and Maki left Tsurara and Shima to find their friend (Rikuo) who just suddenly disappeared after Tsurara and Shima's so-called "Fluffy" moments, or as they call it, The "TsuShi" moments. Unfortunately, they have zero chance in finding Rikuo since he didn't left the two (Tsurara and Shima) let alone keep his eyes off them and leave the amusement park; but the Trio already tried to look for him outside the very crowded amusement park.

Anyway, Back to our dear, obviously jealous Rikuo who just turned into his night form and hid behind the shadows as he silently watch Tsurara and Shima in irritation. At first, He was planning on going home and talk to Tsurara when she gets home then ask her to never go out on a date with Shima or anyone for that matter ever again. But!


He had the urge to wait for their date to end (which he wished would end in a very horrible way) and head home with Tsurara. He just couldn't let himself leave her in the clutches of Shima... What if something happens to her? Correction. What if something terrible happens to her? What if she gets HURT? What if SHIMA DOES SOMETHING HORRIBLE TO HER?

or better yet,


It is unforgivable!


His protective side is awakening.

With those seemingly ridiculous conclusions of what is about to happen to her, he almost burned a hole through Shima's head with his intense death glare. He knows that he is supposed to be his friend, but Jealousy could make a person do a lot of horrible things. Not that he admits that he is jealous. He just... wants to protect Tsurara. The only place that she is safe is when she's with him.

Well, that was what he thought.

With that, Rikuo became very suspicious. "If he's not going to do anything perverted to Tsurara" He observed Shima stare into Tsurara's eyes with his warm hands still covering her ears. "Then why are they so close and why is Shima still holding her like that?" He may look calm and composed, as if not caring about anything in the world, but he truly was growing impatient and irritated by the second. especially when he heard Tsurara giggle.

What he hates most is that he knows Tsurara never gets cold since she's a Yuki-Onna (Snow woman), But even so, she still blushes furiously and does not even bother to take Shima's hands off her ears.

But you have got to admit, they look cute together and that gesture is kind of sweet. But! Even so, it is still very annoying for a certain yokai on the watch.

And that is when he decided, no more hiding behind the shadows, It is time to take action and take Tsurara home where she belongs.

With one swift movement, he was now in front of the two, smirking down at the startled look of Shima and Tsurara.

"Tsurara" Rikuo said in a deep velvet-like voice as he stared at the flushed Tsurara who quickly pulled away from Shima who almost didn't notice her pulling away. Shima just stared at the yokai in disbelief as he took a step backward "I-It's the N-nurarihyon" He was thinking of running but he was frozen in his spot, his mind was being invaded by fear as he completely forgot everything around him, even the girl of his dreams who was just beside him. For him, It was like everything went in slow motion and he couldn't hear anything except his own heart beat. Shima definitely admits...

He is very afraid, terrified, frightened and scared.

All his attention was focused on the very dangerous yokai in front of him. Rikuo turned to Tsurara while Shima took a few more steps backwards as he stares at him with a frightened look.

And in a blink of an eye...

"Lets go Tsurara"

"Ma-Maste -!" She was cut off because in a blink of an eye, they were gone, leaving the still stunned Shima trembling in fear "I just s-saw a yokai!"

He just saw a yokai, the leader to be specific... The Nurarihyon.

And that's when he remembered. "Tsurara!" He finally noticed that the girl of his dreams was nowhere in sight.


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Let us read what just happened before that one minute break in our dear Yuki-Onna's point of view...



Lub-Dub. Lub-Dub. Lub-Dub.

I think this foreign feeling is getting the better of me, and unfortunately, It continues to invade me.

Lub-Dub. Lub-Dub. Lub-Dub.

My face feels very hot.

With just one date, I could not just impulsively admit that I'm in love with him. I cant! I'm a yokai, a Yuki-Onna to be specific, and he is human...

It just does not match.

But what if... I give him a chance? Maybe it would be worth the risk.

The risk of getting myself hurt, the risk of getting himself hurt.

I want to pull away from him, but I can't help myself from freezing into my spot in a flustered state. It's really sweet of him to put his hands on my ears like ear muffs. the gesture is really sweet but I don't really need it... I wonder if Rikuo-sama is the one who is doing this to me right now... With that, I unconsciously giggled at the thought of my master doing such an uncharacteristic thing. But with that ridiculous thought of my master doing that, I couldn't even think that he would want to date me. With all my master's duties as the heir, I think It would be better if he would concentrate more on school and his duties as the third heir than hang out or Date with some girl, particularly me.

But a girl can dream ne?

After a couple of minutes and both of us are still the same position, I don't know why, but as our date progressed, I became really comfortable around him. He promised me that I wont regret this date, and he surely kept his promise. And I hate how it turned out so good that I'm now blushing in front of him. I don't want to fall for him. As I've said before, He is a Human and I am a Yokai... A Yuki-onna. We are just so different. The truth is, I don't want to lose our friendship, because if we ever get into a relationship and if I let myself fall for him, I know that we can lose our friendship because of that. I am worried that things wont ever be the same again between us. In additional, like what I said, he is human and I am yokai; We are still not a hundred percent sure if our relationship will work out. If I ever give him a chance, What if he finds out I'm a yuki-onna? What if he becomes afraid of me and leave me? What if he wont even look at me again? And with that, we can lose that relationship and lose our friendship also.

And that definitely guarantees a 100 percent very very very painful heartache that I am scared and don't ever want to experience in my entire life. But with this moment with him, I decided to let all my worries slip away. Just... This... Onc-

I still don't understand love

So I can't get any closer

But why does my foolish heart keep pounding?

"Rikuo-sama!" I inwardly thought as I quickly pulled away from Shima when My master suddenly appeared out of nowhere. What is he doing here? Oh! I must be in trouble! He probably has a lot of orders for me to do and I wasn't there to serve him! Oh, I shouldn't have gone with Shima on date! I can't really help myself from blushing in embarrassment. He must've seen us! I can now feel my heart beating rapidly and my cheeks grow very hot. I am now very embarrassed. And also, I can also feel Shima getting frightened by the second which made me realize why. "Master is in his Yokai Form."

I couldn't blame him though, Master can be really scary and Intimidating sometimes... Just like now. Especially when he is in his Yokai form.

Speaking of my master, my attention is now back to my Master who just called my name which made the rapid beating of my heartbeat even more faster. "Tsurara" He turned to me which made me take a big gulp. "Let's go Tsurara"

"Ma-Maste -!" I tried to call him but I was cut off when he suddenly lifted me into his arms, carrying me bridal style as I suddenly found myself outside the amusement park with Master still carrying me in the same position "Well, That was fast" It was like Rikuo-sama has transportation techniques, How does he do that? more importantly, Why am I now blushing furiously while I lean on his chest with him still carrying me? but, do I really need to answer that?

I was put down with my cheeks still red as Rikuo-sama held my hand and pulled me for a walk on the empty road. "We're going home" Truth to be told, I am a little scared that I did something wrong, but what did I do? "Uhm... Rikuo-sama" I shyly asked him as I let myself get pulled by him who was walking in a fast pace. "What?" He said coldly. Seriously, What did I do? "Did I do something wrong?" We took the road where in people are barely there since we don't want to attract attention since Master is in his yokai form. After that question, To my disappointment, Rikuo-sama remained quiet; as if he didn't hear anything. I resisted the urge to not to pout since I am now frustrated from searching my entire brain to know what I did wrong. Maybe it was because he wanted me to do his laundry again? Wait. It couldn't be it since I just did his laundry yesterday! Maybe he got mad when me and Shima ran away from the four of them? or.. or... Maybe It's because of the scarf and ear muff incident me and shima did earlier? no. It couldn't be it, why would he be mad seeing me in that embarrassing position with Shima?

Or maybe, He is just acting cold to me, but the truth is! He is inwardly laughing at me! so... to stop himself from dying because of inwardly laughing, he decided to take me home! Yes, that could be possible.

After a couple of minutes with awkward silence with me , Rikuo-sama decided to speak up. "Let's just talk later"

I'm haunted by you again and again

I just can't get away

This hopeless love

Hurts my heart so much


When we got back at the Nura Clan Household, we parted ways as if nothing happened, but I am still worried about my Master as I thought about him being cold and stuff. Also, I am just not comfortable right now, having the conclusion of my Master laughing at my back. That is just mean! I scrubbed the plate with the soap filled sponge as I sighed. "Maybe I should get him tea" I thought as I rinsed the plate and place it inside the cabinet.

Wakana-san stepped inside the kitchen as I placed dirty tea cups on the counter. "I'll take over Tsurara, You should rest now and sleep" I bowed to Wakana-san who was smiling softly at me as I thanked her for her help and left "I think getting some sleep will be better than to meet Rikuo-sama" I decided to just head to my room and turn in early so I can clear off her head. I decided that it would be best to meet my master in a good shape than to meet him in a jumpy mood that could lead to a somehow, very embarassing moment.

When I stepped out of the kitchen, Wakana-san suddenly called out for me so I stopped to see the brunette running towards me; holding a tray of teacups and a pot of tea. "Wait! Can you please bring these to Rikuo for me? I'm sure he's exhausted after being outside the house for the whole day" I smiled at her and happily took the tray from her, I wanted to refuse but who was I to refuse my Master's mother? Well, the plan I had in mind of not seeing (cough-Avoiding-cough) Master tonight and turning in early will have to be thrown away in the trash can, since now, I will need to do Wakana-san a favor and give my "Exhausted" Master Tea.

"Sure Wakana-san! I'll be happy to help! Consider it done!" I put on a fake smile and turned my back on her as my smile disappeared and pouted with my shoulder stiffening with my thought "Why do I have to see Master now? What if I say or do something embarrassing? Or what if..." The woman behind me noticed my shoulder stiffen, so she puts a hand on my shoulder while wearing a worried look "Are you okay?" Her touch and her words made me come back to the real world and leave my thoughts. Alright, I can do this! I faced her and put on a real cheerful smile "I'm alright! I just thought about something"

Going from day to night

You're all I think about

Being so pitiful and silly

What should I do?

"Well, if you say so" Wakana-san stepped inside the kitchen again and left me on the empty corridor.


I don't want to keep my Master waiting... I better go and give him his tea.

End of Tsurara's point of view, Now in Night Rikuo's short point of view


We didn't say anything to each other when we got home. We just parted ways. I was not inside my room, I was outside, sitting on my favorite cherry blossom tree.

I want to talk to Tsurara but it was as if a cat got my tongue. And also, if we did talk, what would we talk about? The foreign emotion that I'm feeling towards Tsurara is just really irritating. All I know is, I don't want anybody, Particularly guys getting all flirty and stuff with her.

I told her that we would talk later, but when is "Later" exactly? I just cleared my mind that was full of thoughts about that Yuki-Onna and stared blankly at the sky before me. It's really fun watching the sky with the light colored cherry blossom above me contrasting the dark sky which makes the cherry blossom looks like it's glowing. Even though I won't say it out loud, the smirk on my face shows that I like this peaceful moment, Especially when I successfully cleared my mind about Tsurara and the things that happened today. But, when everything just got a lot better... Tsurara is looking at me from the ground while holding a tray of teacups and a pot of tea.

Great. All the thoughts that I just cleared in my mind just came back.

"Waka..." Let me just say... When did Tsurara's voice become really cute? Also, when did she become cute to me?

*Inwardly slaps forehead* Oh right, she's a Yuki-Onna, she's supposed to be cute, pretty, gorgeous and stuff. Not to mention evil. Yeah... she's evil towards him by making him feel strange emotions that he definitely don't want to feel, especially now that he embraced his fate to lead the whole clan. I should concentrate on being a great leader, not getting confused over some stupid emotion.

The heart follows love

What am I going to do?

This hopeless love

Hurts my heart so much

End of Night Rikuo's short point of view...



Rikuo stared blankly at the Yuki-Onna below him "What do you want?" He asked. Tsurara unconciously bit her bottom lip and tried to keep her voice steady. She was nervous, her Master is intimidating her again. "Well, he always looks intimidating in his night form"

"Uhm, Wakana-san told me to give you tea since you were..." She trailed off but her Master suddenly jumped from the tree and get the tray from her hands "You may go now" He said while going back to his original position up in the tree while the tray in his hands. It was like he was trying to get rid of her as soon as possible. Now that he was just a few meters away from her, she couldn't just let the opportunity to talk to him slip away. She doesn't want to leave him alone now and experience the unwanted nervousness twice. She is so nervous that she's sweating hard like a regular human, and that's not good for a Yuki-Onna like her. Well, It's not like it's noticeable. But even so, she can't let this chance slip! "Uhm... Master? Can we talk?" She asked her master who was up in the cherry blossom tree. Her Master just gave her one glance and continued to stare at the starless sky. "Uhm... Master-" She tried again "Go back" but her Master interrupted her. Rikuo stole a glance from the Yuki-Onna below him and decided to ignore her which he thought would work and make the Yuki-Onna leave him in peace. But, she was like super glue, very hard to remove.

"Master..." She called


"Master" She called him a little louder but he kept ignoring her


"Master!" This time she shouted but her Master just turned his back on her and continued to ignore her. Tsurara was clearly pissed off and was flushed in irritation and anger, but she couldn't curse at her Master, so she just decided to climb that tree and try to bug him some more until he decides to talk and answer her questions. But, it was definitely hard to climb a tree even if it was just a few feet tall since she was not like her Master who can leap into air and easily get on top of the tree, and also, she was wearing her usual kimono, even so, wearing a kimono didn't stop her from trying to get up on the Sakura tree. Tsurara folded her kimono up to her thighs which made her reveal her smooth pale white legs and started trying to climb the tree by pushing herself up. She tried to climb the tree with her not looking embarrassing and successfully did so, but when she was about to reach the top, she accidentally slipped. Luckily, Rikuo stopped ignoring her and immediately helped her by grabbing her by the waist before she could fall off the tree. Tsurara blushed furiously because of their closeness while her Master just stared at her Impassively. Tsurara tried to imitate Rikuo's expression but failed to do so. Rikuo didn't let go of her and continued to stare at her, as if it was the first time he met her. Tsurara didn't notice this since she was too busy trying to fight off the blush and make herself less nervous.



Dubirubiru Dubirubiru Dubirubiruraffa



Dubirubiru Dubirubiru...

"M-Master..." She called him but he remained motionless and continued staring at her "Master..." she tried again, and this time, he responded by wearing a questioning look "You can let go of me now" she said while still blushing so she tried to avoid eye contact and looked at the ground instead. Rikuo suddenly noticed that they were in an awkward position for a couple of minutes now so he just nodded with his face remaining impassive and remove his arm that was on her waist as he helped her sit.

"I'm sorry Master for causing you trouble but..." Tsurara sat beside her Master on a large tree branch which has a nice view of the sky "Maybe that's why he is ignoring me" she thought as she look up at the beautiful sky "The view of the sky is very beautiful up here, it's very distracting" But she was tore away from her thoughts when Rikuo suddenly spoke "I told you to go back"

"But Master..." Rikuo remained quiet, It was no use trying to shoo her off, like what he said earlier, she's like super glue, very hard to remove. She's very hard to shoo. "I need you to answer some of my questions about today" she said and looked at her Master with hope that he will not ask her to leave him again, surprisingly, he didn't ask her to leave and just stared at the sky quietly. Sighing in relief, she took the chance to talk to him.

"Master, Why were you-"

Going from day to night

You're all I think about

Being so pitiful and silly

What should I do?

"Did you have fun?" Her chance was taken away from her again. "Yes, Shima is very fun to be with" She impulsively replied with a cheerful voice and a bright smile on her face. "That's good to know" He said as he think of other questions to ask her so he could stop her from asking him her silly questions that has an obvious answer, but luckily, he didn't need to think about other questions to keep her questions at bay since Tsurara kept talking. "Today was a very nice day, and I think... " She trailed off as she stared happily at the starless sky with a smile "I think I'm starting to like him" Rikuo felt something really painful in his chest but ignored it. He suddenly had the desire to be alone and maybe on monday, beat the crap out of Shima. "That would definitely feel good" But his conscience countered him with a big fat no since Shima is still a very close friend of his, he couldn't just go to school then suddenly punch Shima out of the blue.

"But" With that one simple word from Tsurara, he felt himself get excited and suddenly felt his heart jump, but, he still kept held that emotionless face even though deep inside, he wanted to look at her intently "I afraid to risk myself to like him"


The day when my pain fades away

Will that day ever come?

Being so pitiful and silly

What can I do after all?

"Mm" She turned to him and smiled softly at him, then she averted her eyes to the sky once again. Rikuo became curious and couldn't help himself from asking. "Why?" He asked. Tsurara didn't look at him and continued to peacefully stare at the sky with a smile on her face "The reason is that, When you first Introduced me to Shima and the others, I alread considered them as my best friends, but when Shima started dropping hints that he likes me, I ignored all of it since I was afraid that it would cost our friendship that I wouldn't want to lose in a million years..." she trails off

"I never thought that having human friends was this fun and heart warming..." She closed her eyes while smiling and thought about the nice warm feeling she felt while being with them "I really am blessed with having those kind of friends..." she thought as a smirk suddenly appeared on her porcelain-like face "even though they are quite odd"

As if reading her mind, Rikuo speaks up "Yeah, It is..." He suddenly felt a tug on his lips, and before he knows it... He already has that rare smile on his face.

But Tsurara didn't find it odd that it seemed like he was reading her mind since she always thought that her Rikuo-sama is a very special person slash yokai.

"That is why I'd like to keep it that way. I am afraid that if I fall for him, I will get hurt in the end since we are both too different from each other... I'm a yokai and he is human, there's a lot of difference. Many other Yuki-onna's fell in-love with humans and got emotionally hurt" she said as she looks down on her lap with a sad look on her face "I thought those were just legends" Rikuo mutters but Tsurara didn't hear it and just continued talking.

The moonlight is so beautiful

I just can't get away

Let me lie down by your side for a moment

A moment, just a moment

"I certainly don't want to be one of them. I am afraid of risking our friendship and getting hurt.." After Tsurara saying that, everything went silent, but both of them were thankful for it since Tsurara didn't feel like talking anymore and Rikuo, on the other hand, doesn't know what to say next.

Everything was peaceful. It seemed like everything was perfect. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and it's petals are fluttering prettily around them since it was a bit cool and windy. Even though the sky was starless, It was still beautiful since the moon shone brightly up in the sky with misty clouds framing it.

Dubirubiru dubirubiru Dubirubiruraffa...

Dubirubiru dubirubiru Dubirubiruraffa...

Nobody dared to speak for several minutes, but Rikuo decided to speak up when he noticed that Tsurara's mood lightened up and started smiling again.

"Is that all?" He asked as he turned to the girl smiling up in the starless sky

"Huh?" She turned to him with a questioning look

"Do you have any other reason?"

"Oh..." she said as she looked down on her lap again "I shouldn't have asked" Rikuo inwardly told himself. It was quiet for a moment but Tsurara answered.

"Well.." She thought about it for a moment as she put a finger on her chin and did a thinking pose "It's also because I'm already in love with someone else, specifically..." She thoughts

"I have no more reasons" That's a lie "You" She definitely has one more reason.

Dubirubiru dubirubiru Dubirubiruraffa...

Dubirubiru dubirubiru Dubirubiruraffa...

Everything became quiet again. Rikuo always thought that he would eventually end up with Kana. Well, everyone did... since they all thought that she was the main heroine in his life.

But right now, It seems all his thoughts about ending up with her went down the drain and was replace with thoughts of Tsurara. Ever since the day he met Tsurara, he felt his heart throbbing painfully but paid no mind to it since he thought it was allergies towards girls *Cough* Cooties *Cough* but right now, He realized that it was more than allergies. He doesn't want to admit it, but he thinks he likes her from the start... maybe even loves her.

He uncharacteristically shook his head.

"No... I am not falling for her... I just want... Correction. need to protect her"

When she went on that date with Shima, He wanted to protect her (Well, he always wants to protect her) and on the other hand, he wanted to rip his FRIEND Shima apart. And that is definitely not what you do to a friend.

But, Even though he is really confused with his feelings right now, all he knows is, he wants to protect Tsurara and keep everyone who wants to hurt her or get flirty with her away. Humans are very precious to him, He doesn't want to rip them apart just because his instincts tells him to and because they get lovey dovey with Tsurara.



"You shouldn't date anyone anymore.." He said with his usual intimidating impassive face. "But why?" Tsurara suddenly felt nervous and troubled "THIS MEANS I CAN'T DATE RIKUO-SAMA TOO?" she isn't even confessing and he's already rejecting her by telling her not to go on a date with anyone. That is just... Mean.

"So you wont have any chance of getting hurt..." Tsurara just gave him a very confused look

"But Rikuo-sama..." He cuts her off

"From now on, the only person you can date is ME"

Dubirubiru dubirubiru Dubirubiruraffa...

Dubirubiru dubirubiru Dubirubiruraffa...






Even so, Tsurara can't say that she didn't enjoy her Master telling her that

Right now, he might not be able to admit it but maybe someday, Rikuo might be able to tell her his true feelings. But as of now, It's just better to keep all the guys away and make Tsurara happy.

That's what he thought.

Dubirubiru dubirubiru Dubirubiruraffa...

Dubirubiru dubirubiru Dubirubiruraffa...

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