Me: Part 2 of 'Fireworks: A Faithshipping Tale!

Aki: Aren't you tired?

Logan: *Snores*

Me: I may join Logan in a second...

Aki: *Sigh* Bebe doesn't own YGO 5D's...

A blonde haired girl had arisen the next morning, fresh and ready and raring to go for the day. But before she went out, she would write the rest of a dedication fiction and birthday present to her good friend, Devin-San.

So, onto her computer, her fingers typed the words away, as she felt her eyelids droop due to the amount of snoring her Mother's fiancee had managed to squeeze out of his vocal chords that previous night- was any human even capable of that amount? Bebe would never know, for that was one thing the blonde had never investigated.

But she would soon.

"Okay! Time to ger typing!" She declared, as her fingers began typing away words at a lightning speed.

Cheesy Romance Fic!

Part 2: Theme- Firework Date!

"Yusei...are you sure your okay with me tagging along...?" Yusei had gone with Rally, Blitz and the others, because it had been a while since he had last seen them, and managed to hang around with his old friends. Yusei just smiled a little, which Rally had rarely seen, and took it that he had a big interest in this 'Aki' girl, that he talked so much about.

"Aki, it's fine. The others have really wanted to meet you for a while now." Yusei revealed, as Aki gave off a brave simper smile, which caused Rally to think that there was somethig going on between the two.

Time for matchmaker mode.

"Yeah, we have! Yusei talks about you alot!" Rally barged in, as Yusei then got clearly embarrassed from what he just said. Aki cocked her eyebrow at the young boy- was he telling the truth, or just trying to embarrass Yusei?

"R-Rally!" Did he just freaking stutter? This was really out of character for the colbalt eyed signer.

"Oh? What types of things does he say about me?" Aki asked innocently, but highly curious to know what he was saying about her. Yusei looked at her with an embarrassed look on his face.

"Hmm? Oh, he says things over the phone like 'Oh, I took Aki skating today, it was really cute the way she blushed when she fell on me, and got embarrassed," Oh snap. Rally really was telling the truth, and this realization caused Aki to blush heavily, "and there was another time when he said 'oh, Aki got her licence today, she was so amazing in her duel, it made me breathless."

Yusei now had to back away, in an effort to hide his cheeks, which were becoming the colour of Aki's hair. Aki then turned around, to notice Yusei with his back to her.

'Guess he's pretty embarrassed from all that...but it's normal to admire your friends and compliment them...isn't it? But I'd be lying if I said that it didn't make my heart flutter- Aki, Yusei's a FRIEND. FRIEND. Not romantic he...?

"Well Yusei, you'll get married to her soon enough!" Blitz suddenly came in, causing Yusei to get even more embarrassed. Aki just laughed a little at his reactions- well, how often does somebody see Yusei...embarrassed?

*The author meanwhile, notices she had put the word embarrassed alot, but cannot be bothered to change it now, for that would take too much effort.*

"Aki, let's go." He just stated, as he took Aki's hand and ran off, leaving his old friends laughing to themselves like a pack of stray hyenas.

"Ha, he so likes her!" Nervin said, as Rally beamed.

"Maybe we will have a couple of nephews soon, hey?"

"Haha, yeah! First one's going to be called Tank JR!"

"No way! Rally JR!"

"No, according to me, it will be Blitz JR."

"No, it will be Nerving JR!"

And they argued about it for the rest of the night.

Aki, was being dragged along by a certain embarrassed colbalt eyed signer, whom refused to look her way, in fear of her asking what was wrong with his face. However, Aki actually prayed he would not look back, for she to, was also blushing a brillant scarlett red colour, which nicely matched her new kimono.

They then stopped a few meters away from the fountain, which was where Yusei had found Aki earlier...and kissed her cheek as well, which meant 'Just Friends.'

That actually made Aki's heart sink. Did Yusei want to be just friends...? Wait, why was this even crossing her mind in the first place...?

'Okay Aki...why is that crossing your mind? Does it really matter if you and Yusei are just friends? That's all you've been up until should I just forget...? But why is my heart beating so much...?'

"Aki...? Are you okay?" Yusei asked with general concern, waving a hand infront of her face in an attempt to bring her back to the world of the living. Aki shook her head and blink, and noticed Yusei's face very close to hers.

"Huh? Oh sorry, 'guess I spaced a little." She told him, as he then backed away a little, and nodded to himself. Aki was relieved that they weren't so close together anymore, but at the same time...dissapointed?

"That's good. want to check out some of the stuff here...?" Yusei suggested, as Aki nodded.


So, the two of them went to try various different foods and activities. One of which included AKi trying to catch koi* with a paper net, but failing pretty badly. It was only when she got guidence from Yusei, did she finally get it right. When she was handed her prize- a fish, the smile on her face made Yusei happy inside.

They continued with the date for hours, until it was time to see the cherry blossom petal's fall and depart. This was a Hanami Festival, one of which Aki had never been to before. Neither had Yusei, but secretly during his time with Team Satisfaction, he liked reading on different kinds of festivals which the others- well, maybe apart from Crow, Yusei knew that Crow was actually a big romantic at heart- may have considered cheesy.

"Neh Yusei, shall we go find somewhere to sit now?" Aki suggested.

"Sure." They then went to sit right under a big Sakura/Cherry Blossom tree, and watched it's petals depart. Aki's face lit up imnenstley.

"Wow..." Aki mused quietly, as Yusei glanced at her, his face softening.

'This beautiful sight, this beautiful air...and seeing it under a beautiful starry sky with...Yusei...Kami-Sama...please don't end this night fast, please...all I need is a bit more time with Yusei...that's all...'

"It's so beautiful..." Aki told Yusei, as he kept staring at her.

"Yeah..." Aki then noticed him staring at her.

"Eh? What's wrong?" She asked. Yusei theen reverted back to normal.

"Ah, nothing, don't worry about it-" He was then cut off, by Aki placing a hand on his.

"Aki?" Aki was blushing hard, but wasn't scared or nervous. More like, a happy feeling was rushing through her body. Yusei just looked at her with widened eyes.

"You know...Yusei...tonight actually has another feel to it..." She began. Yusei just smiled (AGAIN! WHATS UP WITH SMILING IN THIS FIC?)

"What do you mean?"

" confused me earlier. You know, when you kissed my cheek. You confused me so much. I mean, I was happy that you did it, but it also means to be 'Just Friends...and I..." She then stopped, when she noticed Yusei leaning in toward her face. She then closed her eyes.

As they parted, both were bright red.

"D-Did we just..." Aki and Yusei both chorused. They then laughed.

"Well, I's the start of something new...hmm?" Yusei suggested. Aki then kissed his cheek, and nodded.


Bebe fell to the ground, exhausted. Never had she written so much in an hour. She then began to snore as loud as the sun crashing down onto a bowl of umbrella shaped jelly sweets.

"Not again..." Logan muttered to herself, as she threw Bebe into the wardrobe, again.

But, all's well that end's well, hey?

Me: *Snores*

Aki: *Snores*

Logan: *Snores*

Cammie: OMG! WAKE UP!

All three of us: *Snores*

Cammie: *Slaps forehead and sighs* Please review...and happy birthday Devin!