Here it is – My entry to the FF Quickie Contest! I didn't rank but I really enjoyed the writing practice...lemme know what you think

Special thanks to my pre-reader's/beta's BoydBlog & edwardsisobel - I heart you gals hard! ( if you're not reading their stuff - Links in my fave author's list on my profile – you should be)

I walked into the liquor store and felt every part of me shake. I had a fake ID in my purse – best $100 I'd ever spent. I could do this.

I tugged on my short plaid skirt, feeling nervous about the length, but Alice had insisted it looked amazing with my killer legs (her words – I strongly disagreed).

I slowly meandered around the store, looking for the bourbon Alice and Rosalie had told me to buy. According to them, it was the best way to get drunk fast, without the killer hangover. I wanted to put their theory to the test.

I looked around the store at the different sections. Beers in the fridge, wines on racks, and bourbon on the shelf. Who knew there so many different varieties? Next time I'd try something different. Tonight was about getting myself tanked to forget about Jake's betrayal.

I briskly walked over to the whiskey section bypassing a few old men selecting beer on the way, watching them as they eyed me up and down. Creeps. I shuddered and kept on walking, eager to find the bourbon and get the hell out of there.

I quickly scoured the shelf finding the Jim Beam without too much trouble. Rose assured me it was so much better than any other bourbon. According to her, those pansy-ass fruity drinks were for pussies and beer was for social gatherings. We were gonna get 'as wasted as Britney Spears before she went to rehab.'

I grabbed the bottle and quickly made my way to the front counter. As I waited my turn to be served, I could feel my hands getting all clammy. The line slowly cleared and I made my way to the counter and placed the bottle onto it, as I fumbled for the cash in my purse.

I looked up then, and stared into the greenest eyes I'd ever seen.

I kid you not, they were like the most beautiful shade of jade I'd ever encountered.

I noticed the hair next.

The most beautiful shade of copper that begged me to run my fingers through it.

The beautiful smirk was next.

I quickly wiped my hands on my skirt and stuttered, "B-B-B-ella."

What is wrong with me? I was never this nervous, but the penetrating stare coming at me from those jade green eyes had me hypnotised. I couldn't look away, and I could feel the dampness leaking into my panties and practically dripping down my thighs.

"My name's Bella."

" You surely are," responded a voice that sent a shiver through my very soul.

"My name's Esme."