DIGIMON FORCE 1: Dawn of the Tamers

People always wonder, what would it be like if this, that, or the other were real? What if I was the chosen one? What if I was destined to be the greatest of them all, or the one who has a great unknown fate that is a mystery to everyone? What if?

That's usually how a question or theory begins, with a single what if?

And that is exactly what humans said over the years, ever since the beginning of time itself. They would ask themselves the possibilities, and set to work with what they believed. All of this led to many amazing things, such as the steam engine, automobiles, the light bulb, and even the invention of glue and tape. All of these creations, and more came into the planet known as Earth, where humans walked without a care, and where everything was normal.

Earth was where strange things didn't just happen. That is, until one particular invention came into physical form. That invention, known to many as the computer, opened the door to more than just the web and Microsoft. It led to another world, another dimension where humans didn't rule. A place where humans weren't even known about.

The computer opened a door, a gateway possibly, to that world, but a door always needs a key. It wasn't until the year 1992 that a key was produced, known to humans as the Internet. The Internet opened that gateway, and once everyone began using the Internet, that other world was formed. Every download and every click of a mouse contributed data that formed into this other world, a world that was more digital than anything.

Few knew about this world, but those who did referred to it as the Digital World, and there life forms known as Digimon lived lives very similar to humans. Their data came with images of human things, and they grew from this and were taught by this, and they were all mainly good creatures. However, like there is evil in the human world, there is evil in theirs.

Viruses also existed inside computers, and could be accidentally obtained by humans from the Internet. They could be unaware that their computers had spyware and such, but every click of a virus infected computer contributes an ounce of evil data into the Digital World, and this forms the evil and sorrow of that usually good world.

The Digital World was once the good counterpart of our world, with innocence and youth, where the creatures never truly died. And they used to live without human contact, always with the possibility of coming into contact with one. But, these encounters never occurred…until now.

7:52 pm, March 6th 1999

"Damn rain!" His jet-black hair barely shielded from the moisture by a single damp newspaper, Ichirō Ogawa searched through his cluttered coat pocket for his set of house keys. There were sloshing footsteps as his soaked canvas sneakers marched up the front concrete steps and under the shelter of a wide porch roof.

Drip, drip, drip. The sound of rain falling echoed in the eerie night air, which made Ichirō want to get inside the house even faster. With trembling hands, the sixteen year old managed to push a key into the brass door lock, and turn it, causing the off-white door to finally open.

Quicker than the lightning that was beginning to erupt, Ichirō ran inside the house, pulling the front door behind him in the process. He locked it, took of his damp overcoat, and let out a breath of relief. With still trembling hands, Ichirō ran his fingers through his wet, tousled hair as he began to turn on lights.

Luckily, the lightning wasn't too severe, since no light bulbs flickered or dimmed. Ichirō made his way down the wooden hallway of his one-story, four bedroom home. His parents were still out having dinner, something that was pretty obvious. Ichirō didn't mind much, since this usually left a lot of time to himself.

The only other person in the house was his younger brother, Eiji, whose video game playing could be heard all throughout the house. Ichirō retired to his bedroom, a rather cramped space with a bed, dresser, and a desk where his computer sat, almost always used. Ichirō sat down at his computer, and turned it on, still listening to the sounds of his brother's shouts about unfair losers and the endless patter of rain.

He opened up his e mail, and saw that he had two new messages, one which was from a good friend of his.


I've been doing some hacking on our latest game forum, and you wouldn't believe what those jerks have been saying. Apparently, our whole "theory" is a big flopping joke, but we'll soon be able toprove them wrong. I've managed to get a demo of the idea on a floppy disc. Anyway, call me as soon as you get this e mail, or get me on the webcam.


A rush of excitement swept through Ichirō as he read, and once he was done he grabbed the phone that lay on his dresser and dialed Nate's number up. The phone rang for awhile as the call made its way from a small city in Japan to the state known as New York in America. Eventually, Nate's shrill voice picked up.

"Hello?" He sounded as if he had just awoken, which caused Ichirō to raise his eyebrows.

"Oh, sorry, Nate. Did I wake you?" Ichirō asked, tapping his fingers lightly on the computer keyboard. "No? What time is it there? Only ten AM?"

Nate replied with a yes and went on, still sounding groggy. "I pulled a total all nighter, and I'm still going." He bellowed out one long yawn before going on. "Anyway, Ichirō, I making some excellent progress. You wouldn't believe what I've gotten up and running. You know that franchise? Pokémon or something?"

"Of course, my little brother's into it. Why?"

"Well, the creator must be a millionaire by now, and it's only been around for three years. So, if kids who befriend monsters is an interesting concept, what if we could do something similar? That's always been our theory, but what if it's not just a game?"

"Huh? What do you mean, not just a game? You want to make TV show to go with the computer game too?"

Nate's voice went on in a frantic tone. "No, not exactly. Hang on, I'll e mail you the demo video that I managed to develop. I was doing this all night."

Ichirō's e mail made its usual beep to alert him to new messages. He opened up the latest message and clicked the link, which redirected his browser to a white window page. A video loaded up before finally beginning, depicting images of odd creatures marching about a vast green field.

"Not bad, Nate. But, what does it have to do with…?"

Nate quickly interrupted. "Well, that could be the storyline. Kids get a video game and suspect it to be a Pokémon rip off. They play the game, think it's kind of lame, but fun. And, it turns out that it's not a game at all, but a real world with real creatures. Wouldn't that be neat?"

"I don't know. How about a more subtle approach? I was thinking something along the lines of kids go to camp, see an odd aurora, get these odd devices, and are transported to this strange world. That's nearly as good, right?"

"Maybe…just try out the game. It's not too shabby if I do say so myself."

Ichirō did just that, clicking through a short tutorial that explained the controls and such. He was then redirected to a long list of different creatures, and scrolled through them all until he came to a neat ninja one wearing a sort of kendo mask. Once selected, Ichirō was finally playing the game, running through fields as the odd creature and defeating other creatures.

"So, what do you call these things, Nate?" Ichirō asked while dodging a fireball that a dinosaur looking thing had just thrown at him.

"I'm thinking…Digimon. Like Pokémon, but instead, they're digital. Anyway, another kid contacted me, a hacker by the looks of it. I'm not sure where they're located, but they sound pretty smart. I just e mailed them the demo too, cause they sounded pretty interested. Anyway, they suggested the name."

This sounded a little eerie to Ichirō, who voiced that thought. "Are you sure that that was the brightest idea, Nate? I mean, hacker or not, they could be anybody. A kidnapper, a thief, maybe even some guy who plans on profiting from our idea. You never know." The lights began to flicker in his room, something that Ichirō paid little attention to, until they went off completely. "Hang on."

Ichirō ran out of his bedroom, and saw that every light in the house was off. He tried flicking the hallway light on, but nothing happened. He felt his heart beat faster when his arm collided into someone's chest, but he let out a breath of relief when he saw that it was only his fourteen year old brother, Eiji.

"What's going on?" Eiji asked, turning on the flashlight that he held in his hands. "The TV just shut off, and I wasn't even able to save my game on Pokémon Stadium."

Ichirō rolled his eyes, knowing that his brother would have stayed put if the game had still been on. "I don't know. I guess it's just the storm. Come on, I've got more flashlights in my room." Pulling his brother along, he let out a gasp of shock when he saw that the computer was still on and working. "Weird, everything else turned off." He slid back into his seat, and put the phone back to his ear. "Nate, are you still there?"

"Yeah I am. What happened?"

"Nothing, really. The lights and TV just went out. But, my computer is still on…"

Meanwhile, Eiji opened the gray curtains, and looked outside the window at the other houses on the block. Sure enough, everyone else was experiencing similar lighting difficulties, without storm enduring computer power. And to add to that, lightning was etched across the inky blue sky, zigzagging in every direction similar to a line chart.

"Well, anyway, how would you review the game?" Nate asked, sounding mildly curious. "That hacker kid that I was telling you about sent me a ton of creature designs via the web, and I used most of them. But you should recognize a few of your own too. Of course, I want your rating to also be based on the graphics."

Ichirō thought for a few minutes, thinking everything that had been said over. He had a suspicious feeling about this "kid" that Nate kept referring to, but he didn't really know how to bring it up. "I guess a seven and a half out of ten, for now anyway. Are you certain that this "kid" can be trusted, Nate?"

"Of course, I mean, he sounds like a kid. And, he's obviously creative. You saw the designs, right?" Before a response could be uttered, Nate went on. "And, anyway, I really think that this is going somewhere. All three of us can partner up for this and make a company, which will lead to raise and wealth. How's that sound?"

His mind felt muddled with thoughts, and overall, Ichirō didn't know how to respond. "Nate, I'm not too sure…"

"Really, I've spoken to the kid on the phone a few times, and I'm certain that he's just an eleven year old computer prodigy or something. Want me to e mail his e mail address?"

Ichirō had never been the best at standing up for himself, and being upfront with his best friend sounded too rough. With a hand trembling slightly from irritation, Ichirō closed the game demo page, and grew even more irritated when the page wouldn't close. It wasn't normal for his computer to suddenly grow slow.

He turned away from the computer screen, clutching the phone tightly in his hand. "Nate, you're really ambitious, and I respect that. But how can you trust some kid that you met online to not be crazy? Do you know how easy it is to alter your voice over the phone? And what if we're sued for using his ideas?"

" Ichirō?" Ichirō felt Eiji pull on the sleeve of his shirt, but he simply waved him away as he listened for Nate's response. All he was getting was silence on the other end, and Eiji continued trying to talk to him. " Ichirō? Look at the screen!"

A gasp rang through the room as Ichirō finally put the attention of his eyes onto the screen. The demo page was still up, but the game itself was not the things showing on the brightly lit computer screen. Through plenty of dots of black and white static, a face showed through, and not a human one. It's features were not visible through the static, and Ichirō felt confusion go through him like a wave.

Both himself and his brother gasped again when the face spoke. Eyes wide, Ichirō listened to the face's words with perked ears. "Thank you for opening the doorway for me, human. It is open, and there are only a few kinks to work out now." There was an eerie chuckle, one that sent a deep shiver down Ichirō's back. "Thank your trusting American friend for me." And with that, the face was gone.

With both boys staring open mouthed at it, the computer's web pages closed and the device shut itself down. A roar of thunder crashed through the house and neighborhood, leaving the boys feeling even more frightened than before. One by one, each light in the house flickered on until their power was up to par.

Eiji's eyes were not as wide as before, but he stared at the computer with a suspicious look for at least two minutes before sitting down on Ichirō's bed with a dazed stare. "W-what just happened?"

With Eiji convinced that it had all just been a game, Ichirō was left by his brother, who hurried back to play his video game. Ichirō lay on the plaid sheets of his bed, trying desperately to convince himself the same thing, but he was pretty certain that lying to himself was the brightest of plans.

Hands calming down finally, Ichirō put the phone to his ear again, and was a little shaken when Nate's voice shouted on the other end. "What happened? Are you okay? Was there an earthquake of some kind?"

"No…" Inhaling and exhaling sharply, Ichirō explained everything that had just occurred to Nate, and was met with a still silence for a while.

"Sounds like the Poltergeist or something." Nate stated, finally speaking. "It's nothing to be too frightened of. Maybe that hacker kid that I told you about edited the features, and that creature was part of the storyline, you know?"

But Ichirō didn't know, and while Nate went on about sending the demo disc to companies, he thought about this mystery "kid". He had a strange feeling that he had just met that same kid just a few minutes earlier, and not through the usual chat room.

Out of exhaustion, Ichirō drifted off to a restless sleep. As always, he had a dream, but this one was unlike the previous that he had had about computers and winning awards for technical skills. In this recent dream, the background was nothing but blinding white while a voice explained words to him.

"The gateway has been open," A whispery, feminine voice echoed through Ichirō's head frantic, but informative. "And now only time will tell when Chrysalimon will arrive in your world, human. And when he does, he will die; for he has been wounded enough by us. However, he won't turn into data before leaving an egg, an egg that will pose as the hugest threat for us all."

Ichirō couldn't move, but could only stay still and listen to the untraceable voice.

"Eleven and a half years from now, the egg will hatch. Before then, a team of children will have to be chosen. For children have the quickest time bonding with Digimon. You have to, for you and your friend were the ones who started this, willing or unwillingly. You must end what you have begun!"

Digimon? Wasn't that the name for his and Nate's in-progress video game? He couldn't do a thing, but listen to these odd almost accusing words. What was going on?

"You will know that the time has come when your niece walks through the doors of your workplace, asking for you. She will play a role in what is to come, but the question is, will you accept the upcoming fate?"

The words echoed, until everything faded and Ichirō woke up with a silent phone and more muddled thoughts. Ichirō thought about the voice's words, and thought about the niece that he did happen to have, a one year old who lived in France with his older sister, Sayuri, a fashion magazine editor.

But, everything was still confusing in Ichirō's mind, and to top it all off, a creature was standing by his bed. It looked exactly like the one he had chosen in the game demo, but it earned a sharp inhalation of breath rather than a game review.

"I am Kotemon, sir." The creature bowed low to Ichirō, but it was impossible to see its face, which was covered by a kendo mask. "I have been sent to assist you in the future, and I am your partner Digimon."

There you have it, the first chapter of my Digimon story, "Digimon Force: Dawn of the Tamers". I wishfully hope that it piqued enough interest in fellow Digimon fans, which will hopefully lead to plenty reviews. If not, I'll still enjoy updating this, since it has a simple, but entertaining plot.

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