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"I'm telling you Godric this isn't yet over," bellowed Slytherin as he stood just outside the gates of the mighty castle, Hogwarts. "If you don't see my ways soon, I assure you that one day you will rue the day you were born." With one last glance at the three figures that looked back at him with stony faces, he turned on the spot and disappeared with a soft pop.

Godric Gryffindor sighed as he stared at the spot where his once closest friend had stood only a few moments ago.

"Well, I guessed this would happen sooner or later." It seemed as if he was speaking to himself.

"Why am I not surprised?" muttered Ravenclaw in an undertone.

Hufflepuff didn't say anything, but her face clearly showed the sorrow of losing one of her friends to darkness.

Without another word, the three remaining founders walked back to the castle as the door slammed shut behind them.


Godric Gryffindor was on his deathbed, but the thought of his approaching demise was far away from his mind.

He was worried for the world with which he had fallen in love since his birth and watched over it like a hawk throughout his life. As he waited for his next great adventure, he feared for what would happen to it after his death in the hands of his once friend and now greatest nemesis.

A quiet knock at the door interrupted his thoughts. Godric wondered who it could be as he had made sure his sons knew that the war efforts were much more important than his own state of health and had convinced them to leave him and help the side of light in a war where their chance of victory was very slim.

The door opened slowly and a figure stepped in.

"Ah, Helga," murmured Gryffindor.

Indeed, it was Helga Hufflepuff, the only founder alive apart from Gryffindor who had stayed true to the light.

She had fought by his side throughout these dark times, and he considered her his greatest friend and most trusted ally.

"What brings you here?" asked Gryffindor as he had expected her to be at the warfront, leading their side against Salazar in his absence.
"I came to see you," replied Hufflepuff quietly, "and also to give you some sad news."

As the light fell upon Helga's face, Gryffindor could see that it was drawn and pale with a visible sense of hopelessness in it. He was saddened to think that the action of one of his friends had led to the pain and suffering that he and his other friends were going through.

"And what may that be?" he asked calmly.

Gryffindor's capability of remaining calm in any instance was something that Hufflepuff had come to respect a long time ago.

"Your sons… they are – they are… well, they were very brave, and…" Hufflepuff was unable to continue as silent tears fell from her eyes.

Gryffindor was quiet for a long time.

"It would seem that fate wanted them to start their next great adventure before me." He appeared to be speaking to himself.

Hufflepuff remained silent.

What could she say? It was clear that the news had greatly affected the greatest leader of the side of light, but he was trying his best not to show the sorrow that he felt at the news of his sons' demise.

"The next generation is just not good enough to win the war," murmured Helga. "Your death will merely be the last nail on the coffin." A sense of despair was creeping into her voice.

"Don't lose hope yet Helga," said Gryffindor. Something in his voice made Hufflepuff look up at him, and she couldn't help but notice that there was a strange glint in his eyes.

Helga knew that Godric Gryffindor never gave up. This was the attitude, along with his sheer sense of bravery, that had made him an acknowledged leader of the light.

But at this point, she failed to realize what there to hope for. Their chances of victory against darkness were so small that even the best fighters were starting to give up.

"I agree with you," continued Godric as if he wasn't aware of Hufflepuff's musings," the next generation isn't ready to fight a full-fledged battle and come up with a victory, what with my sons' sudden demise and your daughter's severe illness." Gryffindor paused for a moment before continuing, "However, I believe that we can make sure that, if not the next generation then, a future generation will be well prepared to fight against the darkness and come out with a victory under their belt." Hufflepuff merely looked at him blankly.

Gryffindor smiled slightly. "I see that you don't understand," he commented.

When Helga nodded silently, he continued, "Let me explain, and then I believe that you will have a better understanding as to what I have in my mind.

"You see, apart from leading the light against Salazar for the last fifty years, I have also been busy researching very vague and unknown portions of magic." At Helga's questioning look, Gryffindor answered, "I was researching Time and its various aspects." Hufflepuff's eyes widened.

"Godric, you aren't considering time travel, are you?" she asked in horror. "Because I must remind you, though the branch is extremely obscure, I know for a fact that it's extremely dangerous to travel time for more than a day, not to mention that it could have catastrophic consequences." Gryffindor looked rather taken aback at Hufflepuff's outburst and tried to calm her.

"No, no, Helga, I assure you that I am not considering time travel."

When Helga didn't look like she believed him, he continued, "You see. I am aware of the consequences of travelling through time and was, thus, thinking of safer way to use time to our advantage."

Now Helga looked a bit intrigued. "And how do you propose we do that?" she asked.

"Some time back, I came to the realization that I had taken Salazar's warnings a bit too lightly all those years ago," he said. "If I had taken them for what they were and had not underestimated him, then maybe the war wouldn't even have reached this state today." He shook his head sadly.

"Do not blame yourself alone, Godric. You are not the only one to blame," sighed Helga. "We also didn't take him seriously. We all thought that he alone wouldn't be that much of harm to our world."

"I know," said Gryffindor, "so I decided to try and find a way to help a future generation against Salazar's heirs, should we fail to defeat him in our own time." Gryffindor paused.

"And you have found one," concluded Helga. Gryffindor nodded.

"There is a ritual to send our knowledge, power, and skill to the heir who would not only need them but would also have the greatest similarity to us regarding every aspect."

"Do you want me to participate in this ritual, too?" Hufflepuff asked, although she thought that she knew the answer.

"Would you?" Godric asked. "You see, the ritual needs two targets in the future, which means that two heirs are needed to succeed in the ritual, and they must also be the heirs of two different bloodlines."

"You want my heir to be the second one?" asked Hufflepuff to clarify.

"Yes, I do," replied Godric. "I strongly believe that our heirs, with our powers and knowledge together, will succeed in doing what we are about to fail." Hufflepuff was quiet for some time. "I know it is a very heavy decision, but I would require your answer right now, Helga, as we – I mean, I– don't have much time left in this world.

"I should also inform you that, since this ritual requires a vast amount of our own magic and life force, the instant the ritual is over, I will be dead and your life will also be severely shortened." Godric paused. "The decision is yours, Helga."

After recovering from the shock of hearing the consequence of the rituals, Helga thought about everything that was at stake. The happiness of the entire world rested on her decision, and who could she trust if she couldn't trust her old friend Godric, now, at the moment he needed her the most to make a difference?

"I have one last question," she finally said. At Godric's questioning glance, she continued, "When will they receive the power?"

Godric stared at Helga for a while and then replied, "When one of them reaches his or her sixteenth birthday."

"I am ready," came a firm answer from Helga Hufflepuff.