Recently I've become hooked on cross-over fanfiction featuring Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes both played by THE gorgeous Robert Downey jr. I've found a few and thought "I must have a go." So here it is, the written child of my depraved mind.


Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters used in the story. They belong to MARVEL and SIR CONAN DOYLE, respectively.

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An Iron Man/Sherlock Holmes cross-over story by Mazz84.

The Iron Man of Seduction.


When a electrical storm brings the world's only consulting detective into the world of Tony Stark, he completely freaks out. Now the two great minds must work together to find a way to send the one and only Sherlock Holmes home before all hell breaks loose and history is re-written-literally. Naturally Tony develops a close (and disturbing )bond with the detective,but can he learn to quell his urges before he takes the phase 'pleasuring yourself ' to a whole new level.


Thunder rumbled over-head. Tony Stark woke from a light slumber and glanced at the sleeping woman beside him. She slept like the dead dispite the loud, low sounds from outside. Tony thought she must have some kind of medical condition because she fell asleep almost instantly after they had such fun. Tony stared at her, for the life of him he couldn't remembered her name. Was it Jane? Joanne? or Jody? Well something beginning with J anyway. The skies rumbled again and the heavens opened, rain pattered on the floor to ceiling windows of his bedroom and he knew there was no way he'd get back to sleep now.

So what to do?

Silently he slipped out, carefully lifting the arm that was hanging over his stomach, pulled on a vest and a pair of sweat pants and tip-toed out. Making his way to the main living area he clicked his fingers and the lights came on.

"You up, Jarvis?"

"Up and ready,sir." The electronic voice drifted throughout the house.

"Weather report and the time-table for today."

" The weather is dismal and latest reports suggest it will get worse." Jarvis's voice was cool and collected even as thunder roared outside. " The weapon hearing is scheduled for 2:20 this afternoon."

"Cancel it. They can't have my suits."

"Sir, I strongly advise..."

"Jarvis... I don't want to hear it." He stretched, working out a kink in his neck. Flopping onto the curved couch he watched the rain fall, the droplets making patterns on the glass and yawned widely. He wasn't aware he'd fallen back to sleep until a high-pitched drone rang throughout the house and scared the heck out of him. "Ugh...Wha?" He rolled off the couch and landed hard on his butt, "JARVIS!" He shouted sitting up and rubbing his bruised behind. " What's going on?"

"It's a medium black-out warning,sir. There's an electrical anomaly above the house."

Tony waved a dismissant hand, "As long as the Iron Man suits are safe, that's all I'm worried about." A loud clap of lighting lit up the dark sky. "Geez! Thank God I'm inside. It's a rust party out there."

"Sir. The anomaly..." The skies lit up again. " This is very odd,sir...the anomaly...It's gone."

"Gone? What do you mean gone?" He got up and touched his palm to the glass to call up the in-built computer. Nothing. "Aw, crap. The system's down. Where did I put those torches?" Shuffling into the kitchenette he pulled open numerous drawers until,after stabbing himself with a fork, he found a mini pocket light. "Jarvis? How are the lights in the workshop?"

"Lighting is on emergency power."

"And the door?"

"I am working on it, sir."

Tony gripped the torch tightly in his hand and gingerly made his way down to the workshop. The emergency lights cast an eerie red glow on the stairwell and he held onto the hand-rail to stop himself falling flat of his face. He reached the see-through doors and poked the side panel. "Jarvis? Door?"

"Re-routing power,sir."

The side panel flickered into life. He quickly typed in his access code and slipped into the studio before the power died down again. He swept the torch around the open space, the thin beam of light hit his collection of classic cars, the numerous computer terminals and his beloved suits. He stood in the middle of the room and put his hands on his hips."Nothing here. Stupid black-outs." He ears pricked up slightly hearing soft shuffling behind him. He span bringing the torch round in a wide arch but found nothing. He dropped his arms with a frustrated groan. "You kids better not be in here again. This time I'll kick your asses." As he waited for an answer his eyes adjusted to the dim lights. He turned to leave when he suddenly felt the cool metal of a gun barrel at the base of his neck and instantly froze. "Wha?"

"I'll be straight to the point, my good man," the voice was husky and low, "If you play me, I will shoot you before you can even blink. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal. So...what d'you want? Money? My technology? My girl?" The barrel pressed harder against his skin. "OK! God, just trying to lighten the mood. Do I, at least, get to know your name?"

"What, so you can report me? I think not, old boy."

"Enough of the old! Whoa...Hey!" A hand had snaked its way down his arm,along his wrist and circled it in a firm hold. "What are you-?" The pressure increased and he hissed dropping the torch.

"There. That's better."

"Is it? You like being the one in charge? Now that opens up a whole range of-Ow,ow,OW!" The hand around his wrist, brought his arm up sharply behind his back in a half-Nelson. " Look, pal, I don't want to get rough. But, if necessary, I will hold you down until the police arrive." He grinned in the darkness, "You might enjoy it. You sound like the type."

A sigh," It seems I was right in my early deductions of you. But no time to get side-tracked. If I give my name will you behave?" The voice was close to his ear. Tony shivered,his skin breaking out in goose-bumps feeling the feather-like breath, "Are you cold?" A shake of the head. "Listen well, then. My name is Sherlock Holmes. Now, tell me where I am and I'll let you go. Do we have an accord?"

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