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just a short one shot :)


"Yes! Fuck me harder"

"Oh yes. So tight"

"Oh daddy"!

"Bella, Fuck, I can't hold on much longer"

"Cum in me daddy"!


Charlie came her me hard. She knew it was wrong but her daddy and her loved to fuck. She moved to Forks when she was 15. One day shortly after she moved in, her daddy walked in on her touching myself in the shower. She was so wet and horny that she didn't care that he was her daddy, he could see it in her eyes. She let him fuck her virgin pussy up against the shower wall. She loved every second of it.

Since then Charlie and his sweet little daughter Bella have had a very special relationship, outside out their small white house in forks, they were father and daughter, but inside of the house, they are lovers, and she didn't give a shit that he was her daddy, he loved her and he showed her that love with his cock.

"Daddy, I love it when you fuck my pussy" said Bella as she played with her cum filled pussy.

"sweetie I love it too"! Charlie stated as we watch his daughter play with herself.

"daddy my pussy is all sticky from you're cum" she moaned.

"Let daddy take care of that" he said as he crawled over to his daughter and buried his head between her legs, be slowly began licking her sticky folds.

"mmmmmm daddy that feels so fucking good" she groaned,

"I love the way my cum tastes in you honey"

"Daddy can you fuck me with my toys"

"Of course sweetie, what one would you like daddy to use" he said as he began to stroke his hard cock in excitement.

"Get the 10 inch black one" she said as she rubbed her clit.

"oh my baby girl wants to stretch her pussy out" he grabbed the monstrous dildo from their toy trunk and positioned it at her tiny pussies entrance. Slowing he began to feed it into her.

"ugh daddy it feels so good I already want to cum"

"go ahead sweetie, cum for your daddy, you like having your own father fuck you with toys don't you"

"ohhhh yes daddy, I love having my daddy fuck me, no one can fuck me like you daddy" she yelled as she came.

"That's was great daddy"!

"I know I love watching my daughter cum"

"daddy I'm going to take a shower" said Bella as she got up off the bed.

" I'll join you" He said with a wink.

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